Life Testing Machine For Flip Cover Flip Life Tester

The flip life tester is a must-have instrument for industries dealing with small consumer electronic products and components. It is particularly suitable for testing the flip life of mobile phones and electronic dictionaries, making it an essential tool for electronic manufacturers. With its touch screen control and display, the flip life tester makes it easy to test the flip type finished and semi-finished products accurately. The motor-driven pendulum helps to open and close the products during the test.

Test Method for Wewon’s Flip Life Tester: The test sample is not packaged, and the attached battery is fixed on the test equipment in the off state, and the flip is performed 50,000 times at a frequency of 25-35 times/min. For the rotatable flip cover, the flip test can be carried out first and then the rotation test, the rotation frequency is 10-20 times/min, and the rotation is 3000 times. After the condition test is completed, the appearance, assembly and function inspection of the clamshell are carried out. Its versatility makes it ideal for testing various types of flip phones, making it a valuable resource for companies striving for excellence in their products’ durability.

Life Testing Machine For Flip Cover
Equipment Model WEW-XFG-001-TD WEW-XFG-002-KK WEW-XFG-004-SD
Test Station 1 Station 2 Stations 4 Stations
Drive Motor Stepper Motor 1 Set Deceleration System 2 Sets Stepper Motor 4 Sets
Total Count 0 ~ 999999 Times 0 ~ 999999 Times 0 ~ 999999 Times
Flip Speed 1 ~ 50 Times/mMin 5 ~ 30 Times/min 10 ~ 40 Times/min
Swing Arm Angle Range 1 ~ 180 Degrees ±1 Degrees 5 ~ 150 Degrees ±1 Degrees 5 ~ 150 Degrees ±1 Degrees
Swing Arm Length 0 ~ 150mm 0 ~ 200mm 0 ~ 250mm
Explicit System Touch Screen + PLC Touch Screen + PLC Touch Screen + PLC
Total Power 400 W 800 W 850 W
Power Supply AC220V, 50Hz, 5.5A AC220V, 50Hz, 8.5A AC220V, 50Hz, 15A
Equipment Size 450*380*450mm 650*550*500mm 1200*450*600mm
Gross Weight 50 KG 85 KG 100 KG
Test Specimens The Supported Sizes of Tested Mobile Phone Samples:
W35~65mm, L60~120mm, H15~25mm
Motor Speed 50 ~ 1800rpm 50 ~ 1800rpm 50 ~ 1800rpm
Accessories Parts: 1 Operating Manual, 1 Power Cord, 1 Set Of Inner Hexagon
Flip life testers are computer-controlled devices used to test the long-term performance and durability of products. This technology simulates real world conditions over an extended period of time in order to determine how much stress a product can take before it fails or breaks down. Life testing machines offer an accurate, repeatable assessment of product performance, making them vital for business that want to ensure their products are up to industry standards.

A life testing machine captures a variety of important data points about the lifetime durability of your flip cover products. This includes readouts such as open/close cycles, loading force and displacement, active pull force tests, or temperature resistance. These metrics provide you with an accurate picture of how your product will hold up over time in its intended environment and can help inform future design decisions to ensure reliable and long-lasting products.
Wewon’s flip life tester adopts Siemens PLC control system with reliable performance; it is suitable for the test environment with limited space or in a temperature control box. Driven by a stepping motor, the angle is accurate and convenient, and the power supply system is rectified, which greatly improves the service life and reliability of the machine circuit. Equipment Features
The machine adopts a single motor drive on the two stations to realize the linkage function, which can truly compare the actions of the mobile phone when it is in use. This function can realize the life test of four mobile phones at the same time, and the humanized design style is also reflected in the program, so that the operator can learn it immediately.
The cabinet is treated with electrostatic baking paint, the design of the whole machine is reasonable, the structure is tight, the operation is safe and stable, and it meets the test requirements; It adopts touch screen control and display, and the test speed, times, angle, etc. can be set and displayed, and the operation is simple, convenient and fast.
The sensor is used to directly detect the count of the flip of the mobile phone, and the two stepper motors are used to move through the transmission to realize the action of opening and closing. The equipment operates stably, with low noise and maintenance-free. Two or four product tests can be done at one time, the machine counts automatically, and automatically stops when the set number is reached, which is fully applicable to different types of mobile phones. Working Principle: Simulate the operation of opening and closing the flip phone during the user’s use.The lower part of the mobile phone is fixed on the fixture (the flip part is not fixed) → open the swing arm and flip the flip to a certain angle to stop, the flip will automatically open under the action of the spring shaft → close the swing arm and flip the flip to a certain angle Stop, the flip cover is automatically closed under the action of the spring shaft → the sensor detects and counts, and through continuous cycle tests, the total number of post-production checks for the performance test of the mobile phone is completed.

Using a Wewon’s flip life tester for your flip cover products brings many cost-saving benefits. For one, it can help you to reduce the time spent on product development. By testing products quickly and efficiently, you’ll be able to adjust their design in response to user feedback much more quickly. This will enable you to create better products faster while minimizing design flaws that could lead to costly recalls or replacements. Additionally, since the life testing machine simulates realistic wear and tear, you can be sure that your production costs are comprehensive and reflect actual environmental conditions. In this way, a life testing machine allows for smarter investments of both time and money.

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