Dry Storage Cabinet Moisture-Proof Cabinet

The electronic dry storage cabinet absorbs the moisture in the moisture-proof cabinet through electronic physical action, adopts the method of adsorption intermittent continuous dehumidification, uses shape memory alloy springs and capacitive polymer sensors. The electronic moisture-proof dry cabinet is a control structure that integrates sensors, drives and actuators. Using the characteristics of solid desiccant molecular sieves that have a great affinity for water molecules in the air, through the control method, close the desiccant moisture absorption door and open the water vapor moisture exhaust door, and heat the molecular sieve saturated with moisture adsorption, remove moisture, and naturally volatilize and discharge into the air outside the test room.

Meanwhile, The molecular sieve is regenerated and adsorbed, so that through the switching of the moisture absorption door and the moisture removal control door, the humid air in the humidity control sealed box is continuously dehumidified to achieve a new balance. This repeated intermittent continuous cycle, so as to achieve the purpose of drying. Then, the moisture in the desiccant is turned into water vapor and discharged through the operation and heating of the electronic components in the cabinet. The activated desiccant can then be recycled to continue absorbing moisture.

If the temperature of the internal control host of the moisture-proof cabinet you have purchased is higher than 125°C, when the temperature inside the cabinet exceeds 40°C, the electronic components will be oxidized, or metal compounds will be generated in the internal connection of the electronic components, thus affecting the welding of components. sex. At the same time, Dry cabinet system high temperature and humidity will accelerate the aging of electronic components and reduce their performance, and will also cause damage to electronic circuits.

Dry Storage Cabinet
Product Model Volume (Liters) Test Room (W*D*H) External Dimension Weight (KGS) Humidty Range Power (W/Hour) Load (KGS)
WE-ABS100 100 Liters 448*400*688 mm 446*372*598 31 KGS 20% ~ 60% RH 13 Watt/Hour 50 KGS
WE-ABS100F 100 Liters 448*400*688 mm 446*372*598 31 KGS 1% ~ 10% RH 13 Watt/Hour 50 KGS
WE-ABS160 160 Liters 446*422*848 mm 448*450*1010 43 KGS 10% ~ 20% RH 18 Watt/Hour 50 KGS
WE-ABS160F 160 Liters 446*422*848 mm 448*450*1010 43 KGS 1% ~ 3% RH 18 Watt/Hour 50 KGS
WE-ABS240 240 Liters 596*372*1148 mm 598*400*1310 57 KGS Nitrogen Source 18 Watt/Hour 50 KGS
WE-ABS240F 240 Liters 596*372*1148 mm 598*400*1310 57 KGS 20% ~ 60% RH 18 Watt/Hour 50 KGS
WE-ABS320 320 Liters 898*422*848 mm 900*450*1010 70 KGS 1% ~ 10% RH 20 Watt/Hour 80 KGS
WE-ABS320F 320 Liters 898*422*848 mm 900*450*1010 70 KGS 10% ~ 20% RH 20 Watt/Hour 80 KGS
WE-ABS450 450 Liters 898*572*848 mm 900*600*1010 82 KGS 1% ~ 3% RH 20 Watt/Hour 80 KGS
WE-ABS450F 450 Liters 898*572*848 mm 900*600*1010 82 KGS Nitrogen Source 20 Watt/Hour 80 KGS
WE-ABS550 550 Liters 596*682*1298 mm 598*710*1465 95 KGS 20% ~ 60% RH 20 Watt/Hour 80 KGS
WE-ABS550F 550 Liters 596*682*1298 mm 598*710*1465 95 KGS 1% ~ 10% RH 20 Watt/Hour 80 KGS
WE-ABK700 700 Liters 596*682*1723 mm 598*710*1910 105 KGS 10% ~ 20% RH 20 Watt/Hour 80 KGS
WE-ABK700F 700 Liters 596*682*1723 mm 598*710*1910 105 KGS 1% ~ 3% RH 20 Watt/Hour 80 KGS
WE-ABK900 900 Liters 898*572*1698 mm 900*600*1890 130 KGS Nitrogen Source 40 Watt/Hour 100 KGS
WE-ABK900F 900 Liters 898*572*1698 mm 900*600*1890 130 KGS 20% ~ 60% RH 40 Watt/Hour 100 KGS
WE-ABH1500 1500 Liters 1198*682*1723 mm 1200*710*1910 189 KGS 1% ~ 10% RH 40 Watt/Hour 100 KGS
WE-ABH1500F 1500 Liters 1198*682*1723 mm 1200*710*1910 189 KGS 10% ~ 20% RH 40 Watt/Hour 100 KGS
WE-ABH1500H 1500 Liters 1198*682*1723 mm 1200*710*1910 189 KGS 20% ~ 60% RH 40 Watt/Hour 100 KGS
WE-ABH1500H 1500 Liters 1198*682*1723 mm 1200*710*1910 189 KGS Nitrogen Source 40 Watt/Hour 100 KGS

