Control System of IPX9K Rain Test Chamber

In the field of environmental testing equipment, Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. has made remarkable strides with its cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions. One such notable product is the IPX9K rain test chamber, equipped with an advanced control system. This article aims to provide a detailed description of Wewon’s IPX9K rain test chamber controller, along with an overview of the IPX9K rain test, its applications, and the advantages and features offered by Wewon’s equipment.

What is the IPX9K Rain Test? The IPX9K rain test is designed to evaluate the water ingress protection of a specimen against high-pressure, high-temperature water jets. It is specifically designed to simulate harsh weather conditions, such as heavy rain or water splashing, that products may encounter in real-world applications. This test is specifically intended for equipment and enclosures used in harsh environments, such as automotive components, outdoor lighting, and electrical enclosures. The IPX9K rain test is performed to assess the effectiveness of a product’s sealing against water ingress and its ability to withstand challenging environmental conditions. Equipment Photo 1Equipment Photo 2Equipment Photo 3 WE-IP-X9K-1000C rain test chamber
IPX9K RainTest ① Indicates the display of running time, setting and display of cycle times of valve opening. IPX 9K Rain Test
② Indicates the display and setting of the flow rate, the display of the pressure value, the setting of the initial frequency of the pump and the display of the current frequency.
③ Indicates [Temperature] switch, temperature setting value, temperature display value, initial force display value, temperature and water pump indicator light.
④ Indicates the [Stop] button.
⑤ Indicates the 【Run】button.
IPX9K RainTest
⑥ Indicates switching to the “Settings” screen.
⑦ Indicates switching to the “temperature module parameter setting” screen (long press).
⑧ Indicates the [Turntable] switch and speed setting.
⑨ Indicates switching to the “main screen”.
⑩ Indicates the running time display of each valve.
IP X9K Setting ① Indicates the timing setting of valve 1 to valve 5 and drainage. IPX 9K Setting
② Indicates switching to the “IP 9K” test screen.
Temperature Module ① Indicates the temperature module system parameter setting. Temperature Module
System Settings ① Indicates flow adjustment parameter setting, flow range and compensation setting, pressure range and compensation setting. System Settings
② Indicates the frequency setting corresponding to the rotating speed of the turntable, the switching delay closing time setting between valves 1-5, the time setting of the flow proportional adjustment, and the temperature deviation setting.
③ Long press the [TEST] button (2 seconds), when the status is red, the “system quick access” button in the IP 9K test screen is visible.
④ Indicates switching to the “main screen”.
Controller of Wewon’s IPX9K Rain Test Chamber: The control system of Wewon’s IPX9K rain test chamber is designed to provide precise and reliable control over the testing process. It consists of a programmable logic controller (PLC), a user-friendly touch screen interface, and various sensors and actuators. The PLC serves as the brain of the control system and is responsible for executing the programmed test sequences. It ensures accurate control over the water pressure, temperature, and duration of the rain test. The PLC also allows for customization of test parameters, making it adaptable to different testing requirements.

The user-friendly touch screen interface provides operators with easy access to control and monitor the testing process. It displays real-time data, such as water pressure, temperature, and test duration, enabling operators to make informed decisions. The interface also allows for the adjustment of test parameters during the test, ensuring flexibility and convenience.

