Incline Impact Tester – Incline Impact Testing for Paper Packaging Test

Incline impact tester simulates the ability of product packaging to withstand impact damage in real environments, such as the transportation of loading and unloading products by stacking motors and sliding locomotives that move shelves. The incline impact tester can also be used as a common test equipment for bevel impact in packaging material manufacturers and foreign trade transportation departments.

The purpose of the incline impact test is to determine whether various properties fail under normal and extreme collision conditions when the product is subjected to a series of shocks. Using the principle of transforming the potential energy of the object into kinetic energy, when the package slides to the end according to the predetermined position, a certain impact velocity is obtained to collide with an impact plate perpendicular to the velocity direction, to achieve the predetermined test purpose.

The inclined impact testing machine is a semi-automatic control testing machine, simple operation and high efficiency, especially suitable for continuous impact test laboratories and a large number of impact tests of packaging and transportation machinery and equipment manufacturing industries.

incline impact tester
Product Model WEW-IST-300
Max. Payload 200,300 KG
Max.Impact Velocity 2.8 m/s
Max.Shock Distance 5M(or discussion)
Shock Distance Tolerance ±3%
Max.Size of Specimen 1200*1200*1600mm
Sliding Trolley 600*550*2500mm
Impact Base Size 1800*2000mm
Power Voltage 3φ 380V 50/60Hz
Test Standards JB/T6868-93 ISO2248-1972(E)
Working Principle of Incline Impact Tester : Test principle of incline impact tester. By using the principle of transforming the potential energy of the object into kinetic energy, when the package slides to the end according to the predetermined position, the impact velocity is perpendicular to the impact plate.

Apply the principle of monopolized kinetic energy transformation of the object’s potential energy, and obtain a certain impact velocity and an impact plate perpendicular to the direction of acceleration when the package is free sliding bottom at a fixed position to reach a fixed test;

incline impact test method

Incline impact test machine can simulate the horizontal impact and collision environment of packaging parts and packaging containers in the transportation process. Incline impact test machines can be used as common test equipment for bevel impact in scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, packaging technology testing centers, and packaging material manufacturing doors.
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The incline impact tester conforms to the international standard ISO 2244-2001 (E) “package — the fifth part of full transportation package, horizontal impact test, inclined plane impact test, swing test” and standard GB/T4857.1 horizontal impact test method and other related technical indicators.
Flexible positioning electric pulley, easy to fix the position, to achieve the required speed change value.
The height of the pulley is relatively low, which is conducive to the installation of test products; Reinforced impact resistant plate to ensure firm structure.
The pulley table can be adjusted to the level to facilitate the user to install the specimen; Angle adjustment with cylinder drive, is flexible and convenient.
Incline impact tester machine can be operated by remote control to fully ensure the safety of test personnel.
During installation, the customer only needs to fix the machine on the ground, without any other complicated operation or installation, and the test is convenient.
Equipment Characteristics
adobe-pdf-logo ASTM D880 Standard Test Method for Impact Testing for Shipping Containers and Systems
adobe-pdf-logo ASTM D 4169 Standard Practice for Performance Testing of Shipping Containers and Systems
adobe-pdf-logo ISO 2244 International Standard – Packaging – Complete, filled transport packages and unit loads – Horizontal impact tests
adobe-pdf-logo GB T 4857.11 2005 / ISO 2244 Packaging – Basic tests for transport packages – Part 11: Horizontal impact test methods
adobe-pdf-logo Package Testing- ISTA Test Procedure- International Safe Transit Association (ISTA)
Incline impact tester is mainly used to simulate the impact and damage resistance of product packaging in a real environment, such as handling, loading and unloading,impact during shifting from one cabin to another and impact resulted from emergencv brake during transport, lncline shock tester satisfies industrial standards for packaging,such as ASTM, ISTA, ISO, and MIL-STD.
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