At present, The temperature of the dehumidification host of most electronic moisture-proof cabinet in the market is often very high when running and heating, and the temperature rises a little or even exceeds 250 °C. In this case, the temperature inside the cabinet must exceed 50 °C. °C. It is conceivable that if you store any electronic components at such a high temperature, it is tantamount to buying a “super bomb” to store these electronic components.

High temperature is very scary for electronic products, because high temperature will make any electronic components have resistance and will heat up. In the case of high temperature, it is difficult to dissipate heat, the temperature of components will continue to rise, and the parameters of the electronic components themselves will also change as the temperature rises, thereby changing the characteristics and even burning some semiconductor components (such as transistors, integrated circuits, etc.) .

Moisture and moisture will pose a threat to the circuit board inside the appliance, and water or moisture will cause a short circuit on the circuit board. The damp moisture will also cause the oxidation of metal joints unconsciously, causing some inexplicable failures of electrical appliances. In particular, a chip is actually an integrated circuit made on a semiconductor substrate through technological means. The electronic components contained in the chip generally have a specific operating temperature range, usually 0°C to 70°C for commercial grades, -25°C to 85°C for industrial grades, and -55°C to 150°C for military grades. range, the performance of the chip will deteriorate or even not work.

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Back of Dry Storage Cabinet
The dry storage cabinet is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, bent and welded, and has excellent load-bearing performance. Overlapping structure design, excellent sealing. Equipment Structure
Air-tight stainless steel cabinet for use in clean rooms. The surface of the machine is double-layered with powder base paint, which is beautiful and elegant.
The front row of the electronic moisture-proof cabinet has a glass window, with a hidden airtight handle and an unlocking and anti-theft function.
The Wewon’s moisture proof electronic dry box cabinet cases is equipped with high-load adjustable laminates, and pull-out laminates can also be selected.
The dehumidifier dry cabinet from Wewon Tech is equipped with four sets of movable casters (2 sets of universal casters) for easy mobile operation.
Full-featured microcomputer electronic control, two-button touch membrane switch (placed outside the cabinet) for adjustment control.
Air circulation convection is adopted to absorb moisture, and each door has an adjustable partition, which can be adjusted according to the size of the workpiece.
Within 24 hours of power failure, it is automatically attached with the function of chemical supplement and moisture absorption to save electricity. Equipment Performance
All dehumidification materials of this product are super-strong physical molecular sieves specially used for the petroleum industry, which have the advantages of environmental protection, energy saving, and no consumables.
Microcomputer control, digital display temperature and humidity, humidity display value 1%-99%. Temperature display value 1-99 ℃.
The temperature and humidity sensor adopts the famous American brand Honeywell, the temperature and humidity are displayed independently, and the service life is long. Humidity setting has memory function, no need to set again after power off.
You can choose to install nitrogen fittings, you can freely set and adjust the flow according to your needs, which is very simple and fast.
The moisture-proof dry cabinet is suitable for storing materials sensitive to oxygen and humidity. The dehumidification speed is fast, and it can be reduced to ≤5% RH in 5-10 minutes|Test Room of Dry Storage Cabinet
Use the humidity controller to set at 1~60%RH, any humidity range. On request, the dry cabinet for electronic components can be safely grounded with static electricity (Optional)

Why is this so ? This is because materials whose conductivity is between conductors and insulators at room temperature have a great impact on the conductivity, limiting voltage, limiting current, and switching characteristics of semiconductors as the temperature changes. Now a chip often contains millions or even tens of millions of transistors and other components, and the accumulation of every small deviation may have a huge impact on the external characteristics of the semiconductor. If the temperature is too low, it will often cause the chip to fail to open its internal semiconductor switch under the rated operating voltage, resulting in the chip not working properly.

