Muddy Water Test Equipment for Automobile Motors, Car Headlights

The muddy water test equipment mainly used to simulate and monitor work performance of the automobile motors, car headlights frequently or intermittent work with muddy water conditions. Muddy water test chamber from Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. include the testing room, muddy water recycle system, muddy water churn-dasher, air flow system, control system and refrigeration system. The compressor for refrigeration system we choose France Tecumseh hermetically sealed compressor with 10 years good quality guarantee !

We have the mud water testing machine quality check equipment, mechanical shaking table and environmental testing instrumentality and do the testing service for the components/ spare components that returning into Wewon workshop. During the production process for muddy water test equipment, for each process will do self-test, mutual inspection and get approve by the quality check department and going to the next process. If you have a muddy water test for various types of cars, Please inquiry to us !

Equipment ModelWEW-MWT-800C
Product Volume800 Liters
Test Room Dimension800×1000×1000 mm W×H×D
Appearance Dimension1500×1780×1220 mm W×H×D
Working Noise≤75db is measured 1 meter away from the machine in front of the machine and 1.2 meters away from the ground
Power Dissipation6 KW
Maximum Current40A, AC 380V, 50Hz
Gross Weight500 KGS
muddy water test equipment

Automobiles are an essential part of our daily lives, providing us with a reliable and efficient means of transportation. However, the performance and safety of cars and other vehicles can be significantly impacted by muddy water, which can cause damage to key components such as motor and headlights. To address this issue, manufacturers have developed specialized test equipment to evaluate these components and ensure that they are functioning at optimal levels.

Muddy water test equipment for automobile motors typically consists of a water-resistance tester and a water jet device. The water resistance tester is designed to measure the resistance of the motor to water, which can help to identify any potential weaknesses or areas that may require maintenance or repairs. The water jet device is used to simulate the effects of muddy water on the motor, which can help to identify any performance issues that may arise in adverse conditions.

