Nylon Moisture Absorption Machine

Nylon moisture absorption machine is suitable for nylon products, plastic products, automobile finished or semi-finished products, electronic and electrical devices, plastics, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry and other products to do constant temperature and humidity, low temperature and low humidity, high temperature and high humidity, high and low temperature changes, constant humidity and heat changes, high Under the environment of low temperature alternating humidity and heat change, storage and transportation, adaptability test during use.

According to environmental simulation tests on the physical and molecular structure characteristics of products, Through testing to determine whether the performance of the product meets the requirements. Nylon moisture absorption machine is widely used in medical, aviation, electrical equipment, mechanical equipment, shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, household appliances, digital products, textile equipment, daily necessities, construction equipment, toys and other fields

Nylon Moisture Absorption Machine
Test Room 11500×1400×1700mm W×D×H 3.6 m3
Test Room 22000×1700×2000 mm W×D×H 6.8 m3
Test Room 31800×2200×2000 mm W×D×H 8 m3
Test Room 42500×2000×2000 mm W×D×H 10 m3
Test Room 53000×2500×2000 mm W×D×H 15 m3
Test Room 63100×3100×2100 mm W×D×H 20 m3
Temperature Range60℃~+85℃ (Set Value Control)|Temperature Fluctuation:±1℃
Humidity Range75~98%R.H (Can Be Set To Constant Humidity)
Humidity Deviation±3%R.H (Humidity≥75%R.H)
Power Supply380V, 50Hz Three-Phase Five-Wire System
Nylon is a material that is easy to absorb moisture. The toughness of fully hygroscopic nylon is about 8 times higher than that of dry nylon. Nylon can also increase its toughness to 1.5 to 2 times when it fully absorbs in the normal air environment, but it takes a long time to absorb moisture in the natural environment. In terms of nylon molecular structure, nylon molecules are water-absorbing molecules. Once saturated with water, the toughness of the material can be enhanced. The PA6 PA66 PA66/6 series has a higher water absorption rate.

The greater the proportion of amide groups, the greater the water absorption rate, and the product must be subjected to moisture absorption treatment after molding, so as to improve the reinforcement and toughness of the plastic parts of the product, and improve the mechanical properties. Wewon’s nylon products moisture absorption equipment is an environmentally friendly, energy-saving and high-efficiency equipment, which can accelerate the improvement of the moisture absorption efficiency of products in a short time.
The structure of the nylon moisture absorption machine’s body adopts a combined library board structure, which can be easily assembled and moved at the buyer’s site.Equipment Structure
The outer shell of the Wewon’s nylon moisture absorption machine is made of salt flower board, the surface is electrostatically painted, and the color is light gray white. The inner cavity is SUS1.0mm304 stainless steel wire drawing board, and the intermediate insulation is 100mm environmental protection high temperature resistant flame retardant foam.
The floor of the workshop is SUS3.0mm 304 non-slip patterned stainless steel plate, and the anti-slip slope ensures that the car can easily enter and leave the workshop.
According to the size of the laboratory, it can adopt a single door or double door structure, equipped with a handle; Install moisture-proof lighting on the top of the workshop (high temperature resistance, explosion-proof, moisture-proof)
The overall structure of the laboratory should be reasonably designed, beautiful inside and outside, and free of defects such as bumps and scratches.
Air control method: forced circulation ventilation, balanced temperature and humidity regulation (BTHC), the control system controls the output of the heater according to the set temperature point through the PID automatic calculation output result, and finally achieves a dynamic balance.
Air circulation device: built-in circulating air duct and centrifugal fan, for effective heat exchange, to achieve the purpose of temperature and humidity changes.
Electric steam humidifier;Air heating method: high-quality nickel-chromium alloy electric heater, non-contact control method;Adopt upper and lower inlet circulation air duct (304 stainless steel)
Wewon’s nylon products moisture absorption equipment has changed the traditional boiling method and the pollution to the environment, Modification of nylon, strengthening and toughening without watermark, reducing enterprise cost, fast and stable moisture absorption. The main component of nylon material is polyamide, and the amide group (NHCO) is that nylon has both water absorption and dehydration double-sided properties. Nylon material without water absorption has strong brittleness. It is easy to break during the assembly process and cause unnecessary losses, but after saturated water absorption, the toughness of the material can be increased, and the dimensional stability can be improved at the same time.

Nylon products are generally placed in the natural environment (temperature 23°C, humidity 50%RH), and it takes 1 to 3 months for natural moisture absorption, but the use of Wewon’s nylon products with constant temperature and humidity water treatment can compress the moisture absorption time to within a few hours , so that nylon materials (PA6/PA66 and modified materials) can quickly reach a saturated moisture absorption state, and the materials treated by Wewon’s nylon products with constant temperature and humidity water treatment can be used directly without drying, wiping and blowing.

Wewon’s nylon products moisture absorption equipment
Equipment Parts NameModel SpecificationsREMARK
Library And Studio MaterialsAnti-Corrosion Salt PatternWewon Tech
Bottom FrameChannel 8Bao Steel
Touch ScreenU 660Excellent
Heating Pipe220V304 Stainless SteelSub Peak
Humidification Tube220V316L Stainless SteelSub Peak
Temperature And Humidity SensorPT100WELL
Thermal Control0-320 degrees 3PINGermany
Air Circulation System304 Stainless SteelWewon Tech
Cyclic Long Axis Motor750W Stainless SteelYizheng
Circulating Centrifugal Fan304 Stainless SteelYizheng
Air Circuit BreakerC65N-C6-40ASchneider
AC ContactorLC1 seriesSchneider
Solid State RelayTSR seriesKang Yu
Intermediate RelayRXM seriesSchneider
Time RelayREXLSchneider
Three-Color AlarmTB50-3W-D-JTaiwan
Switching Power SupplyAC/DC24VMean Well
Electric WireBRR450-1.5/4Wuxi Pearl
Water Level SwitchSW-12-NOWestern
Since the characteristics of nylon injection molding products are water absorption, it is necessary to carry out humidity conditioning treatment for nylon products. Especially for the auto parts industry that uses a lot of nylon raw materials, the humidity control equipment directly affects the production. The nylon moisture absorption test equipment designed and produced by Wewon Tech provides professional services to users. If you are looking for equipment for dehumidification of nylon materials, Please contact our technical staff. Thank you.
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