Drop Weight Tear Tester Technical Parameters DWTT ASTM E436

Drop weight tear tester will comply with ASTM E208 impact fracture test and ASTM E436 for tear test of ferrite steel. According to the experimental requirements and parameters provided by the user, the design scheme of the drop weight tear tester can be determined through technical exchange and discussion between the supplier and vendor. The technical engineer from Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. will move the customer’s factory for installation work.

The drop weight impact tester is composed of electrical operating system, power drive system, host frame, lifting hammer lifting system, lock hammer and release hammer device, tupid body structure, specimen support device, low temperature groove, safety protection device, sample installation AIDS, etc. Drop weight tear impact testing machine will suitable for testing P1, P2 and P3 samples according to ASTM E208 and ASTM E436. The computer control drop weight tear testing machine adopts man-machine interface control system and touch screen operation mode. The data screen is easy to operate. Test data can be uploaded to the computer via a serial port reserved for the computer.

The pre-set weight of the drop hammer (the weight of the modified hammer can be reached by modifying the number of counterweight blocks) and the pre-set impact height (the impact energy can be obtained from the weight and height, and the energy can be directly displayed on the touch screen).
After the test parameters are set, select and operate according to the prompt box. Please do not lift the tupid body when the safety bolt is not inserted, do not open the safety door when the hammer is pressed down, and do not stand in front of the main engine when the test starts, just in case.
After lifting the tupid’s body to a certain height, please place the hoop on the two guide ways under the hammer body and tighten the screws. After the hammer’s body is locked on the guide way, the sample is allowed to be installed. After the sample is installed, loosen the screw, put down the hoop and close the safety door, then the test can be carried out.
Operating System
The main frame adopts six-column frame structure, in which two columns are used for drop hammer guidance and the other four columns are used for auxiliary support. Most of the foreign prototypes put the winch on the frame of the host, which is top-heavy and inconvenient for maintenance.
We will put the winch beside the base, appears the host solemn light, but also convenient for future maintenance. The beam on the host is a steel plate with 80mm thickness, and two fixed pulleys and dust cover are installed above. Steel casting for the base of main engine (with good impact resistance)
The guide column shall be firmly installed between the beam and the base with flange screws. The parallelism of the two columns shall be controlled within 0.1/1000, and the perpendicularity of the column shall also be controlled within 0.1/1000. The column adopts 45 #, the diameter is 120mm, and the outer surface is electroplated.
Equipment Structure
Drop Weight Tear Tester
Equipment Description DWTT-20KJ DWTT-50KJ
Maximum Energy (J) 20,000 50,000 100,000
Impact Velocity (m/s) 5.4<V< 5.4<V<7 5.4<V<7
Max Raising Speed (m/min) 4 4 4
Max Vertical Drop Height (m) 2.5 2.6 4.1
Error of Vertical Drop Height ≤0.3 ≤0.3% ≤0.3%
Dia of Guide Column (mm) Ø110 Ø110 Ø110
Dia of Support Column Ø150 Ø150 Ø200
Hardness of Hammer Tip  >58 HRC >58 HRC >58 HRC
Overall Height of Tower(m) 6.2 6.2 7
Gross Weight of Tower(kg) 7800 7800 11000
Hammer Body 800 1000 1300
Added Weight Block 30 50 50
Quantity (PCS) 27 20 24
Maximum Added Weight 30*27=810 1000 1200
Overall Weight 800+810=1610 2000 2500
Error of Hammer Weight ≤0.5% ≤0.5% ≤0.5%
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related page logo Drop Weight Tear Impact Testing Machine Compliant With the European CE Machinery Safety Directive (89/392/EEC & 91/368/EEC – Machinery Safety)
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related page logo DWTT Drop Weight Impact Tester Accords With the Relevant Requirements of Standards for DWTT such as: Metallic Materials- Drop-Weight Tear Tests of Ferritic Steels. ASTM E436- Ferrite Steel Drop Weight Tear Test Method
related page logo DWTT Notch Pressing Machine Maximum Compression Force: 0 ~ 1000kN, Depth of Notch Press: 5.1 ±0.5mm, Depth Error:≤0.5mm
related page logo Optional Accessories, Low Temperature Chamber|Temperature Range: Ambient temperature ~ -75℃, Temperature Fluctuatioin ≤±0.5℃
Cryogenic Control Unit|Impact Test Cryogenic Freezing Tank Application: It is used for low-temperature treatment of the samples for low-temperature drop hammer impact test|Working Principle: Adopt the cascade compressor refrigeration, use the heat balance principle and the circulation agitation mode, achieve to the sample automatic cooling, constant temperature.
Cooling Way Solution Tecumseh Compressor Refrigeration
Temperature Range At room Temperature to 80 ℃
Temperature Control Accuracy±1℃|Power Consumption : 7.5 kW
The Effective Space 690×380×200 mm (stainless steel liner)
The Sample Size (300±5)×(75±1.5)× (5~40) mm
Number of Impact Samples 8 to 20 PCS
Digital Display Thermometer Resolution 0.1 ℃
Digital Display timer 1s ~ 100 minutes, Resolution 1 second
Cooling Medium Anhydrous Ethanol
Power Voltage Three-Phase, Five-Wire 380V
Maximum Size 1100 × 1400 × 1450 mm