Muddy water test equipment plays a crucial role in maintaining the safety and reliability of automobiles on the road. With the right test equipment, manufacturers can evaluate key components such as motors and headlights and ensure that they are functioning at optimal levels in adverse conditions. This can ultimately help to prevent accidents and keep drivers and passengers safe.
The ambient temperature is +25 ℃, the relative humidity is ≤ 85% R. H, and the value measured under the condition of no sample in the muddy water test chamber.Ambient TempConditions of Use
1-1.4 L/minute/nozzleSpray Amount
3 PCS Nozzles include, Spacing 300mmNozzle Quantity
The nozzle transversely sprays the sampleSpray Way
Between 0℃~ 4 ℃, (refrigeration compressor + mixing pump)Spray Cooling Tank Temperature Range
325 ±25 mm|Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. CopyrightsDistance of Nozzle from Sample
12 PCS (sample size not larger than 80 mm)Sample Quantity Allowed
The case of the test chamber is of overall structure, and the mud saline water tank and the high-pressure pumping system are located on the bottom of the chamber.Equipment Structure
The control system is on the right of the test chamber.
The muddy water test chamber is of single door, which is sealed by organic glass and double-layer anti-ageing silicone rubber.
The muddy water test chamber has inspection window and windscreen wiper.
An illuminating lamp that can be controlled by the switch is installed on the equipment.
The inner case is lined up on the left side and sprayed directly on the sample.Nozzle Arrangement
Use 3% Arizona powder for muddy waterMud Preparation
Use channel steel welding test department at the bottom of the mesh structure, on the surface of steel plate for motor installation,Test Sample Fixation
Laid muddy water shower test equipment opening strengthening treatment for installation of the sample on the right side of the fixed frame, test indoor connection to support the bottom of the channel steel welded with base|Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. Copyrights
Laid above 1.2 mm thick steel plate to strengthen for installation of the generator, the plates welded to the outside of the test in the gallbladder wall.
spray nozzles and muddy water test method
Material of inner test room: SUS316# stainless steel 1.2 mm thick.Enclosure StructureConditions of Use
Material of exterior structure: The housing is made of cold-rolled steel plate with plastic spraying|SUS304# stainless steel 1.0 mm thick.Enclosure Structure
The control box and test box are integrated.Enclosure Structure
Recovery of spray water at the bottom of the test room.Enclosure Structure
The spray pendulum pipe is located in the middle of the test chamber and is fixed in a unilateral way.Enclosure Structure
400*600*300mm space is reserved in the control test room for customers to install electrical accessoriesEnclosure Structure
Located on the door, 600X600 mm in sizeObservation Window
Interior lightLighting System
Control man-machine interface, power switch, lighting switch, reserve 7″ man-machine interface|Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. CopyrightsControl Panel
Main power circuit breaker, man-machine interface controller, switchboard, cooling fan, over-temperature protector, water pump.Distribution Control Cabinet
The bottom is recycled to save waterThe Return Water System
SUS316# stainless steel is adopted to make the mud water supply tank, which is combined with the mud water anti-crystallization mixing device, the mud water supply pump and the pressure regulating device of the water supply pipe to ensure the constant pressure and constant current supply of sprinklerMud Water Supply System
Manual water replenishment method is adopted, and the prepared mud water can be directly imported into the mud water tankMud Added
In order to prevent the blockage caused by soil crystallization in the pipeline, the clean water supply will be automatically started after the test, and the soil in the pipeline will be cleanedPipeline Cleaning System
Directly connected to the water pipe, the required water supply pressure ≧ 2kgf / cm2Water supply
LCD touch screen controller Teelong︱Spray cycle, pump action, cleaning action, etcController SystemElectrical Control System
Using France Tecumseh compressorRefrigeration System
It can be used as monitoring and remote control system to record test dataCommunication
Program mode/fixed value modeOperation Mode
Chinese/English interface, touch inputSet Way
The signal connector of running stop switch is set outside the test room. After the power is turned on, the controller can be instructed to perform or stop action by simply connecting this connector.Operational Control
Stainless steel mud spraying swing stem|Special high-pressure water pump.Water PumpEquipment Materials
Silicon rubber sealing strip, imported water-proof sealing rotary joint.Silicon Rubber Sealing
Variable frequency speed controller and adjustable speed motor.Variable Speed
Sample holder and the rotational structure of the sample holder, glass observation window.Sample Holder
Anti-muddy water sedimentation control system.Anti-muddy Water
spray nozzles dimensions for muddy water test equipment
adobe-pdf-logoISO 7637 -2 Road vehicles – Electrical disturbances from conductioin and coupling︱Part 2: Electrical transient conduction alogn supply lines only
adobe-pdf-logoQC/T 729 2005 Specification for alternator for automotive use︱Muddy-Water Shower Test Chamber
adobe-pdf-logoQC/T 413 2002 Basic technical conditions for automotive electrical equipment
adobe-pdf-logoQC/T 731 2005 Automotive starting motor specification︱Muddy-Water Spray Test Chamber
adobe-pdf-logoQC/T 424 1999 Test method for electrical characteristics of alternators used in automobiles
Safety Device for Muddy Water Test Equipment|Overload, short circuit protectionThe Spray PumpSafety Device
Leakage protection, overload and short circuit protectionThe Power Supply
Overload, short circuit protection|Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. CopyrightsMixing Motor
Equipment environment temperature should be kept within 0 ℃ ~ + 35 ℃Environment Requirements
The left and right side wall plates of the muddy water test chamber shall not be less than 800 mm away from the wall, and the front wall shall not be less than 1000 mm away from the wall. When the equipment is transported, please enter the entrance or the passage, the elevator, etc., to see if they can be entered, so as not to affect the progress of your company’s project.Installation Site Requirements
The muddy-water shower test chamber is used to simulate devices that frequently or occasionally work under muddy environment such as automobile motor, to evaluate the work performance of the equipment. |Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. Application Use
Before the muddy water test chamber leave Wewon workshop, Muddy water chamber will be checked by the intelligent temperature and humidity logging device (D64-2 type) and with a special high-precision test platinum resistance with a strictly quality inspection as well. In order to further improve the company’s product and company management level, to provide users with high brand, high quality, high efficiency, world-class high-service environmental testing equipment, Wewon strictly in accordance with IS09001: 2015 version of the standard quality assurance system operation.

