Invalidation Statement of Limits, Absolute Terms and Functional Terms

Since the new advertising law on September 1 stipulates that absolute and functional words must not appear on all pages, we support the new advertising law. In order not to affect normal consumers browsing the web, Wewon’s engineer has been checking and modifying the technical parameters of the obvious areas of the page. In fact, The website is a channel to introduce new products of the company. Its main purpose is to show the viewer what the product does and how to use it. On a website with a huge amount of data, the content of the web page does not guarantee that every data provided to the viewer has been verified by government agencies.

In fact, it cannot be used as a legal basis due to the frequent revision or update of the content of the web page! The correct method is, Before making a formal purchase order from a Chinese supplier, You need to truthfully explain the customer’s real needs to the Chinese supplier in detail. The advantage of doing this is that it enables manufacturers to truly understand the test requirements that customers want to achieve. This is important !

Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. hereby solemnly declare that the absolute terms and functional terms on all pages of this website are declared invalid and shall not be used as a reason for compensation. Recently, we will gradually investigate and improve the areas that were not obvious on the product page. The new product page will be completely revised. The company will not accept or compromise any form of online fraud in the name of anti-counterfeiting. Rights protection is two-way. We hope all web browsers understand!

Special reminder: The product titles and some product page parameters on this website are set for operational and technical drainage needs, not product efficacy promotion, please do not take them out of context. In addition, according to the authenticity requirements of product promotion in Article 55 of the “Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Protection of Consumer Rights and Interests”, and the “Advertising Law”, “Regulations on the Hygiene Supervision of Cosmetics”, “Consumer Management Measures”, “Consumer Product Labeling” In accordance with the requirements of laws and regulations such as “Management Specifications for Instructions”, “Regulations on the Supervision and Administration of Medical Devices”,

Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. promises that the products sold are officially authorized, and the actual formula (structure) of the product is consistent with the description on the product packaging or instructions , the title of the web page and the limit value of some product page parameters are just keywords used to cater to the buyer’s search habits, and do not represent the actual efficacy and characteristics of the product itself. Thank you.

Invalidation Statement of Limits, Absolute Terms and Functional Terms from Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd.

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