At present, the drying method adopted by most manufacturers is to perform constant temperature drying treatment on electronic components at a certain temperature for a certain period of time. It is also possible to use an electronic moisture-proof cabinet at room temperature to dry and dehumidify electronic components. The drying process for different MSDs is also different according to the humidity sensitivity level, size and ambient humidity conditions of electronic components. After drying the electronic components as required, MSD’s Shelf Life and Floor Life can be calculated from scratch.

When the exposure time of MSD exceeds Floor Life, or other conditions cause the temperature/humidity around MSD to exceed the requirements, the drying method can refer to the new IPC/JEDEC standard. If the device is to be sealed into the MBB, it must be dried before sealing. Moisture sensitivity class 6 MSDs must be re-dried before use and then reflow soldered within the specified time according to the instructions on the moisture sensitive warning sign. Some SMD components and motherboards cannot withstand long-term high temperature baking, such as some FR-4 materials, cannot withstand 24 hours of 125 ℃ baking. Some batteries and electrolytic capacitors are also sensitive to temperature. Taking these factors into consideration, the temperature of the dehumidification host should not exceed 125 ° C for the drying and dehumidification of the electronic moisture-proof drying cabinet.

1. Power Saving, and The Power Outage also Has a Certain Moisture-Proof Function Equipment Advantages
Because the moisture absorption of the drying material does not require power consumption (only electricity is used when dehumidifying again), and the moisture absorption of a large number of capillary channels of the drying material is almost never saturated, so it can maintain a certain dehumidification function even if the power is cut off.
This is important for electronic moisture-proof boxes that dehumidify in an air-tight cabinet, because complete loss of moisture-proof function in the event of a power outage will cause the most serious moisture-repellent problem in an air-tight cabinet, with even more damage to the items stored in the storage area big.
2. Dehumidification at Room Temperature, No Problem of Thermal Quality Change, No Problem of Water Condensation in Temperature Difference, and Good Dehumidification in Cold Winter
The moisture absorption and desorption of the drying material has almost no thermal effect, so the heat-sensitive objects will not be damaged, and the water condensation phenomenon of the objects will not occur due to temperature difference (for example: when the object is taken out from the refrigerator/oven, the temperature difference due to the environment will occur. And the phenomenon of water condensation on the object); because it does not rely on the temperature difference to condense the condensation water to dehumidify (such as: the application of cold foam wafers/dehumidifiers), so even in the cold and humid winter, the temperature difference will not affect its dehumidification. ability.
3. Atmospheric Pressure Dehumidification, No Complicated Problems Such As Vacuuming/Filling N2 Dry Air
Therefore, Item can be accessed and used like a switch in a general cabinet, which is very convenient, and there are no complicated problems such as gas consumption, cable wires connect, control of pressure/flow…etc.
4. The Drying Material Can Be Regenerated and Used For Repeated Cycles of Moisture Absorption, Without Replacement, Supplemented by Sophisticated Parts, and Achieve The Function of Automatic Dehumidification/Humidity Control
These dry materials that can be reused and do not need to be replaced are mostly verified for their durability and safety after decades of actual verification, supplemented by precision ceramics (PTC) automatic curing regeneration device and shape memory alloy precision micro-mechanical air tightness, Verification of switch intake and exhaust control, as well as 100% fully automatic, power-saving, silent, and low-fault dehumidification/humidification control functions.

The moisture-proof drying cabinet uses dehumidification technology to effectively reduce the humidity in the cabinet, so as to achieve the purpose of moisture-proof, mildew-proof, oxidation-proof, rust-proof and micro-moisture-proof. Moisture-proof dry cabinet from Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd., using American semiconductor industry chips, Honeywell (United States Honeywell) low-drift temperature and humidity sensor, through the precise control of microcomputer, automatically detect the change of temperature and humidity inside the equipment, intelligent Adjust the dehumidification and dehumidification to make the equipment run stably and reliably, so that the control host will not be higher than 125 ℃, and the internal temperature of the box will not exceed 40 ℃. The humidity deviation is controlled within ±3%RH.