Standard Configuration Electric Control System, Tecumseh Compressor
Lock hammer and release drop hammer device drawing design
Equipped with Japanese Yaskawa servo motor, lifting hammer rise and fall can be effectively controlled, drop hammer height displacement deviation ≤±1%, whether the power drive, or drop hammer height control accuracy, is a first-class brand. Power-Driven System|Drop-Weight Tear Tests
The sample can be placed on a 2-meter slide with a cart and pushed manually onto the anvil. After testing the sample, the liquid (gas) pressure cylinder is lowered so that the sample is in contact with the anvil and the installation of the sample is completed. Test Sample Installation Slide
The hoisting method of wire rope drum is adopted. The lifting speed ranges from 0.5 to 1.5m/min. When the lifting hammer device drops slowly and locks the hammer body, Limit control switch action, lifting system automatic stop. Then the hammer began to rise. When the lifting hammer device rises to the preset height, it will stop automatically. This height is the specified height of an energy. Lifting System of Drop Weight Tear Tester
The lock hammer and release mechanism have self-locking device, which is safe and reliable. The hammer body is hooked by means of a lever hook. When receiving the impact command, release the hammer body through the pneumatic components and make free fall motion along the guide rod to complete the impact sample. Lock Hammer and Release Drop Hammer Device
The hammer body and hammer head of the testing machine are designed as separate type. The hammer’s head radius is R25.4. 6CrW2Si material is adopted. The hammer head can be easily removed from the hammer body, so that it can be replaced after wearing out after a long time of use.
The drop weight tear tester’s tupid body is made of cast steel, and it is equipped with a guide copper sleeve which can be easily removed to measure and weigh the tupid body after being removed. Guide copper sleeve and guide rod are very high smoothness, processing accuracy is also high, so that the friction coefficient can be reduced to a minimum. The hammer body is designed with a counterweight hole. Lead weight can be used to accurately balance the weight of the hammer to within 700±5 kg.
The hammer body for drop weight impact tester is an integral structure made of plate processing. It is welded with 20# steel plate. The weight of the hammer is 700kg, including 7 counterweight blocks, 670kg in total, including 5 blocks 100kg,1 block 70kg,1 block 40kg and 2 blocks 30kg.
Hammer head and hammer’s body are separate bodies, hammer head is wearing parts, easy to replace, hammer head material choose 5CrW2Si, after heat treatment hardness can reach hrc58-60. Sf-1d oil-free linear bearing is adopted between the tupid’s body and the column, and the sliding clearance between the bush and the column is controlled within 1.5 mm.
Hammer Structure
Drop Weight Tear Tester Design Structure
# Spare Parts Model Description Supplier Name Remarks Notification
1 Servo Motor SGMGH – 30 acb6c Japan Yaskawa Improve the Hammer Body
2 Servo Driver Corresponding to Servo Motor Japan Yaskawa Control Servo Motor
3 Turbine Reducer TKBW155 – RR 1:0 Nojidi, Taiwan Improve the Hammer Body
4 Cylinder ADVU – 63-75 – P – A Germany FESTO Linked With
5 Cylinder ADVU – 32-20 – P – A Germany FESTO Safety latch
6 Steel Wire Rope 6W19-12-1770 35 Metres (Domestic) Improve the Hammer Body
7 Electric Drive Including PLC, Display Screen Taiwan’s HTC  
8 Special Protective Cover Custom Design 001 Shanghai Hualong  
9 Sample Installation Slide Way Custom Design 002 Shanghai Hualong Install the Sample
Lock hammer release device of DWTT drop weight tear tester has self-locking function. When the lifting mechanism locks the hammer, the drop hammer can only be released under the condition of power supply.
It is not possible to detach the hammer without electrification. This system can ensure that the hammer body will not fall in case of sudden power failure. The protective steel cover is welded from a steel plate with a height of 2000mm and 5mm to prevent debris from flying out of the broken sample.
Steel mesh protective fence is set up to prevent the staff from entering the drop hammer area and the sample fragments jumping out and hurting people in the process of operation.
The guardrail door is equipped with linkage switch. When the door is opened, the power is cut off automatically and the equipment is in the state of shutdown. Only after the door is closed can the equipment operate.
Safety Device

The drop weight tear tester is an important testing machine used to comply with the ASTM E208 impact fracture test and ASTM E436 tear test of ferrite steel. To ensure the accuracy and reliability of the testing results, the supplier and vendor will engage in technical discussions with the user to determine the appropriate design scheme for the drop weight tear tester.

Once the experimental requirements and parameters are provided by the customer, the technical engineer from Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. will move to the customer’s factory to install the machine and perform any necessary adjustments to meet the specified testing standards. The thorough and comprehensive testing process provided by the drop weight tear tester ensures that ferrite steel products meet industry specifications and standards.
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