Abrasion Tester for Rubber Wheels and Plastics Test | Abrasion Test Machine

This abrasion tester is suitable for friction life test of all kinds of product surface and printing surface. Abrasion tester for rubber adjustment is very easy, can show the test speed, and set the number of tests. The machine is made of stainless steel, which is suitable for the abrasion test of all kinds of non-conductor coating film layer. The alcohol eraser abrasion tester can also be used for abrasion test of leather, cloth, coating, paper, floor tile, plywood, glass, natural rubber, etc.

The eraser or alcohol abrasion tester is suitable for testing the solubility of various products’ surface coating and the printing test of mobile phone keys under the load of 500g,200g,100g,50g,20g and 10g. The effect of the abrasion on the sample was determined by the rubbing of pencil, eraser and alcohol with a certain number of turns. The abrasion testing machine has a variety of clamping and a variety of friction, so that your test accurate and effective. LCD digital display counter, can set arbitrary test times, intuitive actual test times.

abrasion tester machine for rubber wheels and plastics test
Test StationRunning Two Groups
Test Speed5-60 times/min (knob adjustable,LCD display)
Frequency Counter0~999999 Times (preset, power off memory)
Friction Stroke0 ~ 50mm (Adjustable)
Test Bar JigCan adjust up and down the required distance 
Machine Size 550 × 400 × 310mm (L×W×H)
Table Size (L×W)400 × 250mm|Machine Weight:30kg

The abrasion tester machine for rubber wheel and plastics test has the function of adjustable test speed, times and stroke. The shell is made of stainless steel, the design of the whole machine is reasonable, the structure is tight, the operation is safe, stable and accurate. Abrasion-resistance tester has different friction head, meet different requirements, multi-function test.

Turn on the power switch.The workpiece to be tested is fixed on the work table and the friction part is kept vertical and the range is reasonable.Method of Use
According to requirements of different states and different products, enter required number of cycles of friction on the counter (0-99999 times), and press the RESET button to clear before setting the data.
According to the length range of different products to be tested, choose the corresponding friction distance.If you need to adjust the friction distance, first open the back cover, adjust the distance adjustment screw, you can adjust the distance.
If make alcohol friction test, can be in “round head” good special friction on the friction hammer with cloth dipped in alcohol friction.
For rubber friction test, take rubber strip 60mm long into rubber friction fixture, and gently tighten the front screw, such as rubber friction, the friction head down, pull out a section of rubber can be used.
Turn on the work switch.In the normal operation process of the machine, if there is any abnormal situation, you can immediately turn the working switch or the power switch to the “OFF” button, at this time all the operation of the machine will stop.When restarted, the counter still records the current data, test continue.
After the operation of the selected friction times, the abrasion testing machine can be judged according to the results.
abrasion tester
The maximum working load of the abrasion testing machine from Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. is ≤ 2Kg.Maintenance
To ensure the automatic uniform speed operation of the equipment, Place object under test in the center as far as possible.
After normal use and stop the machine, Please use wd-40 silencing oil to maintain the operating shaft.
Normal operating ambient temperature: 40 ± 5℃, avoid to be placed the abrasion-resistance tester in dusty places.
The abrasion tester adopts 220V, 5A design, non-professional technicians are strictly prohibited to disassemble.
Do not put your hands, feet and hair on the left or right side of the machine to avoid unnecessary safety accidents.
Abrasion Testing Machine Machine’s Structure and Design
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The machine adopts precision transmission parts of Japanese origin to drive, running smoothly and with low noise. The abrasion tester has three kinds of fixtures: 45 degree pencil hardness scratch test fixture, eraser test fixture, alcohol test fixture.
Features of Abrasion Tester
It can be used for pencil’S hardness scratch test, eraser, alcohol wear test. The abrasion tester is made of stainless steel with good corrosion resistance|Test Round-trip Rate: 5 ~ 60 times /min continuously adjustable.
Abrasion Counter: It adopts 6 digit preset LCD display counter, with power failure memory function, automatically stop the machine after reaching the set number
Friction Frequency: No section type can adjust the speed frequency, and digital display speed. The abrasion tester byk quality is good, But there has many abrasion tester machine manufacturers in China.
Friction Distance: 2-25mm can be adjusted freely. The test bar of abrasion tester for rubber wheels can be adjusted up and down the required distance.
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