Friction Resistance Test Machine with Abrasive Medium: Eraser, Cotton Cloth, Alcohol, Steel Wool

Friction resistance test machine is used for product spraying, silk screen printing, baking paint, and abrasion resistance testing of glass, protective film, touch screen, tempered glass film and other products. The machine uses rubber, alcohol cotton cloth, steel wool to rub against the product to test the wear resistance life of the product. The friction medium is subjected to a reciprocating friction test on the product under a certain test load, frequency and stroke, and then the surface wear degree of the tested product is observed. Through repeated tests, the quality or performance of new products under development are improved.

Before testing the friction resistance of each material under different abrasive mediums, it is important to develop a hypothesis. This hypothesis will provide a framework for your testing and help you understand the variables that are in play when trying to assess the performance of each material. For example, you may want to consider factors such as contact area size or speed of movement and how this affects friction resistance. By analyzing the results from the tests using this hypothesis, you will be better prepared to draw conclusions about how each material reacts when tested under specific conditions.

The Wewon’s friction resistance test machine adopts a variable cam shaft structure, under the action of the motor, it can realize double-station movement left and right, and the speed stroke can be flexibly adjusted during the test (no need to shut down the machine). The adjustment is very easy and the test speed can be displayed , and set the number of trials. The friction resistance testing machine can be used to test the abrasion resistance of surface coatings of various products such as glass, spectacle lenses, acrylic panels, mobile phone touch screens, film stickers, paint screen printing, etc.

Friction Resistance Test Machine
Test Station: Two Groups Two Groups
Test Load: 50 ~ 1000 G 50 ~ 1000 G
Equipment Model WEW-QXJ-M012-S WEW-QXJ-M050-X
Drive Motor: Lapping Motor 60W Lapping Motor 100W
Friction Counter: 0 ~ 99999 Times 0 ~ 99999 Times
Test Speed 3 ~ 60 c.p.m 3 ~ 60 c.p.m
Transmission Structure Cam Structure Cam Structure
Friction Stroke: 10 ~ 60mm 10 ~ 60mm
Test Speed: 1 ~ 60 Times/min (Round Trip) 1 ~ 60 Times/min (Round Trip)
Load Weights: 50, 100, 200, 300, 500g Each Two Pieces
Friction Medium Alcohol Self-Made 2 Erasers, 4 HB Pencils
Total Power 200 W 350 W
Power Supply AC220V, 50Hz, 6.5A AC220V, 50Hz, 10A
Equipment Size 400*350*500mm 400*350*500mm
Gross Weight 30 KG 55 KG
Friction resistance test machine is an indispensable routine test tool for friction test in internal quality management and scientific research institutions of production-oriented enterprises. There are many choices for its friction medium, such as eraser, cotton cloth, alcohol, steel wool and so on. This equipment is widely used in plastics, wires, electrical appliances, leather, mobile phone keys, keyboards, display screens and other manufacturing industries. Testing the friction resistance of materials calls for the right machine and abrasive mediums to ensure reliable results.
The outer structure is treated with electrostatic baking paint, and the work surface and friction fixtures are all sandblasted on the surface of aluminum material. It has strong corrosion resistance, tight structure, stable and reliable operation. Equipment Features
Wewon’s friction resistance test machine has a variety of testing functions, and can perform various friction tests such as alcohol or other liquids, cotton cloth, eraser, and steel wool.
The number of tests can be preset, with power-off memory function, adjustable test speed and stroke, humanized design, digital display of speed and times, convenient, quick and intuitive.
Using eraser, cotton cloth, alcohol, or steel wool, a friction resistance test machine can provide accurate data on how well a material resists abrasion. To create a well-designed test plan for friction resistance, you will need to identify the type of mediums being used and the testing parameters that you want to track. This could include factors like speed, load pressure, or contact area. When customer ordered the friction resistance test machine from us, We will supply the below standard accessories and quantity as below Excel mentioned.
Lifting Poles 60 grams ± 1g 2 Pieces
Steel Wool Test Head 20*20mm 2 Pieces
Steel Wool Test Head 10*10mm 2 Pieces
Rubber Test Heads 555 77 855 2 Pieces
Alcohol Friction Head 555 77 855 2 Pieces
500G Weight 500G ±0.5 2 Pieces
200G Weight 200G ±0.5 2 Pieces
100G Weight 100G ±0.5 4 Pieces
50G Weight 50G ±0.5 4 Pieces
25G Weight 25G ±0.5 2 Pieces
Eraser 2 Pieces
Open Wrench 1 Set
Hex Wrench 1 Set
Brush 1 Piece
Pencil HB Model 4 Pieces
Steel Wool One Roll
Malaysian Eraser 1 Piece
Alcohol For Testing Ethanol 95 Degrees Self-Purchased
Gauze Pads Pharmacies Shop Self-Purchased
An appropriate machine must be chosen to measure the friction resistance of the material being tested. The most common machines used in such testing are friction resistance testers, which measure surface forces while applying a set of standard mode motions with various types of abrasives. It is important to take into consideration factors such as the size of the contact area, speed of movement and force applied when selecting an appropriate machine for each type of testing. By examining these individual variables and ensuring that an accurate and reliable machine is used for testing, you can optimize your results and develop securely conclusions about how effective materials will perform under different conditions.

Performance tests of friction resistance conducts using a tribometer which measures the friction force, should be recorded and analyzed carefully. This data allows you to observe the effects of friction against each sample, providing insight into how well it performs against different mediums. Additionally, analyzing your results can also help you to customize and optimize your machines for better performance in certain situations or conditions. If you need to purchase a friction resistance test machine to help you complete the friction performance test, We can help you!
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