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If you are looking for a reliable and high-quality manufacturer of batch ovens, industrial batch ovens, or small batch oven, Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. is your ultimate choice. As a leading manufacturer of environmental test chambers, Wewon has a wide range of batch ovens to meet all your needs. Our batch ovens are designed to provide you with the highest level of accuracy and repeatability, ensuring that your products are processed with consistency and efficiency. With user-friendly electronic controls and monitoring systems, you have complete control over the temperature, humidity, and airflow within the chamber.

At Wewon, We are committed to providing our customers with the highest level of customer service and product quality. All our batch ovens are manufactured to meet international standards and regulations, ensuring that you receive a safe, reliable, and high-quality product. If you’re interested in purchasing a batch oven for sale, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team of experienced engineers and sales professionals are ready to assist you in choosing the right batch oven for your specific application.

Our industrial batch ovens are perfect for a variety of applications, from laboratory research to industrial processes. We offer various models, including drying ovens, curing ovens, annealing ovens, and aging ovens, to meet your specific requirements. Industrial Batch Ovens
Our small batch ovens are compact and economical, designed for low-volume production processes. They are ideal for research and development applications, allowing you to test your products in a controlled environment before scaling up to industrial production. Small Batch Ovens
Equipment Mode WEW-100L-BOE WEW-216L-BOE WEW-216L-BES
Testing Volume 100 Liters 216 Liters 216 Liters
Test Room Size W450*D500*H450mm W600*D600*H600mm W600*D600*H600mm
External Dimension W630*D720*H1120mm W820*D910*H1650mm W820*D910*H1650mm
Temperature Range RT+25℃ ~ +400℃ RT+25℃ ~ +500℃ RT+10℃ ~ +550℃
Temp Resolution  0.1% ~ 0.5% 0.1% ~ 0.5% 0.1% ~ 0.5%
Temp Fluctuation ±0.5 ℃  ±1 ℃ ±1 ℃
Control Mode:  Button Control Button Control Button Control
Vacuum Degree Limit 100pa (0.1kpa) 0.1 Mpa 5Pa ~ 10Pa
Power Voltage AC 380V/50Hz AC 380V/50Hz AC 380V/50Hz
Power Consumption 7.5 kW (Max) 10.0 kW (Max) 11.5 kW (Max)
Samples Load 25 Kgs 50 Kgs 50 Kgs
Nitrogen Flow 0~10L/min 0~10L/min 0~10L/min
Vacuum System Oil Pump Pumping Speed 4L/S
Batch Oven
The batch oven is specially designed for drying heat-sensitive, decomposable, and oxidizable substances. It can be filled with inert gas, making it suitable for quick drying of complex items. It finds wide applications in the electronics and chemical industries. Construction and Features:
The outer casing is made of high-quality A3 steel plate processed by CNC machines and treated with spray coating to enhance its appearance and cleanliness. The inner chamber is made of SUS stainless steel plate for durability.
The closure of the chamber door can be adjusted, and the overall molded silicone rubber seal ensures a high vacuum level inside the chamber. The handle of the door operates without any backward force, making it user-friendly.
The circuit system adopts a gantry-style opening for easy maintenance and repair, featuring high configuration, efficiency, and speed. It utilizes far-infrared nickel-chromium alloy high-speed heating elements.
Temperature control and output power are calculated by a microcomputer for high precision and energy efficiency. Safe, reliable, versatile, and aesthetically pleasing.
The batch oven is designed for drying heat-sensitive, decomposable, and oxidizable substances and can be filled with inert gas. It is ideal for quick drying of complex items and finds wide applications in the electronics and chemical industries.
4050 Liters Laboratory Oven

Laboratory Oven|150 Liters, 270 Liters, 480 Liter, 1000 Liters

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