Folding Life Test for Headphone Joint Axis

Folding life test machine is used for folding life test of folding earphones. Folding life test machine for headphone joint axis adopts cam structure control, easy to operate, good mute effect, test times and speed can be adjusted. Touch screen angle, times, speed and other parameters can be set, humanized design. Through machine simulation, the quality of the product can be quickly obtained, providing powerful experimental data for R&D and production. It adopts closed-loop motor and different wheel drive, which has low noise and strong durability.

The folding life tester mainly simulates the folding operation of the headphone head during the user’s use. It is to fix one end of the folding earphone on the jig and the other end on the folding jig, and carry out repeated folding tests on the earphone under the drive of the transmission mechanism. Folding life test machine equip with three groups are tested at the same time, and the test efficiency is greatly improved. Adopt touch screen and PLC control, easy to operate.

tensile life testing machine
Equipment Model WEW-TIPS-0121D WEW-TDPS-0150E
Number Of Stations 3 Stations/Table 5 Stations/Table
Action Actuator AC Motor (Taiwan) AC Motor (Taiwan)
Operation Mode Button Type Touch Screen Type
Swing Arm Angle Range 1~180 Degrees 1~180 Degrees
Arm Swing Speed 10~30 Times/min 10~30 Times/min
Counter System 0~999999 Times 0~999999 Times
Power Consumption 500W (Including Motor) 850W (Including Motor)
Power Voltage 220V, 50Hz, 1 Phase 220V, 50Hz, 1 Phase
Equipment Weight 50 KGS 85 KGS
Equipment Dimension 1200*550*800mm 1800*850*850mm
The folding life test is a standardized procedure that measures the durability of the joint axis of headphones. During the test, the headphone’s joints are placed under repeated cycles of stress in order to determine how much strain and fatigue the design can take before damage occurs. The Wewon’s engineer will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to perform a successful folding life test for your device, Please inquiry to us if you need any technical support.

Before you begin the folding life test, you’ll need to make sure your environment is set up correctly and that all safety measures are in place. Be sure that the surface you’ll be testing on is free from dust or debris, and that the headphones have been securely fastened to a holder or fixture. Additionally, make sure to check that the joint axis has adequate lubrication and that any exposed wires have been safely fastened out of harm’s way.

After completing the folding life test, it is important to analyze and interpret the results. A successful test indicates how long your joint axis can hold up before breaking or wearing out. If there is any significant movement during the testing, this indicates potential damage and requires further assessment from a professional engineer. If certain parts of the device have become damaged or worn out, consider replacing them with new parts for optimal performance.
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