Life Testing Machine for Rotary Shaft for Laptop

The life testing machine can simulate whether the user has opened and closed the upper cover (LCDCOVER) many times, and check whether the shaft still has the retention force. Shaft life testing machine can prevent the resistance of the rotating shaft from increasing and avoid damage to the plastic body. Maximising the life of your laptop rotary shaft requires a life testing machine. With the right test machine and setup, You can measure its performance and identify opportunities for optimisation. Use Wewon’s life testing machines, We discuss how to select a suitable testing machine and setting it up for optimal performance to help ensure the longevity of your laptop rotary shaft.

When choosing a life testing machine, consider the type of application you are looking to test, speed requirements and accuracy that you need. Next, identify its capabilities such as maximum weight limit and size of samples it can accommodate. In addition, make sure it is compatible with your other hardware and software equipment. Lastly, look into safety compliance certification that ensure the reliability of the test results. With these considerations in mind, you will be able to find a suitable life testing machine for your laptop rotary shaft.

Life Testing Machine for Rotary Shaft for Laptop
Equipment Model WEW-ST-3200-LDC WEW-ST-6300B-TSP
Control Method Mechanical + PLC Touching Screen + PLC
Max Test Rang 15” Laptop 17” Laptop
Specimen Max Load 60 KGS 60 KGS
Test Cycle Times 1 ~ 999,999 Times 1 ~ 999,999 Times
Test Angle 5~180° 0~180°
Equipment Dimension W580*D650*H450mm W650m*D850*H550m
Power Voltage 220V 50Hz 5.5A 220V 50Hz 8.0A
Equipment Weight 85 KGS 125 KGS
For WEW-ST-6300B-TSP model shaft life testing machine, all test conditions are directly input by touch screen panel. Equipment Features
Life cycle testing equipment can display the real angle and swing speed of the Laptop when it swings.
After the Laptop swings N times, it starts automatically after N minutes of pause. Use bilateral force to ensure that the left and right sides swing without shaking.
It adopts Japanese Mitsubishi touch screen + Mitsubishi PLC + Panasonic servo motor, stable operation, large torque.
The machine can adjust the height of the table according to the thickness of the laptop to ensure that the shaft is consistent with the drive shaft.
Wewon’s rotary shaft life testing machine has high positioning accuracy, long service life, low noise.
It is worth mentioning that to ensure optimized performance, it’s important to adhere to best practices when it comes to life testing machines for laptop rotary shafts. Make sure to properly calibrate your machine and periodically inspect its components for signs of wear and tear. Check that the block is correctly mounted onto its passage so as to avoid undue friction and unnecessary shock loads during its operation. Finally, always keep an eye out for accumulation of grime or foreign particles which can significantly affect the accuracy of your test results.

Before beginning the life test procedure, it is important to set up the testing machine correctly. Start by mounting the relevant parts onto the orientation table, then attach your laptop rotary shaft to its mount point. Add lubrication material and adjust the temperature as required. Once all components are secured, you are now ready to run the life test. The machines can typically be programmed with how many cycles you want it to go through in order to measure their life expectancy in different conditions.

Once the life test has been completed, it is time to analyze the results. The wear pattern and the damage sustained by each part will offer insight into how your laptop rotary shafts have performed in different conditions. Each part should be compared against one another in order to determine which type had the best results and which ones may need further testing or adjustments. Additionally, you can use the data from this test to optimize your processes and materials in order to achieve better performance and life expectancy with your rotary laptop shafts.
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