Click Life and Draw Line Life Testing Machine

Click life and draw line life testing machine is a special testing equipment for small consumer electronic products such as mobile phone screen, tablet computer, navigator, learning machine, intercom, intercom videophone, electronic dictionary, etc. It can be applied to the test of resistive screen and capacitive screen only by changing the tip of the pen. The machine is mainly used for the endurance test of drawing, clicking and rubbing on the handwriting screen and touch screen.

Simulate the normal operation of human beings on touch screen products, and observe whether the touch screen will appear dead screen, failure, and excessive, misaligned and other defects. Click life and draw line life testing machine is a high-tech product integrating precision machinery, automatic line control and precise rolling control technology. The core of click-line Life testing machine is a touch screen motion controller.

Click Life and Draw Line Life Testing Machine
Equipment Model WEW-CDE-1001-1 WEW-CDS-5000-2
Test Station One Station Two Stations
Drive Motor Stepper Motor Stepper Motor
Total Count 0 ~ 999999 Times 0 ~ 999999 Times
Explicit System Touch Screen + PLC Touch Screen + PLC
X-Axis Moving Range 0 ~ 120mm 0 ~ 280mm
Y-Axis Moving Range 0 ~ 150mm 0 ~ 300mm
Control Function A. Digitally Set Running Displacement (X/Y Axis)
Control Function B. The Digitally Set Running Speed (X/Y/Z Axis)
Control Function C. The Click Life and Draw Line Life Testing Machine Can Draw Straight Lines, Squares, Rectangles, Triangles, Circles|Diamond (Optional)
Cylinder Stroke 0 ~ 5mm 0 ~ 15mm
Positioning Accuracy 0.05mm 0.10mm
Pressure Range 0 ~ 800gf 0 ~ 800gf
Click Power: 250 gf (Mobile Phone Screen) 500 gf (Mobile Phone Screen)
Screen Scratch Force: 250 gf (Mobile Phone Screen) 500 gf (Mobile Phone Screen)
Click Speed: 10 ~ 60 Times/min(Mobile Phone Screen) 10 ~ 120 Times/min
Grid Speed: 30 ~ 2000 mm/min 30 ~ 3000mm/min(Mobile Phone Screen)
XY Torque: 5.0 Nm 8.0 Nm
Click/Scribe Contact: Capacitive Pen Head Capacitive Pen Head
Total Power 800 W 1250 W
Power Supply AC220V, 50Hz, 3A AC220V, 50Hz, 5A
Equipment Size L450*D400*H450mm L750*D600*H450mm
Gross Weight 40 KGS 55 KGS
Accessories Parts: 1 Operating Manual, 1 Power Cord, 1 Set Of Inner Hexagon
Click and Draw: Realize clicking and drawing at the same time, or independently click or draw independently; you can set the touch failure to stop and record data. Equipment Features:
Click Method: Take any point, record contact impedance and loop impedance in real time, and store and generate reports and comparison curves.
Scribing Method: Custom scribing, real-time recording of loop impedance, test times, scribing graphics and data collection, and storing and generating data reports, curve comparison charts, and offset linear values.
Test Strength: Weight 100g, 150g, 200g, 250g optional;
Test Report: Automatic generation, graphic comparison, data value, test time, tester and test machine model, and automatically generate PDF files. Click-line lift testing machines are invaluable for evaluating durability in products. By testing how frequently a product can be operated within specific parameters (such as number of clicks, number of draw lines or both), businesses can identify design flaws or areas where their products are more likely to face increased wear and tear. This information allows them to improve the reliability and performance of the product over its lifetime, leading to greater customer satisfaction and fewer returns.

Motion Rrack and Test Method for Wewon’s Click Life and Draw Line Life Testing Machine: The machine has a convenient coordinate point finding function. You only need to pick any two points on the LCD screen to draw a line, pick any three points to generate a triangle, and pick any four points to generate a square or rectangular motion track. , and can access the motion track according to the specifications of the test mobile phone for the next call.
Rolling test on all sides of the mobile phone, Load Capacity: 0~100N or specified (Optional). Test Items
Click test on the touch screen of the mobile phone, Using Japanese SMC cylinder, Load Capacity: 0-10N or specified (Standard Configuration).
Mobile phone stylus touch screen scribing test (Standard Configuration).
Pencil hardness scratch test on the surface of mobile phone, Mitsubishi pencil: 6B-9H, load: 5N, 10N (Optional).

Click life and draw line life testing machines can be invaluable for businesses that need to test the maximum load capacity of products. These tests measure how much wear a product can take without failing, offering valuable insight into its performance in extreme conditions. This data is especially important for businesses that are developing products which need to withstand rough use or harsh environments, such as outdoor gear, military equipment, and safety products.

Further more, Click lineation test machines can help identify failure points in products. The tests measure how often products operate as expected over a certain period of time, giving business owners and manufacturers insight into how their products are performing. With this information, they can adjust their design or manufacturing processes to extend the lifetime of their product.

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