Martindale Abrasion Tester for Abrasion and Pilling Tests

The Wewon’s Martindale abrasion tester has a beautiful appearance and an easy-to-understand interface. The microcomputer system adopts two counting methods, which are intuitive and easy to set. There has four stations to test at the same time to improve test efficiency. Wewon’s Martindale abrasion tester also has Lissajous 24mm×24mm, 60.5mm×60.5mm motion tracks and a variety of accessories to choose from, which can adapt to a variety of test methods and test standards.

The Martindale abrasion testing apparatus is a widely used tool to assess the abrasion resistance and durability of textile materials. This testing apparatus provides an accurate measure of fabrics, including their strength and wearability, quickly and easily. If you are interested in this equipment, please feel free to get in touch with our technicians. We’d like to share with you some of the fun we had in the production of these Martindale abrasion tester’s. Learn how this essential testing tool works in our comprehensive guide as below links mentioned.

Martindale abrasion tester
Equipment Model WEW-MATS-020S-24 WEW-MATS-095S-60
Number of Stations: 4 Stations 8 Stations
Counting Display: 0~999999 Times 0~999999 Times
Maximum Stroke: 24± 0.5mm 60.5 ±0.5mm
Pressurized Material: 1. Holder Weight: 200±1g 2. Clothing Sample Weight: 395±2g
3. Weight of Furniture Decoration Sample: 594±2g 4. Stainless Steel Butterfly: 260±1g
Additional Instruction The relative speed of the holder and the grinding table: 50-2r/min
Accessories Parts ① Standard Wool Felt: 4 Pieces ② Standard Foam Liner: 4 Pieces
③ Standard Wool Cloth: 4 Pieces ④ Fabric Cutter: Each with a diameter of 38mm
Mass of Loading Hammer: 2385 ±10g 2385 ±10g
Equipment Dimensions L580×W560×H320mm L880×W780×H410mm
Power Supply: AC 220V 50Hz, 1 Phase AC 220V 50Hz, 1 Phase
Gross Weight : 55 KGS 85 KGS
Why Do We Use Martindale Abrasion and Pilling Tester ? The Martindale abrasion and pilling tester is frequently used for testing fabrics and materials in many industries. It can easily evaluate the robustness of items such as car upholstery, outdoor furniture and clothing. By measuring the amount of abrasion present on the fabric’s surface, it’s easy to understand how it will perform in harsh or unfavorable conditions. By analyzing this data, manufacturers and designers can easily identify ideal fabric characteristics that are best suited for their desired product.

The Martindale abrasion tester is utilized for abrasion testing on textiles, including leathers and synthetic materials. Abrasion tests performed with this apparatus are typically used to measure the number of cycles needed to produce a visible change in surface appearance as well as the wear resistance of the material being tested. Sample specimens are cycled against an abrasive surface until a set number of cycles have been completed or a predefined degree of abrasion has been achieved.

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Martindale abrasion testing apparatus is an effective and reliable testing tool used to measure the abrasion resistance and durability of fabrics. This apparatus enables users to quickly assess fabric performance in terms of strength, wearability, resilience, and smoothness. It consists of a base made from aluminum or plastic with removable parts which can be fixed together or dissembled and then refixed according to the needs of the test being done.

The Martindale abrasion tester utilizes two main components to measure the fabric performance. The first component is the test head, which holds a rotating brush and abraders made from felt and leather that produces the mechanical abrading process. The second component is a cylindrical holder which contains an adjustable timer. This timer sets the duration of each individual abrading cycle that’s done by the rotating brush and can be set from 1-99 seconds. As these components work together, they produce consistent results with minimum discrepancies when done in an accurately controlled environment.
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