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Digital barcol hardness tester is a portable indentation hardness tester developed on base of Barcol impressor. The digital barcol hardness tester from Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. comply to standard JJG610-2013 and ASTM B648-10(2015). The theory of digital barcol hardness tester is apply with specific shape steel indentor to press in workpieces surface through test force caused by load soring.

When supporting foot is closed to the workpieces surface. measure the extension length of the indentor. Digital barcol hardness tester is applied to test the hardness of aluminum, aluminum alloys, fiber reinforced plastics and rigid plastics etc. Valid testing range equivatent to Brinell hardness 25-150HBW.

The digital barcol impressor is a highly sensitive and easy-to-use indentation hardness tester used for testing the hardness of aluminum and aluminum alloys. Unlike traditional Barcol Impressors, it features a hardness value digital display with good stability and a balanced positioning device . This digital system helps to optimize the workflow on production lines by allowing for easy readings to be taken and recorded.

Digital Barcol Impressor

Additionally, Wewon’s digital barcol impressor is capable of calculating the average value of up to 29 sets of data automatically. Its effective test range is equivalent to the Brinell hardness test, making it an essential tool for manufacturers of aluminum and aluminum alloys who wish to ensure their products meet industry standards. As a battery-powered digital Barcol impressor hardness meter, it is an easy-to-use and portable device that can be used effectively to test the hardness of aluminum and aluminum alloys in a wide range of applications.

Single-hand operation. easy to make. die-casting alloy shell, comfortable to hold.
Digital display, more directly reading; Low-configuration can directly display Barcol hardness reading results; High-Configuration can convert Barcol hardness to HW, HV, HBW, and HRE easily through the conversion button.
Easily to change the indenter; when testing full scale, if it does not point at 100HBa. just pressing the full-scale adjustment button is ok, solve the problem of hard full-scale calibration of the Barcol impressor.
External calibration mode, after finishing full-scale calibration, onneed to take off the shell, only to adjust the screw reserved on the instrument, then can adjust the hardness value.
Feature of Digital Barcol Impressor
Equipment Name
Barcol Impressor
Testing Range 0 ~ 100HBa
Effective Testing Range 35-92HBa, Equivalently to 25-150HBW
Resolution 0.1 HBa
Indication Error Hardness range 42~48HBa, ±2HBa︱Hardness range81~88HBa ±1HBa
Repeatability Error Hardness range 42~48HBa, ±2HBa︱Hardness range81~88HBa ±1HBa
Standard Package Tester, Spare indenters (2pcs), High value Standard hardiness block (1pc), Low value
Packing Notification Standard hardness block (1pc), Calibration wrench, Supporting foot. Carrying case
Digital Barcol Impressor China Manufacturer

Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. is a professional environmental test chamber and testing instrument manufacturer. Wewon has been paying attention to the field of modern industrial testing, specializing in electronic, electrical, and hardware manufacturing. communications, information manufacturing, and other industries and scientific research institutions, and the metrology bureau provides various types of test equipment and testing instruments. At the same, Wewon also provides a system test plan for some manufacturing departments, providing perfect and fast pre-sale, and after-sale technical support and maintenance services.

The main products from Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. include Webster hardness tester, barcol hardness tester, digital barcol hardness tester, leeb hardness tester, and electrical conductivity tester. With the aim of “being honest and committed to doing things” , Wewon has made unremitting efforts and won recognition and support from peers and customers.

The company has made considerable progress in the specialization and diversification of instrumentation. We can not only provide users with a series of comprehensive, excellent quality, inexpensive, and inexpensive instrument testing solutions but also provide users with technical training accurate and reliable testing services, real-time quality information consultation, and comprehensive technical support in the field of measurement and control. Thank you.

mainly products fomr Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. inlude webster hardness tester, barcol hardness tester, digital barcol hardness tester, leeb hardness tester, electrical conductivity tester.
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