Life Testing Machine For Mobile Phone Sliders

Life testing machines are an essential part of assessing the performance and durability of mobile phone sliders. With this produce page’s guidance, You will be able to understand how life testing machines can help improve your mobile phone slider’s longevity, and discover how to accurately use them to check their performance. When using life testing machine for mobile phone sliders to check its performance, It’s important to understand the parameters and settings of each machine. The multiple cycle test is one of the most important steps in testing mobile phone slider performance. This test will analyze how well the slider withstands a repeating series of actions or motions.

Test Method of Life Testing Machine For Mobile Phone Sliders: Fix the lower part of the mobile phone on the fixture (the slide cover part is not fixed) → the motor drives the manipulator and pushes the slide cover to a certain position and then resets, the slide cover automatically opens under the action of the spring → the sensor detects the count → The motor drives the closing manipulator to make it close the sliding cover to a certain position and then reset, and the sliding cover is automatically closed under the action of the spring. Judge the service life of the mobile phone slider by repeating the above actions.

Life Testing Machine For Mobile Phone Sliders
Test Station 2 Stations 4 Stations
Machine Model WEW-SGH-8650-D WEW-SGH-8660-S
Total Count 0~99999 Times 0~99999 Times
Test Speed 5 ~ 60 Times/min 5 ~ 60 Times/min
Test Stroke 80 mm 80 mm
Total Power 200 W 450 W
Power Supply AC 220V, 50Hz, 5A AC 220V, 50Hz, 10A
Equipment Size 450*470*900mm 550*580*950mm
Gross Weight 30 KG 50 KG
Accessories Parts Operating Manual 1 Power Cord
Life testing machine for mobile phone sliderss from Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. can simulate different types of activities – such as opening, closing and sliding a device – and measure results. The type of tests performed will depend on the type of machine used, But test engineer should be familiar with their specific test parameters before starting any testing process.

By running life testing machines to simulate real-world usage scenarios, Engineers can identify potential problems in mobile device sliders that would not be visible with standard testing methods. As the simulation continues with repetitive motions, any weaknesses or issues in the slider design will become more evident over time. By carefully monitoring and analyzing data from the simulations, engineers can quickly identify any issues that need to be addressed before releasing a mobile device to market.
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