Horizontal Tensile Testing Machine for Wire and Cable Tensile Test

The space of a horizontal tensile testing machine is something that a vertical tensile testing machine cannot do. Because the horizontal tensile strength testing machine increases the stretching space compared to the vertical stretching design. The horizontal tensile test machine can be increased to more than 20 meters, which is not possible in a vertical test. The machine meets the test requirements of large samples and full-size test samples. The horizontal tensile testing machine from Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. mainly used for static tensile performance test of materials and parts.

The horizontal tensile testing machine adopts a steel plate welded frame structure, segmented moving beams to adjust the test space, single rod double acting piston cylinder to apply test force, manual or servo control test process, load cell force measurement, microcomputer display test force and test curve. It is adopts the frame structure of integral steel plate welded frame. The single rod double-acting servo cylinder is installed in the cylinder seat and connected to the moving beam through the load cell.

horizontal tensile testing machine

It is composed of the moving beam, the cylinder, two tie rods and the front pull head seat. The test force is applied to the reverse frame. A movable rear slider seat is installed in the force frame. The front and rear slider seats are respectively connected to the sample, and the reaction force frame is driven by the oil cylinder to apply the test force to the sample, according to the specification length of the test sample The position of the movable slider seat can be adjusted in stages. Wire rope sling processing equipment can realize automatic operation and has two test spaces, namely compression test space and tensile test space.

The compression test of test pieces such as welding balls can be directly completed in the compression space. It is equipped with spherical special fixtures and spherical self-aligning The pressure plate meets the national compression test standard. Horizontal tensile test machine from Wewon Tech with hydraulic wedge jaws in the tensile space, you can directly perform tensile tests on circular specimens, finished components, steel strands and other specimens. After changing the clamps, you can perform tensile tests on wire ropes.

The wire rope sling processing equipment is a special high-precision testing equipment suitable for the tensile and compression of steel structure accessories and the tensile testing of various rods, rods, tubes, circular specimens, flat specimens, and steel wire ropes. The machine is used to adjust the tensile space. The sample is connected by channeling pin. The oil circuit adopts the flow control valve to adaptively control the test process. The high-precision load sensor measures the force. The computer screen displays the test force and test curve, according to the requirements of the test method. Automatic processing of test data.

Tensile Testing Equipment ModelWES-WTS-0500-1WES-WTS-1000-1WES-WTS-3000-1
Equipment’s Tensile Test(KN)1000 KN (Max)2000 KN (Max)3000 KN (Max)
Relative Error of Test Strength Force Indication≤ Indicated Value ±1%≤ Indicated Value ±1% ≤ Indicated Value ±1%
Test Force Measuring Range0.4%-100%FN0.4%-100%FN0.4%-100%FN
Stretching space (mm)1000、5000、5000、1000010000、30000
Space Adjustment Method300mm or 500mm500mm or 800mm500mm or 800mm
Piston Loading Speed (mm/min)0-1000-1500-200
Max Speed of Piston without Load (mm/min)200250250
Piston Stroke (mm)500、1000、1000、15001500、2000
Pre-Tensioning Stroke (mm)500、1000500、10001000、1500
Tensile Attachment for Round Samples (mm)Φ13-Φ60Φ15-Φ70Φ15-Φ70
Equipment Appearance mmTensile Space*1300*900Tensile Space*1400*1050Tensile Space*1450*1100
Horizontal Tensile Testing Machine for Wire and Cable Tensile Test
The Wewon’s horizontal tensile testing machine adopts a load sensor and a spherical centering device, and then a proximal tensile loading mechanism is composed of a thrust cylinder, a reverse frame, etc. The remote beam has its own walking drive and a small oil source, and can be independently clamped by automatic bolts, which can easily complete the adjustment of the test space. Equipment Features
The equipment is driven by a special constant power hydraulic source, electro-hydraulic servo control technology, computer data acquisition and processing, and can realize fully automatic closed-loop control. It is composed of the test host, oil source system (hydraulic power source), measurement and control system, electrical system, etc. The maximum test force is 3000KN, and the accuracy level of the test machine: tensile is 0.5 level and compression is level 1.
(1) Adopt pure digital phase-locked loop position pulse control mode, no zero drift, no offset. (2) The high-precision ball screw drive has stable loading, long service life, good stability and energy saving. (3) Software overload protection, over-displacement protection, mechanical forced safety limit protection and other measures.
(4) The user interface of the test software is simple and reliable, and the man-machine dialogue function is powerful. (5) The open data structure allows users to randomly call both result parameters and process data, which is very beneficial to scientific research and teaching. (6) User self-editing report function, data can be easily imported into Excel, WORD form, which is convenient for users to post-processing. (7) Wewon’s horizontal tensile testing machine with low noise, no oil pollution, flexible, convenient and reliable to use.
In fact, The horizontal tensile testing machine popular used for personal fall arrest systems and safety belt testing as well. It is one of the safety belt testing machine, seat belt locking device for industrial and packaging items, Espeically for the long dimensions samples tensile test. The safety belt testing machine adopts a stepping motor system as a precise power source and then uses a high-precision force measurement system to achieve precise measurement. It is mainly used for material testing with a load of less than 10KN. The machine has a firm structure, convenient operation and simple maintenance. It is an ideal testing instrument for mechanical testing in factories and enterprises.

The safety belt testing machine from Wewon Tech has a wide and accurate loading speed and force measurement range. It has high accuracy and sensitivity for the measurement and control of load, deformation, and displacement. The equipment is suitable for testing and analysis of mechanical properties such as tension, compression, peeling, tearing, and shearing. Since it has stress, strain, and displacement methods, and can calculate the maximum force value, tensile strength and bending. Strength, compressive strength, elastic modulus, elongation at break, yield strength and other parameters.
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