Life Testing Machine for Keyboard Keys and Buttons

Life testing machine can test computer key switch, tact switch, membrane switch, mobile phone, car device, PDA, Bluetooth/hands-free headset, car remote control, TV/computer controller, MP3, electronic dictionary button, remote control button, Various types of keys such as silicone rubber keys are subjected to life tests. It is especially suitable for fatigue testing of silicone rubber keys. The head can be placed arbitrarily at any corner of the test bench, and is easy to clamp. It is suitable for mass reliability testing of samples, up to 15 key tests.

The speed of Wewon’s life testing machine is adjustable, the number of tests can be set arbitrarily, and multiple products can be tested at the same time (each product can be tested at multiple points). Keep the data after the number of arrivals or power failure. In addition, each button can be set to a different pressure and a different height. At the same time, it adopts separate control of each test head, special fixture design, and humanized operation, which can meet the different testing needs of customers.

Life Testing Machine for Keyboard Keys and Buttons
Equipment Model WEW-Q01D-ST2-1 WEW-Q09D-T52-3 WEW-Q08D-47D-4
Station Quantity One Station Three Stations Four Stations
Test Head Contact Lifting Height ≥50 mm Lifting Height ≥60 mm Lifting Height ≥80 mm
Moving/Action Stroke ≥ 10mm ≥ 15mm ≥ 15mm
Button Spacing ≥ 8 mm ≥ 10 mm ≥ 10 mm
Station Description One Station with 8 Test Heads: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 Cycles (one or more cycles), or press simultaneously.
Three Stations with 18 Test Heads: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Cycles (one or more cycles), or press simultaneously.
Four Stations with 24 Test Heads: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Cycles (one or more cycles), or press simultaneously.
Per Station Test 8*1 Keys Test 6*3 Keys Test 6*4 Keys
Air Source ≥0.5 MPa ≥0.6 MPa ≥1.0 MPa
Key Load 1 ~ 500 gf 200 ~ 1000 gf 200 ~ 1500 gf
Test Speed Range 10 ~ 50 times/min 10 ~ 60 times/min 10 ~ 120 times/min
Test Counter 1~999999 Times 1~999999 Times 1~999999 Times
Machine Size W1100*D450*H570mm W750*D350*H570mm W1150*D550*H570mm
Machine Weight 65 KGS 85 KGS 122 KGS
Power Supply 220V 50Hz, 5A 220V 50Hz, 8.5A 220V 50Hz, 12.5A
The two modes of sorting knocking/simultaneous hitting test can be switched, which can truly simulate the real use of the mobile phone keyboard. Equipment Features
Adopt Japanese SMC precision pneumatic components, the striking force can be adjusted precisely (calibration of the calibration instrument), and it can be used for a long time.
Using Mitsubishi LCD touch screen + PLC for program control, the quality is reliable; Controlled by the touch screen, it can test in a loop or at the same time.
It can test 4 groups of mobile phone buttons or keyboard buttons at the same time, and different fixtures can be adjusted up and down, left and right, front and back to meet the physical button test of products with different specifications.
Meet the simultaneous test requirements of the front and side buttons of mobile phones and notebooks, equipped with a calibration device to truly reflect the impact resistance of the buttons.

Life testing machines are used to evaluate the durability and expected lifespan of components in various industries, including the equipment industry. In the case of keyboards, life testing machines can help manufacturers evaluate the lifespan and robustness of the keyboard keys and buttons. These machines work by subjecting the components to repetitive motions or other stimuli to simulate years of usage within a short period. The tests can involve pressing the keys and buttons repeatedly or subjecting them to other types of wear and tear.

Life testing machines can then track the number of cycles before failure, allowing manufacturers to determine the expected lifespan of the components. These machines are essential tools in product development and quality control for many industries. They allow manufacturers to assess the durability and expected lifespan of critical components before releasing products to the market. This helps ensure that products meet customer expectations for reliability and longevity.

Life testing machines in general play a significant role in evaluating the durability and lifespan of components in many industries, including the equipment industry. By simulating years of usage within a short period, manufacturers can determine the expected lifespan of components and ensure products meet customer expectations for reliability and longevity. You should compare the features and prices of different button life test machines carefully. Make sure you look at all of the features available, such as accuracy, portability, price range, testing speeds etc., before deciding on one.

Take time to evaluate the machine’s spec before making a purchase decision is necessary work. When searching for a keyboard life test machine, It is also important to check the availability, delivery time, and support services offered by the supplier or manufacturer. The availability and delivery time should be prominently mentioned in the product’s listing or on the supplier’s website. You may be interested in visiting Keyboard Key Life Tester

Meanwhile, You should inquire about any technical support that may be available before making a purchasing decision. This will ensure that you get the most out of your investment in a quality key fatigue tester that meets your needs. If you have this purchase demand, Please contact contact us at any time. Our technicians will provide you with services quickly !

The striking force is adjusted by the voltage knob on the panel from 0-18V. Under a certain voltage, the maximum striking force is always reached when the electromagnet core is completely sucked in (to the bottom). Notes on Hitting Adjustments
The hitting distance can be realized by adjusting the adjusting screw on the column and the screw behind the electromagnet fixed iron.
It can also be adjusted by rotating the striking head forward or backward (when the electromagnet and the striking head are connected by threads).
The key life testing machine uses the motor to drive the eccentric wheel to make the connecting rod move back and forth up and down, so as to strike the key.
Due to the nonlinear relationship between striking force and striking stroke, please pay attention when adjusting.

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