Key Life Tester – Keyboard Key Life Tester

Key life tester is used to test the damage of the key after repeatedly pressing for a certain number of days in the working condition, so as to judge the key life. To help customers better understand their products and continuously improve product quality, the key button life-time testing machine has four small counters, respectively, can be tested and recorded the current test value of the product.

The key life testing machine used for the test sample’s highly accelerated life test purpose for electronics, photovoltaic modules, electrical appliances, food, vehicles, metal, chemical, building materials and other factories. The button press force life test tester move up and down, so as to hit the key. Results set up the counter test times, so as to determine the quality of the silicone keys.

key life testing machine
Product ModelWEW-KLT-9000
Total Frequency Range0 ~ 99999999 times (adjustable)
Test Speed3 ~ 60rpm/min digital display adjustable
Sub-counter4 individually recorded test values
Load50, 100, 200, 300g (4 per station)
Machine Size500 × 450 × 70 mm
Machine Weight60kg|Voltage: 220V, 50Hz, 2A
Key life testing machine is widely used in faucet, switch, keyboard, telephone and other products key computer, cell phone, CD/MP3, calculator, notepad, electrical/car remote control and other keys to do life testing. Button press force life testing machine is especially suitable for fatigue test of mobile phone keys.

Key Life Tester – Keyboard Key Life Tester
Sort, simultaneously strike test two modes can be switched, Computer keyboards keys life test can really simulate the real use of mobile phone keyboard.
The key life tester adopts Japanese SMC precise pneumatic components, the striking force is precisely adjustable (calibration of calibration instrument), durable use.
Button keyboard life test machine with LCD touch screen + PLC for program control, reliable quality.
4 groups of mobile phones can be tested at the same time, different fixture up and down, left and right, before and after adjustable to meet different specifications of the product physical key test.
To meet the requirements of simultaneous testing of the front and side buttons of the mobile phone, Button presses tester equipped with a force correction device to truly reflect the anti-strike capability of the buttons.
keypad life tester
The striking force for button presses test machine is adjusted by the voltage knob on the panel from 0 to 18V.
At a given voltage, the maximum striking force for accelerated life test is always reached when the electromagnet core is completely absorbed.
Striking distance can be achieved by adjusting the adjusting screw on the column and the screw on the back of the electromagnet fixed iron.
The key life tester can also be adjusted by turning the striking head forward or backward (when the electromagnet is joined to the striking head by a screw thread).
Due to the nonlinear relationship between strike force and strike stroke, Please pay attention when adjusting.
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