IEC 60227-2 Flexing Test Machine|Bending Test Machine

Flexible cables testing equipment can meet the different requirements of dynamic bending and bending test for flexible wires and cables made by wire and cable manufacturers and inspection departments. Flexible cables testing equipment from Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. can choose a variety of test loads and comply with test standard such as IEC 227-2, IEC 245-2, UL1581, VDE 0472, IEC 60227-2(ed2)1997 IEC60245-2(ed2)1994, HD22.1, GB5023.2, GB5013.2

In addition to the electrical performance and other basic requirements of flexible wire and cables that can match the equipment, the most important basic feature is that wire & cable bending test apparatus can withstand regular bending, torsion, extension, shearing and other mechanical stresses to ensure normal operation. The flexible cable flexure test is a test item that is used to simulate the actual working environment of the flexible cable through multiple bends and stretches to assess whether the flexibility and structural stability of the flexible cable meet the long-term use requirements of the product.

Flexibility Test Machine
Model DescriptionWEW-FCT-IEC-001|IEC 60227-2 Flexing Test Machine
Cables Testing DistanceIEC 60227-2 Flexible Cables Testing Equipment ≥1000mm
Running SpeedTwo Pulley Flex Testing 0.33 m/s︱Three Pulley Flex Testing 0.1 m/s
Load WeightTwo Pulley Flex Testing, 500g, 1000g, 2000g, 3000g, 7000g︱Three Pulley Flex Testing 21N, 28N, 42N
Pulley DiameterTwo Pulley Flex Testing, 60mm, 80mm, 120mm, 160mm, 200mm ( Each set include 2 pcs)
Pulley DiameterThree Pulley Flex Testing 40, 45, 50mm (Each set include 3 pcs)
Work StationTwo Pulley, 2 pcs︱Three Pulley, 2 pcs, The three wheels twist each other by an Angle of 18 degrees
Testing Current1.5~12.5A︱3~32A︱Customer Design Acceptable
Testing Voltage1∮AC 220V/ 60Hz or 3∮AC 380V/ 60Hz
Timer CounterElectronic, 8 digit, Reach the set times and stop automatically.
Judged To Be QualifiedDuring the test, there is no circuit break or short circuit until the counter/ timer stop.
Judged To Be UnqualifiedDuring the test, there is a circuit break or short circuit between the test sample and pulley.
Samples for Test1 Core, 2 Core, 3 Core
Equipment Dimension:1800mm×650mm×1400mm (W*D*H)
Equipment Voltage3∮AC 380V 50/60Hz 30A
Power Supply3 Phase 5 Wires, A,B,C Live, Null Line, +Ground Line

The IEC 60227-2 flexing bending test machine from WeWonTech is an advanced testing solution that is designed to evaluate the mechanical properties of insulated electrical cables under conditions of repeated bending and flexing. This machine is made to conform to the latest international standards in testing equipment, ensuring that its results are both highly reliable and accurately reflect the behavior of real electrical cables in use.

One of the most significant features of this machine is its advanced control system, which enables highly precise and repeatable testing conditions. The control system incorporates sophisticated electronics and software, which can precisely adjust the amplitude and frequency of bending to suit the needs of the test. This allows the test to be customized to match the actual mechanical stresses that the cable would experience in practical use, thereby providing a more accurate assessment of its durability and longevity.

The flexible cable bending test is suitable for multi-core PVC insulated and sheathed flexible cables and flexible cables with a core cross-sectional area not exceeding 2.5mm2. The bending test device is shown in the figure below, including a trolley equipped with a driving device and a flexible cable. The four pulleys for testing the cable sample and the weights at both ends. The installation of the four pulleys should make the sample horizontal.
IEC 60227-2 Flexing Test

Another key feature of this testing machine is its high level of automation, which allows the operator to conduct tests quickly and efficiently, without the need for skilled technicians to manually adjust test parameters. Specifically, the machine is equipped with a user-friendly touchscreen interface that provides intuitive control over all testing operations, including specimen clamping, flexing cycle management, and data acquisition. Additionally, a network connection allows for remote monitoring and control of the machine, which is ideal for large-scale production environments where multiple machines may be running simultaneously.

The IEC 60227-2 flexing bending test machine from WeWonTech is an innovative and highly reliable testing solution that is ideal for evaluating the mechanical properties of insulated electrical cables. Designed with the latest technology and manufactured to the highest standards, it offers a combination of accuracy, precision, and ease of use that is unmatched by any other machine in its class. Whether you are a manufacturer of electrical cables, a testing laboratory, or a regulatory agency, this machine is sure to meet all your testing needs and provide you with the reliable data you need to ensure the safety and quality of your products.

According to the test model, number of cores, and cross-sectional area of cores, determine the diameter and load mass of pulleys A and B, sample test current and test voltage according to standard requirements. Flexural Test Process
Take the sample about 5 meters long and install the sample according to the requirements of the standard. Note that the angle between the axis of the pulleys A and B is 45° with the track, and the three sections of cables installed between the pulleys are in a horizontal state.
Adjust the limit clamps (D) at both ends to make the cable sag naturally, and add weights of suitable quality to both ends and apply the load current and voltage specified by the standard.
Set the reciprocating times of the counter to 1 million reciprocating movements, start the flexure test device, and the trolley will move back and forth between a distance of 1 meter at a constant speed of about 0.33m/s to make the specimen bend back and forth. stretch.
After the flexural test, all samples on the wire & cable bending test apparatus are tested for the voltage of the finished cable.
related page logoPoer Cord Bend Flexibility Testing|Following the test the cable is then subject to a further voltage withstand test of 1.5kV in accordance with IEC 60227-2 clauses 2.2
related page logoCables bending test machine to determine the bendability of the tinselcord,in accordance with IEC 60227-2 clause 3.2 ,figure 2 & IEC 60227-1 clause5.6.3.2 GB/T5013
related page logoTinsel Cord Bending Test Apparatus To determine the bendability of the tinsel cord,in accordance with IEC 60227-2 clause 3.2 ,figure 2 and IEC 60227-1 clause
related page logoChinese Manufacturer and Supplier– Polyvinyl Chloride Insulated Cable Testing Equipment IEC 60227-2 Cord Bending Tester– Guangzhou HongCe Equipment Co., Ltd
IEC 60227-2 Bending Test

Wewon’s polyvinyl chloride insulated cable testing equipment manufactured according to IEC 60227-2 test standard’s requirements. It is suitable for the bending (bending) test of cables by related manufacturers and quality inspection departments. The specific test method is to fix the cable on the fixture and swing the fixture to the left and right during the test. After a certain number of times, the testing machine will automatically stop operating and then check the total number of swings.
Equipment ModelWEW-FCT-IEC-002|IEC 60227-2 Bending Test Machine
Machine Test Rate2~ 60 times/minute adjustable (LED display)
Total Counter0~ 99999 Times
Bending Angle5~180° ±10° 90° on left and right
Test Wire Diameter1~40 mm
Test StationOne Group
Heavy Hammer0.5 Kg each. The applied current is about 0.1A.
Working Power SupplyAC220V 50HZ ±10%;
Equipment Dimensions700× 600x 1300mm
Wire Bend Testing Machine
One piece electric drive motor with reduction and swiveling gear Equipment Include
One piece output shaft, swiveling angle One80° On either side of the vertical
One piece weight, 0.5 kg
One piece speed adjustment, for swiveling frequency One0~60 rpm
One piece control unit with 6 digit predetermining counter to switch off the drive, and records the number of swiveling when the sample open circuit
One piece output current, approximately 0.One A
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