Oil-Free Air Compressor Noiseless 65 Liters 8 Bar 140L/min 1700W

At the heart of an oil-free air compressor is a superior secondary compressor. The rotor is finished in twenty steps, resulting in unparalleled accuracy and durability of the rotor profile. High-quality bearings and precision gears are installed inside to ensure the coaxiality of the rotor, so that the rotor can be matched accurately, so as to maintain long-term efficient and reliable operation. Oversized anti-wear bearings can easily carry all loads to keep the main engine running properly. In the critical sealing link, the air-leakage seal is made of stainless steel, while the oil-leakage seal adopts a durable labyrinth design. This set of seals can not only prevent impurities in the lubricating oil from entering the rotor, but also prevent air leakage and ensure the continuous production of clean and oil-free compressed air.

The oil-free air compressor is a miniature reciprocating piston compressor. The motor is driven by a single shaft and has a symmetrical distribution of crank-rocker mechanical structure. The main motion pair is a piston ring, and the auxiliary motion pair is an aluminum alloy cylindrical surface. Self-lubricating without adding any lubricant.The volume of the cylindrical cylinder changes periodically through the reciprocating motion of the crank and rocker, and the volume of the cylinder changes twice in opposite directions for one cycle of motor operation. When the positive direction is the expansion direction of the cylinder volume, the cylinder volume is a vacuum, the atmospheric pressure is greater than the air pressure in the cylinder, and the air enters the cylinder through the air valve, which is the suction process.

Oil-Free Air Compressor Motors
Product Model : WEW-OFAC-65LWorking Pressure: 8 Bar, 0.8Mpa
Equipment Purpose : Pressure Air SupplyMotor Power: 1700W, 850W*2 Pieces
Voltage︱Frequency: AC 220V, 50, 60HzPower Current: 7.0 A, AC Power
Gas Tank Container: 65 LitersEquipment Name: Oil-Free Air Compressor
Theoretical Flow: 140 Liters/minEquipment Weight: 42 KGS
When the opposite direction is the direction of volume reduction, the gas entering the cylinder is compressed, and the pressure in the volume increases rapidly. When the pressure is greater than the atmospheric pressure, the exhaust valve is opened, which is the exhaust process. The structure of the single-shaft double-cylinder makes the gas flow rate of the compressor twice that of the single-cylinder when the rated speed is constant, and the vibration and noise generated by the single-cylinder compressor are well resolved, and the overall structure is more compact.

Working Principle of Oil-Free Air Compressor : The air enters the compressor from the intake pipe, and the rotation of the motor makes the piston move back and forth, compressing the air, so that the pressurized gas opens the one-way valve through the high-pressure hose from the air outlet and enters the air storage tank. The pressure gauge pointer display will rise to 8 bar. Greater than 8 bar, the pressure switch is automatically turned off, the motor stops working.

Meanwhile, The solenoid valve reduces the air pressure in the compressor head to 0 through the pressure relief pipe. Then the air switch pressure and the gas pressure in the gas storage tank are still 8KG, and the gas is exhausted through the filter pressure regulating valve and the exhaust switch. When the air pressure in the air storage tank drops to 5kg, the pressure switch is automatically turned on, and the compressor starts to work again.

Oil-Free Air Compressor

The machinery industry is still the most important market for Oil-free air compressor, accounting for 40% of the total sales. The demand in chemical, electric power and other industries is also growing rapidly. In the power field, the sales volume of piston compressors is larger than that of other products. However, with the improvement of people’s requirements for the use environment, energy consumption, environmental protection, etc., energy-saving air compressors such as screw and scroll will have a large market space in the future.

The data shows that the market scale of China’s noiseless Oil free air compressor industry is growing at a growth rate of more than 8%, and the growth rate in 2010-2011 even exceeded 28%, and the market scale is expanding rapidly. However, in such a huge market, for a long time in the past, foreign-funded enterprises controlled most of the market. In 2009, there were nearly 400 manufacturers in China’s air compressor industry, of which nearly 90% were domestic-funded enterprises, and the total sales revenue was about 6 billion yuan, accounting for 40% of the entire industry; the number of foreign-funded enterprises was close to 10%, achieving sales revenue. The total amount is about 9 billion yuan, accounting for 60% of the entire industry.

Oil-Free Air Compressor

Since 2013, China’s economic situation has remained complex. The downstream application fields of protable oil free air compressors, which are closely related to the macro economy and fixed asset investment, have remained sluggish. The market demand has not yet recovered from the weak situation. Relevant persons believe that there is still downward pressure on China’s macroeconomic economy in 2014, and the possibility of rapid economic recovery is small. As an investment product, the overall industry of air compressor products may continue to be sluggish.

With the continuous progress of society and the development of science, energy saving has become a topic of concern to people more and more. In recent years, the country has continuously increased the promotion of energy-saving products. As a product used in many fields, the introduction of industrial oil-free air compressor is of great significance to China’s energy-saving cause.

Under the energy-saving development trend of “low carbon and environmental protection”, the rapid development of domestic mining, metallurgy, electric power, electronics, machinery manufacturing, medicine, food, textile light industry, and petrochemical industries will also accelerate the elimination of outdated processes and high energy consumption equipment, to promote the upgrade of oil free air compressor from low value-added to high value-added, thus bringing further development opportunities to the screw compressor industry.

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