The use of muddy water test equipment is essential for ensuring the safety and reliability of automobiles on the road. By testing key components such as motors and headlights in simulated muddy conditions, manufacturers can identify potential issues and make necessary adjustments to improve the overall performance and safety of their vehicles.
AC 380V Three-phase R, N + Protective grounding|The allowable voltage fluctuation range is 10%V.Power Supply
The allowable frequency fluctuation range for muddy water test chamber is 50±0.5Hz, TN-S mode power supply or TT mode power supply protection grounding resistance is less than 4Ω
The user is required to configure the air or power switch of the corresponding capacity for the muddy water test chamber at the installation site, and the switch must be independently controlled. When the equipment is used to place the power sample in the box, the sample power supply should use the external power supply, and the power supply of the machine should not be used directly.
This test is applicable to test the performance index and quality management of the product under the conditions of heavy rain, wind-blown rain, sprinkler system, wheel splash, flush or violent sea wave, which may be subjected to different ambient temperatures during the transportation, storage or use of the product.Main Functions
Flammable, explosive and volatile materials are prohibited to be tested in this muddy-water shower test chamber. Test for the storage of corrosive substances, biological samples, and strong electromagnetic emission source samples
Spare Parts NameOriginal, Brand
Controller SystemJapan WeinView
Intermediate RelayJapan OMRON
Refrigeration SystemFrance Tecumseh
Outermost ShellSUS 304, Thickness 1.2mm
Spray DropletsTeelong, China
Circuit BreakerCHINT GROUP
Exhaust FanTaiwan SUNON
Cooling DeviceTaiwan Zhihe
Circulating Water PumpLing Xiao Pump Industry
Mixing MotorTaiwan Yu Tian
Thermal Overload RelayCHINT GROUP
BuzzerTaiwan Tiande
Self – locking Switch with LampTaiwan Pnik
Explosion-proof LampDomestic High Quality
Insurance TubeDomestic High Quality
Power CableCheng Tianta
There has another muddy water test solution which based on highly temperature test. Hot wind temperature range: RT +10℃ ~ +200℃, The main system include test room, muddy water recycle system, muddy water stir unit, Hot air dryer, rotation table and control system with 7″ programmable touch screen. Similarly, Car headlights can also be tested using specialized equipment. The muddy water test equipment for car headlights typically includes a set of light sensors and a water jet device. The light sensors are used to measure the performance of the headlights in muddy or adverse conditions, while the water jet device is used to simulate the effects of muddy water on the headlights.

muddy water test equipment
Product ModelWEW-MHT-1000C
Product Volume 1000 Liters
Testing Room Dimension   1000×1000×1000 mm W×H×D
Appearance Dimension    1650×1780×1220 mm W×H×D
Operation ModeMuddy Water Spray ー Recycle Mode
Hot Air Temperature  RT+10℃~+200℃ MAX
Rotation Times   3~5rpm
Muddy Water Spray10L~ 40L/min
Water Tank 60 Liters
Mud Water ConcentrationArizona A2 powder 5%
The nozzle of the device has self-cleaning function to prevent blocking.
Environment Temperature: +20℃~+25℃|Humidity Range: ≤85%RH
Barometric Pressure: 80kPa ~ 106kPa
Flat ground, no strong vibration around, no direct sunlight or other direct heat radiation.
No strong airflow, no strong electromagnetic field, no flammable, explosive, corrosive substances and dust.
Should be less than 60 cm above the walls, and there should be appropriate space for use and maintenance.
Environment Conditions
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