Battery Test Chambers for Lithium Ion Batteries Explosion-proof Test

Battery test chambers are the advanced environmental test chamber that is specifically designed for testing battery materials and products. This chamber features a temperature range of -70°C to 180°C, making it ideal for conducting a wide range of temperature tests on various battery materials and products. The battery test chambers for lithium ion batteries explosion-proof test is equipped with a high-precision temperature control system that enables users to maintain a stable temperature inside the chamber for extended periods, ensuring accurate and reliable test results.

The explosion-proof test chamber for lithium ion batteries explosion-proof test is constructed using high-quality materials that are designed to withstand extreme temperatures and harsh testing environments. The interior of the chamber is lined with stainless steel, which provides exceptional heat transfer and allows for easy cleaning. Battery temperature chamber also features a high-performance cooling system that enables users to quickly and accurately adjust the temperature to meet their testing needs.

Battery Test Chambers for Lithium Ion Batteries Explosion-proof Test
Battery Test Chamber WEW-BT-0225L WEW-BT-0408L WEW-BT-0800L WEW-BT-1000L
Volume Dimensions 225 Liters 408 Liters 800 Liters 1000 Liters
Temperature Control   -20 °C~ +85 -20 °C~ +150 -40 °C~ +150 -70 °C~ +150
Temperature Fluctuation  ± 0.5℃ ± 0.5℃ ± 1.0℃ ± 1.0℃
Test Room Size W*H*D 500*750*600mm 600*850*800mm 1000*1000*800mm 1000*1000*1000mm
External Size W*H*D 750*1850*1420mm 850*1950*1600mm 1250*2100*1630mm 1250*2100*1850mm
Cooling Speed Time From 150.0℃ to 25.0℃ in 45 minutes From 25.0℃ to -40℃  in 30 minutes Equipment Photo
Temperature Uniformity ±1.0℃ (-40.0℃~ 0.0℃) ±2.0℃ (100.1℃~ 150.0℃)
Heating Speed Time -70.0℃~ 100.0℃ within 50 mins -70.0℃~ 100.0℃ within 45 mins
Humidity Control Range 20.0% ~ 95.0%RH 20.0% ~ 98.0%RH (Optional) 20.0% ~ 95.0%RH 20.0% ~ 98.0%RH (Optional)
Humidity Fluctuation ±1.0% RH ±1.0% RH ±2.0% RH ±2.0% RH
Humidity Uniformity ±2.0% RH ±2.0% RH ±2.0% RH ±2.0% RH
Internal Material Adopts 1.2mm Thickness Stainess Steel (SUS304)
Heat Insulating Material 100mm thickness polyurethane plate + 10mm thickness mineral wool
Fan Blower System Centrifugal Blower Centrifugal Blower Centrifugal Blower Centrifugal Blower
Cooling Compressor  France Tecumseh  Germany BOKE Semi-closed Germany Bock
Cooling Way Air Cooling Air Cooling Water Cooling Air Cooling
Refrigerant System R404R DuPont R23 Freon R508 DuPont R404, R23 Freon
Heater Model Nickel Chromium Alloy Heating Wire Nickel Chromium Alloy Heating Wire
Standard Configuration 2φ 50mm, 100mm pressure relief port, 4 explosion-prood chains.
C02 fire Extinguisher Automatic fire extinguishing and automatic shutdown of the machine to protect buming.
Exhaust Valve When the test sample produces harmful gas, ventilate and exhaust intemally.
Power Supply 220V AC 50/60Hz 30A 380V AC 50/60Hz 17A 380V AC 50/60Hz 30A 380V AC 50/60Hz 35A
The battery test chambers from Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. is specifically designed to meet a variety of international testing standards, including IEC60068-2-1, IEC60068-2- 1, IEC 62660-1, IEC 62660-2 and GB/T2423.2, GB/T 31467.1-2015 and other standards. This makes it an ideal choice for laboratories, battery manufacturers, and other industries that require precise temperature control for testing battery materials and products.

In addition to its advanced temperature control capabilities, the Wewon’s battery test chambers are also designed to be user-friendly and easy to operate. The chamber features a touch screen control panel that allows users to easily input test parameters, set temperature and time intervals, and monitor the progress of their tests in real-time. The chamber also comes equipped with a range of safety features, including over-temperature protection, power off protection, and a door switch that automatically shuts off the chamber when the door is open.

Overall, The Wewon’s battery test chamber is an advanced and versatile environmental test chamber that is ideal for testing battery materials and products in a wide range of industries. With its advanced temperature control capabilities, durable construction, and user-friendly design, this chamber provides reliable and accurate results, making it an essential tool for any laboratory or battery manufacturing facility. If you need a quote for explosion proof chamber for battery testing, Please inquiry to our sales team for quickly support.

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Battery temperature chamber’s body is explosion-proof design and the door lock is equipped with explosion-proof chain. Equipment Structure
The shell of the test room is made of (thickness 1.2mm) cold-rolled steel plate electrostatically sprayed. 
Using high-quality SUS304B (thickness 1.2mm) stainless steel plate, the overall seamless welding for external case.
Sample racks and partitions: Equipped with 3 layers of adjustable height, Bearing ≥ 30kg. Room Shelf Quantity
Temperature Range: -10℃~+80℃ (no load); Average temperature rise rate: 1~3℃/min; Average cooling rate: 0.7~1℃/min; Temperature Range
Temperature Fluctuation: ≤±0.5℃; Temperature Uniformity: ≤2℃; Temperature Deviation: ≤±2℃. Temperature Fluctuation
The controller has a linear self-correction function to ensure that the temperature fluctuation is within the specified range. Temperature Control
Temperature Control Accuracy: ±0.01℃; Temperature Resolution: 0.01℃.
120 groups of programs can be programmed, each group of programs can be programmed with a maximum of 2000 segments. Program Editing Note
All groups are cycled, and some segments are cycled; Accept the custom design as well.
AC230V, 50Hz|AC380V, 50Hz|Time: 0.1min, Temperature: 0.01℃. Power Voltage/Display
7-inch touch screen display. With RS232 or RS485 computer interface to implement man-machine dialogue. The Controller System
Online data transmission and remote control functions, with a printer (USB function optional)
300×400 mm tempered heat-resistant insulating glass. Each door is provided with a rectangular visual observation window. Sight Window Structure
Using explosion-proof glass, hollow coating, with electronic heating automatic defrosting function.
Explosion-proof mesh is installed on the outside of the explosion-proof glass.
Explosion-proof chain, forced exhaust device, automatic fire extinguishing device, pressure balance device. Explosion-proof System

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