Infrared Non Contact Thermometer for Adults or Kids

Infrared non contact thermometer will play a very important role in the global control of COVID-19 infectious virus. Use the non contact thermometer, You can quickly probe potential carriers of COVID-19 in less than a second. This will greatly provide the work efficiency, the maximum extent of suppression of the virus spread over a large area. If you need the infrared thermometer manufacturers, and try to know the electronic thermometer price and testing performance, Please be patient to read this article. Meanwhile, We welcome you to send us your technical questions by E-mail at any time, Our technical experts will reply you quickly.

Infrared non contact thermometer can measure the body temperature by collecting the infrared thermal radiation from the human forehead. The operation is simple and hygienic. Large size LCD display, high brightness backlight, optional Celsius and Fahrenheit two temperature units. Non contact thermometer should be used to measure the temperature range of 32 ~ 42.5℃. When the temperature is higher than 38 degrees Celsius, the screen flashes and beeps, and the infrared body thermometer reminds the subject of fever.

Infrared Non Contact Infrared Thermometer for Adults or Kids
Thermometer Model WEW-CKD-COV153
Product NameInfrared Non Contact Thermometer
Measurement ModeNon Contact Infrared
Measure Time≤ 2 Seconds
Measuring Distance3~5 CM
Measurement Range32 ~ 42.5 ℃|89.6 ~ 108.5℉
Environmental Condition10 ℃ ~ 40 ℃, 85%RH
Transport Conditions0 ℃ ~ 50 ℃,≤ 85%RH
Power Off15 Seconds
Gross Weight172 g|Medical Infrared Thermometer
Dimensions149 * 77 * 43 mm
In fact, the human body’s normal temperature range is different at different ages. If your home has an infrared thermometer, you can do a test. You’ll notice some differences in the normal body temperature at all ages. The normal temperature of human body is 36.4 ~ 38℃ in the infant stage of 0 ~2 years old. The proper temp for a child aged 3 to 10 is 36.1 to 37.8 degrees Celsius. The normal body temperature between the ages of 11 and 65 is 35.9 to 37.6 ℃. The convenient temp for people older than 65 is 35.8 to 37.5 degrees Celsius

The infrared non contact thermometer medical grade has a Taiwanese smart chip that reduces the effect of the surrounding environment on temperature and makes more accurate measurements. Adopt high precision temperature sensor, measure more accurate, measure temperature error 0.2 ℃. Function switch is simple, human body temperature, water temperature measurement, the baby to drink milk temperature, food temperature etc.
Electronic thermometer infrared gun with Automatic shutdown fuction, no manual intelligent power saving.
LED blue screen, dark environment can also easily read data, vision is mild without stimulation.
The LED display can be set to three kinds of backlight display, battery set up safety and simple.
The body temperature with infrared thermometer can shut down automatically, saving energy and energy.
Switch to mute, do not disturb the sleep of sleeping baby, accurate measurement data.
The adult forehead thermometer can keep 32 sets of records continuously for convenient statistics.
Non-contact infrared body thermometer grip comfortable, ergonomic.
Through the non – contact infrared sensor, read the body temperature, ensure hygiene and health.
Product Feature
Non Contact Thermometer

The non contact infrared thermometer can measure body temperature, milk temperature, water temperature, etc. Infrared thermometer forehead with high density infrared sensor, measuring without touching. Strong environmental temperature adaptability, automatically maintain the last measured value. For different functions, you need to buy different models. This is especially important for families with young children to look after!

How to use an infrared thermometer ? Infrared thermometer used for the forehead radiates to show the body temperature of the subject. This non contact infrared thermometer is a type 2 medical device, which belongs to the internal power supply equipment, type B application part. The protection class is: ordinary equipment (IPXO). It should not be used in the presence of a mixture of anaesthetic gas and air, oxygen.
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