200 ~ 300 ppm Ozone Aging Test Chamber for Wire and Cable Test

Ozone aging test chamber can be utilized for elastic items, for example, vulcanized elastic, thermoplastic elastic, link protection sheath and different items. The ozone test chamber’s test room will be configured with a dynamic pull fixture. The wire or rubber product is placed on the dynamic fixture during the dynamic lift and the fixture rotation period. Through the ozone generator to occur 200 to 300 ppm of high concentration of ozone environment, Testing 24 hours or longer time, then to observe the aging of the samples tested.

According to this high concentration of ozone test environment, The performance of new products can be well optimized, Help the new developed products go to market with a strong and reliable guarantee. Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. can supply the dynamic ozone test chamber or static design ozone resistance test chamber which according to the specific test requirements of user. You are welcome to get in touch with our technicians now, We will be more than happy to assist you.

ozone aging test chamber with the dynamic clamp
Model DescriptionWEW-OAT-100LWEW-OAT-150L
Volume Size100 Liters150 Liters
Test Room mmW500 X H400 X D500W500 X H600 X D500
External Dimension900 X 1580 X 1150 mmW900 X H1750 X D1150
Temperature RangeRT+20℃ ~ +65℃RT+20℃ ~ +65℃
Ozone Concentration200 ~ 300ppm200 ~ 300ppm
Setting Accuracy ±0.1℃±0.1℃
Temp Uniformity±2℃±2℃
Controller System7 ” Touch Screen7 ” Touch Screen
Temp Fluctuation±0.5℃±0.5℃
Temp Resolution0.1℃0.1℃
Ozone Accuracy±0.1 ppm±0.1 ppm
Refrigerating SystemFrance TecumsehFrance Tecumseh
Thermal Recovery ≤5min≤5min
What is the ozone aging test chamber use purpose ? Measure of ozone in the air is little is the primary factor of elastic splitting, ozone aging test chamber relationship and reinforce the ozone in the climate conditions, contemplated the impact of ozone on the elastic, elastic protection from ozone maturing quick recognizable proof and assessment of execution and the antiozonant protecting effectiveness of the technique, and afterward take compelling measures, the counter maturing businesses so as to improve the administration life of elastic items, wire and link industry vehicle tire industry and so on.

Ozone test chamber from Wewon can be 24 hours online consistent discovery, information can be checked whenever. Gear have the creation patent authentication. The ozone chamber adopts the classic chemical titration method to ensure the minimum ozone concentration and error value, which can be compared with the meter value and has a strong persuasion. ISO 19642-2 ASTM D1149 BS EN 681-1

Static ozone aging test chamber as a crucial evaluation of a cable’s ability to withstand ozone degradation, particularly in rubber or elastomer components. In compliance with the test protocol outlined in IEC 60811-403 , Our ozone resistance test chamber features a specialized test room designed to generate precisely controlled levels of ozone. The WEW-OAT-150L ozone chamber is equipped with advanced systems to circulate ozonized air under carefully regulated conditions of humidity and temperature.

Additionally, we employ sophisticated methods to accurately measure and determine the concentration of ozone present during testing. By utilizing our cutting-edge ozone testing capabilities, we ensure that your cables meet the rigorous standards for ozone resistance, paving the way for enhanced product durability and longevity|Page Source: Cable Ozone Resistance Testing
ozone aging test chamber's structure design
Ozone Remove to the Water Bucket from Ozone Resistance Test Chamber
250 pphm Ozone Concentration, Ambient Temperature Test for Rubber Samples
2500 pphm Ozone Concentration, Temperature +65℃, Humidity 55%RH
1500 pphm Ozone Concentration, Temperature Test +55℃, Humidity Test: 85%RH
Programming for Rubber Samples’ Test for UL 867 Ozone Chamber Test
When you have completed the test, how do you remove the residual ozone gas in the ozone aging test chamber ? When you have completed the test work, There highlights a couple of ozone left inside the testing room . At the point when you open the entryway, The impactful smell is difficult to smell. We utilize a water pail at the back side, Once you have completed the ozone fixation test, Choose the “Ozone”, “Exha” alternatives, The ozone will come to water container consequently. At that point you won’t smell the awful smell again.

Ozone resistance test chamber from Wewon Tech is a savvy structure for the specialist who worked in a water/air proof encased research center room. Right ? The elastic examples testing inside the bureau with 10 pphm, +50℃ and 50%RH test conditions. The ozone test chamber’s ozone fixation from 0.2 ppm directly down to 0.1 ppm, It takes 55 seconds, change in a matter of moments and stable. Ozone Concentration from 270 pphm legitimately down to 250 pphm, Change in a matter of seconds and testing regard is consistent.
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