Miniature Spectrometer for UVA 340 and UVB 313 Lamps Irradiance Calibration

Buy a miniature spectrometer for UVA 340 and UVB 313 lamps’ calibration by yourself is a good idea. However, the real situation is that there has 80% possibility that you will buy an irresponsible miniature fiber optic spectrometer from the different miniature spectrometers suppliers. There are various different brands of miniature spectrometer system manufacturers and suppliers on the market, However, None of them can be measured accurately. In the past 7 years, Wewon Tech also has many failures and painful experiences on miniature spectrometer system measurement steps and irradiance calibration.

Fortunately, the miniature spectrometer currently used by Wewon has very good measurement accuracy. The Wewon’s miniature fiber optic spectrometer can be used with your computer, It is very worthy of your own. Wewon’s miniature spectrometer for irradiance calibration has the sensor, The detection range of a single spectrometer can be extended to an ultra-wide band of 190nm ~ 1070nm, while meeting ultraviolet to near-infrared measurement. If you have special requirements, you can customize the band range of the spectrometer to 185nm ~ 1150nm

Miniature Spectrometer for UVA 340 and UVB 313 Lamps Irradiance Calibration Process
Item DescriptionValue and DescriptionUnit
Dimensions115 mm (L) x 80 mm (w)x 40 mm(H)mm
Equipment Weight500 gg
Optical Fiber InterfaceSMA905
Miniature Spectrometer Slit30um (Default)5/10/20/25/30/50/100/150/200um (Optional)um
Raster Item600@250nmNumber of wire pairs/mm
Detector (CCD)CMOS Linear Sensor (UV Enhanced)
Total of Pixels2048Pixel
A/D Resolution16 bit
USB InterfaceUSB2.0 / USB1.1
Communication InterfaceUSB/ RS232 / LAN (Optional)
Software NoteSpectra + SpectraPro
Software Development KitWindows / Embedded System / Linux / Android
Wewon’s accelerated UV test chambers come with a black panel temperature sensor to monitor and accurately maintain temperature within the tester. For WE-UV600-C models, a chamber air temperature sensor can be substituted or used simultaneously. The black panel temperature sensor in the tester needs to be calibrated periodically.

For the Wewon’s UV test chambers, this is accomplished simply by using any reference thermometer. The reference thermometer itself needs to be calibrated once per year. WE-UV600-C and WE-UV800-C model from Wewon Tech are equipped with the SOLAR EYE irradiance control system. The SOLAR EYE system monitors and accurately maintains irradiance levels within the tester.

Xenon Lamp Spectrum by Wewon's Miniature Spectrometer

The sensor within the SOLAR EYE system must be calibrated by the user periodically. This is accomplished with a special calibration radiometer. This radiometer itself needs to be calibrated once per year. The Wewon’s calibration radiometer system consists of a handheld display unit that can be used “plug and play” with all irradiance and temperature sensors.

The Wewon’s miniature spectrometer (optical fiber spectrometer) has the advantages of system modularization and flexibility in construction. Therefore, in actual production research, only one set of spectrometer is needed, and different test accessories can be used for real-time detection of various samples.

Pulsed Xenon Lamp Spectrum

Meanwhile, the miniature spectrometers from Wewon Tech has a compact internal structure, no moving parts, wide wavelength coverage (185~1100nm), fast measurement speed (1ms~15min), and low price. It is used in the fields of industrial online monitoring and portable detection system integrated development. Provides a broad application development space.

The USB-powered miniature optical fiber spectrometer can be powered directly from the USB-2 port of the PC, and it can be charged as it is used. The high-speed electronic interface can be directly connected to the USB port of the computer for high-speed data transmission. Onboard memory with preset calibration and spectrometer settings, and snapshot memory, can provide instantaneous spectral images from the 2048 high-sensitivity CCD.

