Clamping Force Testing Machine for Headphone

Clamping force testing machine is a test device used to test the shrinkage force of earphones and headphone steel bar products. The machine is composed of sensor system, electric displacement control system and LCD display. The expansion stroke is adjusted electrically, and the clamping force value is displayed on the digital tension gauge. The clamping force measuring device from Wewon Tech is used to simulate the relationship between the distance and force when it is placed on the user’s head after opening .

Clamping force testing machine is the necessary testing equipment for headphone manufacturers to analyze the contraction force of the headphone. When selecting a clamping force testing machine for headphone, There are several key factors to consider. How much force can the machine simulate? Is it easy to operate and use? What is the maximum load capacity? Does it have advanced data-logging capabilities for analyzing test results in detail? All of these aspects are important when selecting the right testing instrument for your needs.

Clamping Force Testing Machine
Equipment Model: WEW-CPS-002ST WEW-CPS-005ST
Force Value Display: Digital Display Digital Display
Clamping Force Range: 0 ~ 3500 G 0 ~ 5000 G
Force Resolution: Minimum 1G Minimum 1G
Expansion Stroke: 0~250mm (Electrically Adjustable) 0~300mm (Electrically Adjustable)
Force Unit: G, LB, N Can Be Converted G, LB, N Can Be Converted
Travel Indication: Pointer Indication Scale Steel Ruler Pointer Indication Scale Steel Ruler
Moving Speed: 50 ~ 250mm/min 50 ~ 300mm/min
Ear Cup Plate Diameter: 120mm, XY Axis Scale 120mm, XY Axis Scale
Arm Fixing Rod: Height Adjustable Height Adjustable
Equipment Size: L800*W200*H800mm L800*W200*H800mm
Working Power Supply: AC220v, 50Hz, 1 Phase AC220v, 50Hz, 1 Phase

Headphone manufacturers need reliable and precise testing machines to measure the clamping force of their products. Clamping force testing is a process that measures the amount of force applied to a headphone to keep it in place on the user’s head. It helps determine if headphones are correctly designed and fit properly. The test also ensures that the headphones stay securely attached, even when exposed to movement or vibration. By using clamping force testing machines, manufacturers can quickly identify design flaws and imperfections, ensuring their products meet standards for quality and safety.

If you encounter any issues with your clamping force tester, It is important to troubleshoot them in a timely manner. Make sure to examine the issue thoroughly – ensure that any loose connections have been tightened, and all of the components are firmly fitted in place. If possible, test a sample device from the same production batch on different machines to determine if the problem lies in your specific system or if it is caused by other environmental factors such as humidity or temperature. Additionally, check in with technician engineers from Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. as they will be able to assess potential issues quickly and easily.

The machine adopts double guide rod sliding structure, which is stable in operation and has a limit stop function. Equipment Features
Wewons’s clamping force testing machine can be configured with digital display/pointer push-pull machine to accurately test the clamping force and the speed is adjustable.
The equipment adopts a wide-body fixture and a round rubber column, and the test stroke is electrically driven, with a steel ruler display.
The chassis adopts baking varnish and electrostatic baking varnish, which is beautiful and generous. The machine can be jogged and linked to run.
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