Freon Leak Detectors for Environmental Chambers

Freon leak detectors play a vital role in ensuring the safety and efficiency of environmental chambers. As a technical support and quality inspection engineer at Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd., I am excited to introduce the latest advancements in freon leak detection technology. In this article, we will explore the importance of these devices, their functions, and the innovative features that make them indispensable in environmental chamber applications.

Environmental chambers are designed to simulate various environmental conditions, such as temperature, humidity, and pressure. Freon, or refrigerant gas, is widely used to regulate these conditions effectively. However, the leakage of Freon can result in detrimental consequences, including health hazards, damage to the chamber, and environmental contamination. Freon leak detectors serve as an early warning system, detecting and localizing leaks promptly, thus preventing potential risks.

Freon Leak Detector
Installation Method:  Wall-mounted installation in non-explosion-proof occasions
Display Mode:  Digital tube, Luminous tube
Alarm Mode:  Sound and Light Alarm
Sound Alarm:  There are three different sounds for failure alarm, low concentration report and high concentration report.
Light Alarm:  Display system status (alarm, fault) and power status (main power failure, backup power failure, charging failure) through LED indicators
Alarm Volume:  ≥75 dB
Response Time:  ≤30 Seconds
Power Voltage AC220V±10%, 50Hz
Connecting Cable: ≥ZR-RVSP 2*2.5mm2 (twisted pair, two-wire system)
Transmission Distance: <1000m
Working Environment:  Temperature -10℃~50℃ Humidity ≤93%RH
Power Consumption: Less than 10W
Equipment Dimensions:  230mm×268mm×75mm
Linkage Output:  Two sets of relay output (Capacity: 10A/277VAC or 12A/125VAC)
Linkage Output:  Linkage 1 defaults to constant passive switching value, and linkage 2 defaults to pulse passive switching value
Linkage Output:  The relay on the left is linkage 1, and the relay on the right is linkage 2.

Working Principle of Freon Leak Detectors:

The Freon leak detectors installed at the site or back of the environmental chambers are powered by the controller. When a gas leak occurs, the sensor converts the leak amount into a corresponding voltage signal output, and the voltage signal is uploaded to the controller after being processed by the detector, and the controller parses the data and displays it on the screen after receiving it. When the concentration reaches the set action value, the controller will send out an alarm.

Working Principle of Freon Leak Detectors

Freon leak detectors are Wewon’s high-tech products, which use high-end microcontrollers as the core of control and management. It can be matched with our company’s two-wire gas detector to form an industrial gas alarm system. The Wewon’s Freon leakage detectors are designed in strict accordance with IEC 6177 “Combustible Gas Alarm Control Units”. The unit adopts the M-BUS two-wire communication structure. The biggest feature of this system is the long distance of signal transmission, easy installation, and is suitable for applications with relatively large control range;

The system works stably, reliably, and has strong anti-interference ability. It is an ideal product for upgrading the gas alarm system. Refrigerant leak detection equipment can be widely used in petrochemical, artificial gas, metallurgy, iron and steel, coking, electric power and other industries with flammable or toxic gases. It is an ideal monitoring instrument to ensure property and personal safety.

Digital tube display, friendly interface, full Chinese instructions, easy to operate. It is possible to set, zero and calibrate the alarm point of the detector. Using M-bus digital signal, reliable data transmission. Equipment Features
Visually and accurately display the gas concentration and detector status on site. It has two sound and light indication functions of equipment failure and concentration alarm.
With self-test, self-diagnosis function. With alarm point setting function. The Freon leak detecters are protected by multiple passwords, different operation levels, different passwords, and higher security.
Various parameters of the system can be set, modified and checked at any time. It has built-in 2 sets of alarm contact output control functions, and the linkage signal can be output manually or automatically.
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