UV340 Calibration Radiometer︱Radiometer Calibration Services
At present, the miniature spectrometer system provided on the market basically uses the general-purpose AD chip as the CCD signal acquisition chip. Wewon Tech has accumulated rich experience in the continuous research and development of the spectrum analysis field, and finally adopted the world’s leading CCD signal acquisition chip to achieve and maintain a stable baseline , The purpose of reducing noise. At the same time, the matching design of high-performance CCD and holographic diffraction grating is optimized, and specific aberrations are eliminated and the image surface is compensated in time by solving the nonlinear equations about different aberration terms.
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Equipment Photoelectric Characteristics (Recommended Temperature +25℃)
Miniature Spectrometer DescriptionMinTypical ValueMax ValueUnit
Power Consumption150mA@5V170mA@5VmA
Wavelength Range185nm ~ 1100nmnm
Wavelength Accuracy±0.20±0.60 nm±1.00nm
Wavelength Repeatability±0.30±0.35 nm±0.40nm
Wavelength Resolution0.300.350.40 nm
Optical Resolution (FWHM)1.00 1.30nm2.00 nm
Wavelength Thermal Stability0.05nm/℃
Stray Light0.050.20%0.40 %
Corrected Linearity99.0 99.80%
Numerical Aperture0.22
Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR)1200:1
Integration Time0.1ms to 30000msms
The optical system of the traditional spectrometer is complicated in structure, and the entire spectrum needs to be scanned through a rotating grating, the measurement speed is slow, and certain samples need to undergo specific pretreatment, and they must be placed in the fixed sample chamber of the instrument for measurement. Compared with this, the miniature optical fiber spectrometer has many advantages, such as: fast speed, low price, small size, light weight and full spectrum acquisition, and can be measured out of the sample chamber through optical fiber conduction, which is suitable for online real-time detection.
The development of optical fiber technology has freed the object to be tested from the limitation of the fixed sample cell, and the sampling method has become more flexible, which is suitable for remote sample quality monitoring. Optical Fiber Conduction Technology
Due to the transmission effect of optical fiber on the optical signal, the Wewon’s miniature spectrometers can be far away from the interference of the external environment, ensuring the long-term reliable operation of the spectrometer. Optical Fiber Conduction Technology
The light beam split by the grating is collected on the detector simultaneously and instantaneously without moving the grating, so the sample spectrum is collected quickly (measurement time is 3.8ms~10min), and it is output in real time by the computer. CCD Array Detector Technology
Holographic grating has smaller stray light, while mechanically scribed grating has higher reflectivity and sensitivity. Grating Technology
The development of electronic computing technology has greatly improved the intelligent control and processing capabilities of the mini spectrometer software. Personal Computer Technology
Spectral Range for Wewon's Miniature Spectrometer

Therefore, the miniature fiber optic spectrometer has become an important research direction in the development of spectroscopic instruments. In recent years, due to the development and maturity of optical fiber technology, grating technology and array detector technology, the spectral detection system has formed a structure in which the light source, sampling unit, and spectrograph unit are separated. The entire system structure is more modular and more usable. Convenient and flexible, making the miniature optical fiber spectrometer the first choice for on-site inspection and real-time monitoring.
Power Supply and Temperature Rated Parameters — Miniature Spectrometer
Miniature Spectrometer DescriptionMinimumTypical ValueMax ValueUnit
Power Supply (USB Bus Power)4.5V5V+6.0VV
External Power Supply4.5V5V+6.0VV
Ambient Temperature-10℃+25℃+60℃
Storage Temperature-20℃+25℃+70℃
Miniature spectrometers are the basic equipment for analyzing and measuring the composition and structure of substances by applying optical technology, electronic technology and computer technology. They are widely used in environmental monitoring, industrial control, chemical analysis, food quality testing, material analysis, clinical inspection, aviation Space remote sensing and science education and other fields. Because traditional spectrometers have disadvantages such as complex structure, limited use environment, inability to carry and expensive, etc., they cannot meet the needs of on-site detection and real-time monitoring.
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