Maintenance Methods for EV203H Vibration Testing System

This is an article about maintenance methods for EV203H vibration testing system. Generally speaking, Stability and reliability are guaranteed by design. Only a few maintenance operations on the system can ensure a long life of the system without problems. The standard configuration of the system is usually composed of a power amplifier, vibration table and a cooling fan, and also includes a set of vibration and vibration controllers. It is very important to pay more attention to these items.

The following are general inspection and maintenance procedures that can be performed when needed. The so-called “when needed” refers to the working environment of the system and their frequent use. Typical maintenance is usually done twice a year. Regular maintenance is essential for ensuring the continued reliable operation of the EV203H Vibration Testing System . One of the most critical maintenance tasks is cleaning the shaker armature and suspension, which can become contaminated with dust, dirt, and oil over time.

Additionally, It is crucial to inspect and tighten all electrical connections to prevent loose connections that can cause problems during testing. It is also recommended to check and calibrate the accelerometer regularly to ensure accurate vibration measurements. Finally, it is essential to follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule and procedures, including lubrication of bearings and other moving parts. By performing regular maintenance and adhering to the manufacturer’s recommended procedures, you can ensure that the EV203H Vibration Testing System will provide accurate and reliable results for years to come. Please contact us if you have any questions. Thank you.

Make sure there is no dust and trash at the air inlet of the front panel. Power Amplifier
The output cable is firmly in contact with no looseness, and can be checked with a 4-inch screwdriver.
Open the rear door to check that there is no debris at the bottom of the power amplifier box.
Make sure that there are no obstacles in the rear door ventilation hole.
After the top cover (also called the upper cover ring) of the shaker is opened, a very intuitive inspection of the shaker system can be performed. Shaker Unit
Inspect the guide wheels, pads and torsion springs (coupled rubber parts) of the upper guide system, the lead wires of the moving coil package, and the displacement switch contacts separately.
If they are excessively worn or broken, they should be replaced.
If the vibration table is too dirty, a vacuum cleaner can be used to remove dust and dirt.
The normal operation of the cooling fan can ensure that the vibrating table can be cooled normally. Cooling Fan
Always check the connection status of the cooling air pipe.
The air pipe must not be broken. If leakage is found, timely repair is required.
You can use a flow meter to check the air outlet of the fan.
The measured data should be basically consistent with the technical indicators in this manual.
Otherwise, You must find out the cause and eliminate it before you can test the system.
For users equipped with horizontal slides, the liquid level of the oil tank must be observed frequently. Water Leveling Table
When the liquid level indication height is less than 1/2, refueling should be performed.
Check the sliding state of the horizontal slide when the horizontal slide is not connected to the vibrating table.
Specific Methods: Connect the power supply of the static pressure oil source.
After the oil source works for 5 minutes, the horizontal slide should feel natural sliding without obvious resistance.
If the slide of the horizontal slide is unnatural, first check that the working pressure of the static pressure oil source should be within the range specified in the manual.
If the working pressure of the oil source is within the scope of the manual, check whether there is a protruding part at the bottom of the horizontal slide table.
This is because the length of the mounting bolt used by the user when clamping the test piece exceeds the depth of the mounting hole The boss is extruded at the bottom of the sliding table,
So that there is no oil film between the horizontal sliding table and the granite slab, which generates a lot of resistance. The boss must be removed to return to normal operation.
Horizontal and Vertical Vibration System
Due to the wide frequency range and horizontal vibration, it is necessary to design a satisfactory foundation and perform a good installation. Foundation, Installation
The quality of the foundation has a great influence on the vibration test, so the design foundation should pay attention to the following points:
The electric vibrator and horizontal slide table and foundation are stable, keeping the position and state unchanged.
Fully maintain the performance of the vibrator. When the vibrator is working, the vibration is not transmitted to the outside world.
It can well isolate the external vibration so that it does not interfere with the vibration of the vibrator.
The foundation shall not sink, shake, rotate and be damaged. It is necessary to consider the convenience of maintenance, installation and construction.
The soil factor under the foundation must be considered.
The base surface of the vibrator table should be level, and the foundation should be reserved with anchor bolt holes for the anchor bolts.
After the table body is installed in place, the anchor bolts are placed to cast concrete and tamped.
The anchor bolt should be kept vertical, pay attention to the extension length of the bolt in the anchor hole, and the length should be able to keep the nut fully tightened.
During installation, adjust the horizontal slide table to maintain the level ± 0.02mm, and then adjust the electric table body to make it accurately docked.
It is recommended that users use the foundation design recommended by Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd.
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The maximum acceleration of the test sample, fixture, etc. tested on the vibrator is limited by the following formula: Samples Being Tested
a = F / M
a: Maximum acceleration (m / s²)
F: Rated thrust (N)
M: Total mass of test pieces, fixtures and moving parts (kg)
Note: Pay attention to the above relationship when doing the load test.
The water platform system should be installed in a dry and clean laboratory. Environment Condition
There should be no corrosive gases and dust.
Avoid direct sunlight, no strong vibration sources around, and the use temperature range is +5℃ ~ +35 ℃.
Use special lifting holes for lifting when lifting and moving. Lifting Transportation
Please move it steadily, without impacting the slide.
The slide table should be used carefully. When installing the test piece on the table, it should be light to avoid damaging the table.
Temp Chamber with Vibration System

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