Condensation Test Chamber Design According to DIN EN ISO6270-2, DIN50017

The condensation test chamber meets GM, FORD and other automobile condensate water test standards. It can implement standards such as ISO6270-2 DIN50017, DIN50018 and other experimental conditions to test the corrosion resistance of the test materials (such as coating steel, etc.) Through the simulation and enhancement of the natural environment, the water condensation test chamber from Wewon Tech can measure the corrosion resistance of the tested material exposed to the corresponding natural environment in a short time, So as to provide data and basis for users to screen products or formulations.

Condensed water test chamber can do 100% humidity test, Meanwhile, It can experiment low temperature, high temperature and humidity in one of the tests, It is the essential test equipment of quality inspection colleges and universities electronic and electric automobile and motorcycle industry. The Wewon’s water condensation test chamber is mainly aimed at the aging test of automobile paint by humidity and heat condensation, which is used for fading and cracking aging test of surface paint and chrome-plated products.

The machine belongs to the test of corrosion resistance of automobile paint, automobile interior steel and so on. The water needed to remove minerals is evenly sprinkled on the glass sheet at the bottom of the condensation test chamber. Water volume at the bottom of the test box: 2L≤0.67% (volume percentage) Subsequently, the large-area heating grid provides the best evaporation conditions through indirect heating. SO2 is 1.0~2.0 Liters added at the beginning of the test.

Condensation Test Chamber
Condensation Test Chamber
Model DescriptionWEW-CTC-300-1WEW-CTC-500-1
Test Room Size (D*W*H)745×505×770mm700×800×900mm
Outer Structure (D*W*H)1100×675×1000mm850×1150×1150mm
Test Volume (L)300 Liters500 Liters
Ambient Temperature+5~+35 ℃+5~+35 ℃
Temperature Range40℃~60℃40℃~60℃
Humidity Range100%RH100%RH
Temperature Fluctuation≤ 0.5 ℃≤ 0.5 ℃
Temperature Uniformity≤ 2.0 ℃≤ 2.0 ℃
Temp Humi Deviation≤ 2.0 ℃ ±2%RH≤ 2.0 ℃ ±3%RH
Temperature SensorPlatinum Resistance PT100Platinum Resistance PT100
Controller SystemPID Self-TuningPID Self-Tuning
Load of Sample20 KG25 KG
Power Consume(KW)2.5 kW4.5 kW
Power SupplyAC220V 50Hz 1 PhaseAC220V 50Hz 1 Phase
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ISO 6270-2:2017 Table 1 Condensation test atmospheres

Equipment Features of Wewon Tech’s Condensation Test Chamber: The inside of the test room is made of stainless steel argon arc welding, and the outside of the condensation test chamber is made of high quality steel plate, which is beautiful in shape. A microcomputer P.I.D controller with over-temperature deviation protection digital display is adopted. The water condensation tester has unique level constant temperature control, high precision, high stability temperature control.

The condensation chamber adopt new synthetic silicon sealing strip which can run at high temperature for a long time, long service life. Regarding the safety function of condensation test chamber from Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. , It has independent temperature limit alarm system, over the limit temperature will automatically interrupt the operation, to ensure the safe operation of the experiment without accident.

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