Moisture-proof cabinets are mainly used in led lamp beads, chips, cameras, microscopes, measuring instruments, hardware molds, electronic parts, pcb motherboards, semiconductors, smt patches, Chinese herbal medicines, tea, high-grade leather materials, file management, chemicals, precision measurement Moisture-proof storage of instruments, cultural relics and antiques, important paper documents and other items|Moisture-Proof Cabinet Photo

Many items used in every home, manufacturing, service industry, government agencies, schools, etc., long-term absorption of humid air will cause mildew, water stains, oxidation, tarnishing, embroidery, aging, deterioration, poor contact, and parts failure. (true), crash, paper jam, spoilage, deformation, odor… Many moisture damage problems you never notice and cause inconvenience, trouble or money loss in repair, maintenance, sorting, discarding, repurchasing, especially in life It can also cause health problems of “eating”.

Hazard 1: Items Are Hygroscopic, Moldy, Deteriorated, Deformed, Sound Changed, Discolored, Polluted, Smelly, Insects …

● Optical Lens: from cameras/DC/DV in life; to various cameras/cameras/telescopes/microscopes used in workplaces, various expensive and precise optical measurement, detection, detection, auscultation, automated production and other related instruments/equipment /Supplies…all have these lenses that get wet and moldy.

According to the experiment of the Japanese photo industry, the Optical Coating on the precision optical lens is easy to grow mold after long-term adsorption of moisture, especially in the environment above 60% RH, once the lens grows mold, the naked eye is not easy to detect, even if it is sent for repair, it cannot be To restore the original sharpness, to a certain extent, it will cause the deviation of recording/testing/research and the loss of maintenance and repurchase → the humidity must be controlled at 30-50% RH.

● Audio and Video Data Storage Media: From video (audio) tapes, memory cards, audio and video discs, and favorite LD/discs recording your wonderful life records; to school/education/environmental ecology/tourism/publicity/medical/safety/household Land administration/all kinds of business, public affairs… all have very precious and important files that need to be properly preserved. The country’s archives law has specified strict moisture-proof preservation specifications.

All kinds of storage media use modern technology to store a large amount of important video and audio information on special optical/electrical/magnetic/chemical films. After long-term adsorption of moisture, it is easy to breed mold and cause the storage content to deteriorate or even be damaged. Overhaul, heavy loss of reproduction → must control humidity at 30-50% RH
Recommended Storage Items for Wewon Tech’s Dry Storage Cabinet (100L ~ 1500L) Humidity Control Humidity
Dry storage cabinet with humidity control from Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. can be used for Tapes, CDs, Lenses, Microscopes, Photos, Oil Paintings, Stamps, Coins, Antiques, Leather Goods, Negatives, Drawings, Albums, Slides, Industrial Designs, etc. 45%~55%
Optical lenses, precision instruments, cameras, lenses, measuring tools, capacitors, batteries, EI, light sources, crystals, PCBs, detectors, chargers, microscopes, endoscopes, electronic appliances, magnetic tapes, chemicals, tea, coffee, seeds, cigarettes and many more 35%~45%
Samples, filters, precision molds, measuring instruments, pollen, all electronic parts, PCBs, wafers, metal powders, semiconductors, medical supplies, etc. 20%~35%
Electronic components, PCB, crystal, chemical, LED and other complex electronic components. 10%~20%
ICs, BGAs, copper, silver, and materials that are very sensitive to humidity, etc. 1%~10%
● Paper Products: from the collection of letterheads, diaries, certificate documents, contracts, photos, banknotes, stamps, calligraphy and painting scrolls (books), paper cards…; to national calligraphy and painting collections, historical documents, advanced printing (brushes) Use paper…

Paper will expand and deform due to long-term moisture absorption, which will affect the quality of precision printing; moisture will stick to dust and stain/discolor due to color action/adhesion with stamp backing and photo interleaving action/will form Water streaks, mildew… Various reasons lead to damage to the value of the collection → must control the humidity at 50% RH

● Leather, Wood Products/Textiles: from high-end leather bags, leather goods, clothing, shoes, hats and accessories, embroidery, violins and other precious wooden musical instruments

Long-term moisture absorption will swell and deform, degumming (paint), deteriorate the quality (such as sound change) and emit a musty odor, difficult to handle and reduce the collection value → professional dehumidification and moisture-proof solutions are required

● Specimens: Animals and Plants, Insects, Minerals, Geology… Long-term moisture absorption will cause swelling, deformation, discoloration, depreciation, mildew, insect growth, not easy to organize or even damage → Professional dehumidification and moisture-proof solutions are required.

