Methods and Functionality of Constant Testing for Controller in Salt Spray Chambers

This article aims to provide an in-depth understanding of the methods for constant testing and the functionality of controllers in Wewon’s salt spray chambers. It will primarily focus on discussing the setpoint testing methods and the controller’s functionality in fix test mode. For information regarding program test methods or steps, Please refer to another relevant article.

When it comes to machine-on time setting, Salt spray chambers typically offer four different options. These options enable users to select the desired time duration for the chamber to stay in the operational state. The four types include continuous operation, preset timed operation, cyclic operation, and alternating operation. Each choice provides flexibility and caters to specific testing requirements or operational needs.

Figure 20 Fix Test Fixed Value Setting Interface Constant  (Run the Test)
# Name  Description
1 Timer 1 2 3 4 Scheduled shutdown, 4 timing setting methods
2 Timing  2 Ways, Immediately and Arrive. There Are Two Ways to Count Down the Temperature and to Count It Immediately
3 Temp Current Temperature Display, Setting, Slope Setting
4 Saturated Barrels Current Temperature Display, Setting, Slope Setting
5 Saturated Barrels Current Temperature Display, Setting, Slope Setting

One prominent feature in Wewon’s salt spray chambers is the timed shutdown capability. This function enables the chambers to automatically shut down after a specific period. Timed shutdown ensures energy efficiency, prevents unnecessary stress on the system, and aids in maintaining optimal conditions for subsequent tests. Users can configure the timed shutdown duration based on the requirements of their experiments or processes.

Salt spray chambers play a crucial role in various industries, where precise control and testing of environmental conditions are necessary. The effectiveness of these chambers relies on accurate setpoint testing methods and the functionality of the controllers. In this article, We will delve into the intricacies of FIX testing methods and explore the features and capabilities of controllers when operating in setpoint mode.

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