Various sensors, such as pressure sensors, temperature sensors, and flow sensors, are integrated into the control system to provide accurate feedback and ensure precise control over the testing conditions. Actuators, such as solenoid valves and pumps, are used to regulate the water pressure and flow rate, guaranteeing consistent and reliable test results.
The control system of Wewon’s IPX9K rain test chamber provides precise control over the water flow rate, temperature, and pressure. This ensures accurate and repeatable testing conditions, allowing for reliable evaluation of the specimen’s water ingress protection. Precise Control: Advantages & Features
The test chamber incorporates various safety features to protect both the operator and the specimen under test. These safety measures include emergency stop buttons, overload protection, and leakage detection systems, ensuring a safe testing environment. Advanced Safety Measures:
The user-friendly interface of the controller makes it easy to set test parameters, monitor real-time data, and generate comprehensive test reports. The intuitive design ensures smooth operation and minimizes the learning curve for new users. User-Friendly Interface:
Wewon’s IPX9K rain test chambers are constructed with high-quality materials to withstand the rigorous environmental conditions during testing. The chambers are corrosion-resistant, ensuring long-term durability and reliable performance. Robust Construction:
Wewon offers customization options to meet specific testing requirements, such as chamber size, additional features, and compatibility with various industry standards. This ensures that customers receive a tailored solution that precisely meets their needs. Customization Options:
Wewon’s IPX9K rain test chamber, equipped with an advanced control system, is a top-tier solution for evaluating the water ingress protection of various specimens. With its precise control, compliance with international standards, and a wide range of applications, this equipment proves to be an invaluable tool for industries such as automotive, lighting, and electronics. The advantages and features provided by Wewon’s IPX9K rain test chambers further enhance their appeal, making them a preferred choice for businesses seeking reliable and efficient environmental testing solutions.
The following text content is mainly for the parameter setting and related instructions of IPX9K rain test chamber’s controller for daily operation. Among them, “Safety Precautions” contains important content related to safety, so please be sure to follow them. Precautions Notice
1. The controller can work normally in general occasions. If you are worried that the failure or abnormality of this controller will cause major accidents or damage other equipment, please set up an emergency stop circuit and a protection circuit to prevent accidents.
2. In order to avoid controller failure, please provide a power supply within the rated voltage range.
3. In order to prevent electric shock or wrong actions and faults, please do not turn on the power before the installation and wiring are completed.
4. The control system is a non-explosion-proof product, please do not use it in an environment with flammable or explosive gas.
5. Never disassemble, process, modify or repair the controller without authorization, otherwise there will be danger of abnormal operation, electric shock or fire.
6. After turning on the power, please do not touch the power terminals, otherwise there will be danger of electric shock or malfunction.
7. Only after the power is turned off can the wiring be disassembled, otherwise there will be a risk of electric shock or misoperation.
8. When connecting the temperature measuring resistance (PT100) input, use 3 wires with equal resistance and less than 10Ω, otherwise it will cause display error or abnormal operation.
9. During the operation of the controller, safety should be fully considered before parameter modification, signal output, start, stop and other operations. Wrong operation will cause damage to or malfunction of the working equipment.
10. Please use a dry cloth to test the controller, do not use alcohol, gasoline or other organic solvents, and do not get water on the controller. If the controller is immersed in water, please stop using it immediately, otherwise there is a risk of electric leakage, electric shock or fire .
11. When scrapping the control system of IP X9K rain test chamber, Please dispose of it as industrial waste.
fan nozzle of WE-IP-X9K-1000C rain test chamber

Wewon’s IPX9K rain test chamber complies with the ISO 20653 standard, which specifies the requirements and test methods for road vehicles’ protection against the ingress of water. This standard outlines various levels of protection against water ingress, including the IPX9K rating, which is the highest level of protection against high-pressure water jets. Meanwhile, The machine works with DIN 40 050 Part 9 as well.

What Kind of Test Specimens or Industry/Field Need the IPX9K Rain Test? The IP X9 rain test chamber helps various industries assess the effectiveness of their products’ sealing against water ingress and their ability to withstand challenging environmental conditions. The IPX9K rain test is crucial for various industries and fields that require products to withstand demanding environmental conditions. Some examples include:

In the automotive industry, the IPX9K rain test is crucial to ensure the durability and performance of various vehicle components exposed to extreme weather conditions. This includes testing automotive lighting systems, electrical connectors, switches, and other electronic components. Automotive Industry:
Outdoor lighting fixtures, such as street lights and floodlights, are subjected to challenging environmental conditions. The IPX9K rain test helps assess the ingress protection level of these fixtures, ensuring their reliable and safe operation even in heavy rainfall conditions. Outdoor Lighting:
The IPX9K rain test is also vital for evaluating the protection level of electronic and electrical enclosures. It helps determine if the enclosures can effectively shield sensitive equipment, such as control panels and communication devices, from water intrusion, thereby preventing damage and ensuring continuous operation. Electrical Enclosures:
Aerospace components, such as avionics, need to be tested for their resistance to water ingress, as they may be exposed to extreme weather conditions during flight. The IPX9K rain test is essential to ensure the reliability and safety of these components. Aerospace Industry:
Electronic devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and outdoor electronic equipment, need to be tested to ensure their resistance to water ingress. The IPX9K rain test helps manufacturers assess the effectiveness of their product’s sealing against water. Electronics Industry:
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