Making Rice Dumplings for Employees During Dragon Boat Festival

On the morning of June 2, colleagues from the business department, finance department, and marketing department of Weihuang Technology worked together, and everyone gathered together to make rice dumplings for all employees in the canteen of Weihuang Technology, distribute salted duck eggs, Yantai apples, and pass the festival warmth. In order to successfully wrap the dumplings, the colleague in charge of purchasing also prepared the materials for dumpling leaves, glutinous rice, peanuts, candied dates and so on.

After the activity started, experienced sisters showed their housekeeping skills one after another, teaching everyone how to stroke the leaves, make a funnel, fill glutinous rice, compact, seal, and bundle. The whole activity was full of laughter and laughter, and everyone wrapped it up. Lehu, the dumplings took shape in an instant, and soon triangles, trumpets, backpacks, strips… all kinds of beautiful dumplings were born one by one in the hands of colleagues.

Making Rice Dumplings for Employees During Dragon Boat Festival 2

At the event site, colleagues from the business department put the prepared zongzi ingredients, zong leaves, hemp rope and other necessary materials on the table in an orderly manner. The fragrant zong leaves and the crystal glutinous rice turned into several plates of delicate and full zongzi in the hands of colleagues. The making of zongzi lasted for more than two hours, and the little friends were also very interested in making zongzi. They experienced the fruits of labor in learning and shared happiness in exchanges. After more than 2 hours of hard work, everyone has wrapped more than 400 zongzi by themselves, which is amazing!

Pure white glutinous rice and emerald green zongzi danced happily in everyone’s hands, and after a while, various angular zongzi appeared on the table. Everyone exchanged the experience of making zongzi with each other, and the experienced hands led the novice to teach various ways of making zongzi. While making zongzi, everyone talked about the origin and various customs of the Dragon Boat Festival.

Some skilled colleagues rolled the zongzi leaves into a funnel shape, then packed them with glutinous rice, and then tied a knot with a string. There are also some friends who are inexperienced and the rope has not had time to tie, the leaves of the zongzi are scattered, and the glutinous rice is sprinkled on the table, which attracts a burst of laughter. Before long, all kinds of zongzi were put on the table, triangular, square, and long, all kinds of zongzi showed the cultural characteristics of different regions.

Making Rice Dumplings for Employees During Dragon Boat Festival 3

At the event site, colleagues from the business department and logistics staff carefully prepared the materials required for the event. Small partners from other departments also actively participated and actively learned how to make rice dumplings. “What we make is not zongzi, but a blessing!” Colleagues who participated in making zongzi said that in this way, they not only inherit the traditional culture, but also let everyone feel the strong festive atmosphere of the Dragon Boat Festival, which is very meaningful.

Rolling the zongzi leaves, putting rice, and tying up, a piece of green zongzi leaves danced in the hands of colleagues, and everyone experienced the joy of making delicious food. The whole activity scene was full of laughter, which was full of joy and continuous laughter, which made everyone feel the joy of the festival in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, deepened the understanding of traditional culture, built a bridge of communication for employees, and further enhanced the relationship between colleagues and team cohesion. .

Wewon Tech always maintains its original intention, exerts the concept of providing service guarantee for every employee, and further enhances the emotion and communication between employees on the basis of inheriting the cultural connotation of the Dragon Boat Festival. Through the activity, everyone also felt the importance of basic skills, and felt that the upcoming “Dragon Boat Festival” can also eat the festive zongzi made by themselves, which is a very happy thing !

Making Rice Dumplings for Employees During Dragon Boat Festival 1

The traditional festival of the Dragon Boat Festival is the representative of traditional Chinese culture, the crystallization of the wisdom of the Chinese nation, and also the intangible and intangible cultural heritage.” Therefore, it is easier to lose a husband in the process of desalination. Now people feel that the festival is becoming more and more boring, because The traditional secret content is getting less and less, and the cultural carrier carrying the tradition is gradually disappearing in front of people’s eyes.

The Dragon Boat Festival is an ancient traditional festival of the Chinese nation. Employees of the company are encouraged to participate in the activities of making rice dumplings on the Dragon Boat Festival, so that all participating colleagues can experience the cultural customs of the Dragon Boat Festival, promote traditional culture, and enhance the emotional exchange between employees. , to build a warm and happy factory-based cultural atmosphere.

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