Bursting Strength Tester for Cardboard and Paper Testing

Bursting strength tester for cardboard and paper testing is applied to the paper making and carton manufacturer in various countries. Rupture strength tester is the gear to gauge that quality. Bursting strength testers for cardboard & paper testing assesses that at what estimation of weight in kg/cm², the test gets break and burst out. Test methods for bursting strength testing instrument: JIS L 1004, L 1018, L 1031, K 6328, P 8131, P 8112, ASTM D2210, TAPPI T403, ISO 2579-2014 GB/T1539.

The packaging materials bursting rupture strength testing machine can be clarified by putting the test example between the two roundabout clips with the goal that the example doesn’t slip while testing. At that point hydrostatic weight is applied over the test with the apparatus handle. The unadulterated roundabout elastic stomach consistently applies pressure until the test blasts. The outcome is recorded by the record type.
Model DescriptionWEW-BST-8560
Inductive ApproachPressure converter, hydraulic drive
Maximum Blasting Force100Kg
Clamping Force of Samples> 690 kPa(adjustable)
Test System TightnessPressure drop within 1min < 10%Pmax
Gas Quantity Drained(0.02~0.3) m3/min
Pressurized Speed170 ± 15ml/min
Gas Pressure SourceMin.6kg /cm2
Pneumatic Push Pressure7 ~ 8KG
Clip Ring MaterialAdopts stainless steel SUS304 #
Clip Ring DiameterUpper ring high pressure type 31.50mm, Ring is 31.50 mm
Hydraulic Pressure OilGlycerin 85%, distilled water 15%
Working Power SupplyAC220V 50Hz 2A
Bursting Strength Tester44×42×56cm|Weight: About 50 kg
bursting strength tester for cardboard & paper testing

The paper rupture strength testing equipment adopts the principle of hydraulic increment method, and choose the advanced microcomputer detection and control system and digital signal processing technology to measure the resistance of cardboard to breakage. The rupture strength tester is suitable for all kinds of paperboard, leather, cloth leather, etc.

Rupture testing machine adopts pneumatic clamping sample, liquid crystal display, suitable for the determination of the breaking resistance of cardboard, corrugated board and other sheet board. The bursting strength tester is equipped with a micro printer to print out the test result data without manual record. Print test values include minimum, maximum, average, time, and so on
Rupture strength testing machine is relevant to test blasting quality for paperboard.
Progressed small scale PC controller and computerized processor guarantee result exact.
Burst strength tester’s printer office and completely point by point test reports.
Consequences of the tests are put away for survey or for printing out as required.
Force security guarantee programmed record when force cut off.
Bursting strength tester for paper & board with easy to understand menu interface.
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