Hazard 2: Items Absorb Moisture and Deteriorate, Which Affects The Health of Eating, The Quality Of Manufacturing, Research and Development, and The Accuracy of Testing is Reduced

● Medicines, Food: From tea, coffee, milk powder, Snack (snacks), dry goods, dry food, whole grains, Chinese and Western medicinal materials, nutritional foods at home; to medicinal materials, baking materials, additives in the catering industry and pharmaceutical food manufacturing industry …

These materials are very easy to absorb moisture and agglomerate, stale, discolor, deteriorate, mold and even grow carcinogenic toxins (such as: aflatoxin in peanuts, toxins in coffee…), for life, affect the taste and health of eating, and also It will affect the quality of the product → it is necessary to control the humidity at 30 ~ 50%RH for a long time to effectively solve this problem.

● Research and Development Testing Supplies: samples, drugs under test, standard products (pieces), filters, powder materials, pure metal materials, optoelectronic semiconductor components, hardware tools, electronic parts (materials), crystals, seeds, spices, adhesives , special samples and sample pretreatment supplies, precision instrument accessories/consumables, backup circuit boards…

These supplies are very expensive and not easy to obtain immediately. Once interacted with a small amount of moisture, various possible qualitative changes will occur, which will affect the results and progress of precision R&D/testing. → It must be controlled at <40%RH for a long time to effectively solve this problem.

Hazard 3: Items Are Hygroscopic And Oxidized, Tarnished, Rusted, Parts Aging, Poor Contact, Distortion

● Precision Metal Products: from famous watches, precious metal accessories, silverware, metal handicrafts, model cars, knives, gold coins…collection; to industrial precision molds/tools/measuring tools/tools/machine tools (pieces)…

Its precision-machined (carved) metal surface is easy to absorb moisture and oxidize (especially when it is above 35% RH), lose its luster/rust, and adhere to dust and contamination, thereby affecting the collection value; its precision function will also be affected by The parts are aging and distorted, affecting the accuracy or poor contact, and cannot operate normally → must be controlled at <40% RH for a long time to effectively solve this problem.

● Precision Electronic Equipment: from DC/DV/mobile phone/MD/ipod and other electronic supplies; to R&D/Lab/engineering/process/maintenance/education/medical/testing/computer/audio-visual and other related units precision instruments/equipment/weapon/computer Network management host/audio-visual equipment…

● The electronic contacts in the precision CNC IC chip/circuit board absorb moisture and oxidize for a long time and cause poor contact, resulting in good and bad or even crash. malfunction
→It must be controlled at <40%RH for a long time to effectively solve this problem.

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Hazard 4: R&D, Key Materials/Semi-Finished Products in The Process Cause Serious Defect Rate Problems Due to Microscopic Moisture Absorption

● Precision Electronic Process such as SMT/PCBA/LED/LCD/IC Packaging…|IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033A has strictly stipulated that its humidity-sensitive materials/semi-finished products (MSD) must be stored in <10%RH or <5%RH fast and ultra-low humidity environment to prevent popcorn, air welding, peeling, oxidation ... etc. the occurrence of poor quality rate

● All Scientific Research Industries / Cracking Industries that Need to be Upgraded|It is necessary to improve the processing/process technology of its precision contact (joint)/mixing/injection/packaging/printing/adhesion…, then its key-opening materials/semi-finished products must also do well in MSD separation and fast super dry (Fast Super Dryer) ) can be saved to improve the yield

● New Material Development and Food, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology Industries|Its raw materials/semi-finished products are filled with many formula ingredients that are afraid of moisture/oxidation. In the past, they had to be solved with Vacuum Dessicator or filled with N2, but now they can be replaced by Fast Super Dryer.

● Innovative Application of Normal Temperature Desiccant Dehumidification|Embossed flowers, dried flowers, specimens, tea leaves, chrysanthemum materials, and special ingredients can be dried at room temperature by Fast Dryer instead of cooked baking and cold-speed drying, which can better maintain the original color, original flavor, original shape, original nutrients…
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