The Best Vacuum Ovens for Your Laboratory

The laboratory vacuum ovens produced by Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. are specifically designed for drying heat-sensitive, easily decomposable, and oxidizable materials. These ovens are capable of maintaining a certain level of vacuum inside the chamber and can also introduce inert gas, making them particularly suitable for quickly drying complex substances. For customers seeking a reputable manufacturer of laboratory vacuum ovens, Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. offers a wide selection of high-quality products.

Equipped with an intelligent digital temperature controller, these ovens allow for precise temperature setting, display, and control. Our range of laboratory vacuum ovens includes options for different sizes and capacities, such as large vacuum ovens and small vacuum ovens. These ovens are known for their high precision and reliability. They are extensively used in various industries for applications such as laboratory research, industrial testing, and production processes.

Vacuum Oven
Eequipment Model HEW-OVP-64L  HEW-OVP-216L  HEW-OVP-1000L 
Testing Volume 64 Liters 216 Liters 1000 Liters
Test Room Size (mm) 400×400×400 600×600×600  1000×1000×1000
Overall Dimensions (mm) 700×660×1450 900×860×1650 1360×1660×1880
Total Power 5.5KW  9.5KW  18.5KW
Power Supply AC 230V, 50Hz AC 220V, 50Hz AC 440V, 50Hz
Temperature Deviation ±2.5%  ±3.5%  ±5.5%
Temperature Range  RT+10℃~300℃ RT+10℃~200℃ RT+10℃~250℃
Vacuum Degree Range 0~-100KPa 0~-100KPa 0~-100KPa
Control Mode PLC Touch Screen Control PLC Touch Screen Control PLC Touch Screen Control
Equipment Structure One-Piece Structure  Built-In Vacuum Pump External Vacuum Pump
Test Room Material 08F Cold Rolled Steel Plate 08F Cold Rolled Steel Plate SUS304# Stainless Steel
Machine Appearance 08F Cold Rolled Steel Plate 08F Cold Rolled Steel Plate 08F Cold Rolled Steel Plate
Nitrogen Filling System Guidance: 
1) Nitrogen Pressure Range: About 3~4Kg; 2) Flowmeter: Measuring Range is 10L/min -100L/min.
3) Tracheal Configuration: ∮8mm Tracheal Quick-connect Port.
4) Nitrogen Charging Control Method: Adopt time automatic control or manual control.
5) Exhaust Valve: Open the exhaust valve while filling with nitrogen to prevent high pressure in the test room.
6) Nitrogen: The nitrogen source must be prepared by the user.
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The inner chamber of the box is made of SUS 304 stainless steel, and the inner and outer walls are welded using argon arc welding, ensuring stable sealing performance. It can quickly deoxygenate and effectively maintain a stable oxygen-free environment. Machine Features
The control system adopts a touchscreen P.L.C intelligent control, which displays temperature, pressure, and other parameters on the screen. It allows for program editing and segmented step control for heating, insulation, pressure control, and the operation curve can be queried and exported in real-time in the background.
The door seal adopts a specially customized high-temperature resistant vacuum seal, effectively ensuring the stability of the vacuum degree. The insulation material is filled with environmentally friendly silica-alumina insulation material, providing excellent thermal insulation.
The machine design includes multiple protection functions, such as independent over-temperature protection, motor protection, leakage protection, and overheat protection for the vacuum pump. It is equipped with a spare K-type thermocouple sensor.
Inert gas function: it can introduce nitrogen or argon gas to protect sensitive materials from oxidation at high temperatures, providing displacement functionality.

When you are considering purchasing a laboratory vacuum drying oven, You need to understand the advanced technology and important features. Laboratory vacuum drying ovens manufactured by Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. use advanced electric heating technology and blower systems to ensure uniform temperature distribution, Thereby achieving efficient and precise drying results. We offer many types of laboratory vacuum drying ovens, including large, small and precision models, to suit every need.

Unlike other vacuum drying ovens, our vacuum drying oven adopts the operation steps of vacuuming first and then heating. Doing so has several benefits, not the least of which is that it avoids potential hazards in a laboratory environment while increasing the efficiency and longevity of the equipment. For example, If the workpiece is heated first, the tremendous pressure created by the expanding gases may cause the tempered glass of the viewing window to burst.

Moreover, Vacuuming first and then heating can avoid the heat being brought to the vacuum pump when the heated air is pumped out by the vacuum pump, causing the temperature to be too high. Additionally, With correct operating methods, you can extend the life of your vacuum drying oven.

We offer vacuum drying chambers equipped with vacuum pumps to ensure you have better pressure control while drying. Laboratory vacuum drying ovens are widely used in various fields, such as chemical laboratories, biomedicine, materials science, etc. Our vacuum drying ovens can be used to dry a variety of materials, prepare a variety of specimens and maintain the quality of items at specific temperatures.

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