IP65 Waterproof Test Machine – IP65 Waterproof Rating

IP65 waterproof test machine is suitable for testing the protective performance of the products in IP65 level strong water spraying, rain flushing climate environment during storage, transportation and using. The IP65 waterproof test equipment is mainly used to install in the outdoor intelligent door lock products, electronic and electrical products, outdoor lighting, electrical components, new energy vehicles and electric vehicle parts and other products in the simulated rain weather conditions, the physical and other related performance of the product test. After the IP 65 waterproof rain test, through verification to judge the performance of the product is to meet the requirements, so that the product design improvement verification and factory inspection use.

The structure design of the IP65 waterproof test equipment is advanced and reasonable, Consistent with IEC60529. The main functional components of IP65 water resistant rain test chamber are advanced and reliable in technical principles, and the optimal control of noise and energy saving is achieved. The IP waterproof rating chamber is suitable for testing whether the electrical products, shell and seal can guarantee the good performance of equipment and components in the rainy environment. This ip65 weatherproof chamber adopts scientific design, The equipment can simulate various environments such as water spraying realistically.

IP65 waterproof test chamber
Model Description WE-SC-1000C-56 Test Bed Material High quality 304 stainless seamless tube
Testing Room (W*H*D) mm 1000 * 1000 * 1000 Affected by the Surface The front side for water jet test chamber
External Dimension (W*H*D) mm 1500 * 3500 * 1300 The Nozzle Diameter φ6.3mm(IPX5),φ12.5mm(IPX6)
Water Pressure 50~150kpa (Adjustable) Water Spray Intensity (12.5±0.625)L/min-(100±5)L/min
Test Environment Conditions The ambient temperature is +5~+28C Flush Distance 3.0 Metres
Test Environment Conditions Relative humidity≤85% Flush Time IP65 Water Rating Adjustable
The Test Standard IEC60529. GJB150. GB4706 Gross Weight 160 KG|Waterproof IP Rating
Test Bench Size Test bech size is φ600mm Power Supply 3φ AC380V, 50/60Hz, 3.0KW
Height of Test Bed Height for test bed is 800mm Bench Speed 1 ~ 10 r/min is Adjustable

The IP65 waterproof test machine is an innovative and advanced testing equipment designed and developed by WeWonTech. This machine is engineered to test the water resistance of various types of electronic devices and products. The primary objective of the machine is to determine whether a device can withstand exposure to water, humidity, and other environmental factors. This testing equipment is particularly useful for manufacturers who want to ensure that their products are built to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

The IP65 waterproof test machine is easy to operate and features a durable, high-performance design that can effectively measure the waterproof performance of electronic devices. The machine consists of a water tank that can be filled with water up to the specified level. The electronic device to be tested is placed into the chamber of the machine, and the chamber is then sealed tightly using a door or a cover. Once the device is placed inside the chamber, water is sprayed on it from all sides to simulate exposure to rain and other harsh weather conditions.

Waterproof rating ip65 testing chamber used to evaluate and determine electrical, electronic, outdoor lighting, communication products, signal devices and automobile lamps for waterproofing performance testing and IP waterproofing grade testing. Because most of the Europe suppliers named the IP65 rating waterproof test chamber not the water jet test chamber. Example, There many keywords be used from Weiss, such us spray water chamber, splash water test chamber, spray and splash water test device, water spray and splash protection testing equipment.

IP65 waterproof test equipment

The machine is equipped with a highly sophisticated testing system that accurately measures the waterproof level of the device. The machine can test the device for a specified duration to determine whether the device would be operational or would be damaged in case of exposure to water. The testing process is highly precise and thorough, ensuring that the electronic devices are protected against water damage. One of the key features of the IP65 waterproof test machine is its ability to function under different environmental conditions.

The machine is designed to operate in temperatures ranging from +10°C to 60°C. This means that it can effectively test electronic devices in extreme weather conditions, ensuring superior performance in any situation. According to the DIN EN 60529, ISO 20653 test standard, The IP65 waterproof rating chamber be used for ingress protection testing. This water jet testing device does allow you to do the test in accordance to IP X5 and IP X6 test. In accordance with the standard requirements, the IP65 rain test chamber adopts artificial simulated rainfall environment to test the waterproof capacity of the tested product.

Main Parts NameBrand/ SpecificationsMain Configuration
Main MaterialTransparent Density BoardControlling System
PLC ProcessorMitsubishi, Japan
Communication ModuleMitsubishi, Japan
Controlling PanelWEINVIEW, Taiwan
Stepping MotorGUOYOU, China
DC Motor and ReducerGUOYOU, China
Power Rate0.75KW, 220V
Glass Float FlowmeterRange 7 L/minWater Main Parts
Precision Pressure Gauge0.4 MPa- IP65 Water Rating
Contact Pressure Sensor0 ~ 0.8 MPa
Stainless Steel Water PumpNanfang, Hangzhou, China
Solenoid ValveGUOYOU, 220V
Throttle ValveGUOYOU, China
Waterproof ip65 TurntableStainless Steel 304Other Accessories
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