Plant Growth Chamber Technical Parameters | Environmental Growth Chamber

The plant growth chamber is composed of the box body, temperature control system, heating and cooling system, humidity system, lighting system, circulation duct and other parts. The cabinet of plant growth chamber is made of mirror stainless steel with circular arc structure, easy to clean. The artificial climate box can control not only temperature, but also light and humidity. Users can choose suitable products to use according to their actual needs.

The outer shell of the environmental growth chamber is sprayed with stainless steel, and the height of the screen plate in the studio can be adjusted arbitrarily. The test room adopts polyurethane foam board with good insulation performance, which greatly improves the insulation performance of the test room. The temperature control system mainly consists of temperature controller and temperature sensor.

Temperature controller with overtemperature protection, power off protection, simple programming, timing and other functions. The heating and cooling system of plant growth chamber consists of heating tube, evaporator, condenser and compressor. The circulating air duct is designed reasonably to ensure the temperature uniformity in the test room. The lighting system adopts three sides to emit light, which ensures the uniformity of illumination in the box body, and the illumination level is adjustable, which greatly facilitates the use of users.

Plant Growth Chamber
Equipment ModelWEW-TH-350GPWEW-TH-800GPWEW-TH-250GP
Testing Volume300 Litres800 Litres250 Litres
450 Litres1000 Litres1500 Litres
Temperature ControlLight ON:+10℃ ~ +50℃|Light OFF: +4℃ ~ +50℃
Temperature Resolution0.1℃
Temperature Fluctuation±1℃
Control Range of Wet50~90%RH
Humidity Deviation±5~7%RH
Light Intensity0~20000LX0~30000LX0 ~12000LX
Light WayThree sides of the illuminationDiaphragm lighting (two layers)Diaphragm lighting (two layers)
Programmable FunctionTemperature, humidity and luminance can be set separately, and 30 stages can be set within a time range of 1 ~ 99 hours
Input Power 2200W4100W860W
Power SupplyAC220V 50HZAC380V 50HZAC380V 50HZ
Ambient TemperatureRT+5~30℃
Continuous Running TimeIt can operate continuously for a long time (two sets of imported original fully enclosed compressors automatically switch in turn)
Test Room(mm)W×D×H 520×550×1140965×580×1430580 × 510 × 835
Overall Dimensions(mm)W×D×H830×850×18501475×890×1780725 × 740 × 1550
Loading Bracket (Standard)Plant Growth Chamber Equip with 3 Pieces
The program controls the temperature, humidity, illumination, time and rate of temperature rise, and can be controlled by multiple steps of program, which simplifies the complex test process and truly realizes the automatic control and operation.
When the plant growth chamber door is opened, the breeze circulation and heating will stop automatically, without the risk of temperature overstrike.
The speed of the Plant LED incubator circulating fan is automatically controlled to avoid the sample volatilization caused by too fast wind speed.
Plant growth incubator equip with temperature deviation alarm, compressor overheat, overload, overpressure protection and water shortage protection. Independent temp limit alarm system, can sound and light alarm prompt the operator.
Programmable Control
The two sets of imported compressors automatically switch between each other to ensure that the plant cultivation can run for a long time without failure and break through the defect that the existing light incubator cannot run for a long time.
Set stability and light test in one, shorten the test time, small floor area. Self-diagnostic function. When the illumination incubator fails, the liquid crystal display displays the failure information, the operation failure is clear at a glance.
No need of defrosting during continuous operation, avoid the fluctuation of temperature and humidity in the cabinet due to defrosting.
Plant growth chamber with independent temperature limit alarm system, and sound and light alarm prompt the operator to ensure safe operation without accidents.
Plant growth cabinet set stability test and light test in one, shorten the test time, small floor area, avoid changing equipment in the test. High or low temperature alarm.
Continuous Operation
Plant Growth Chamber Internal Structure
Human touch button, menu operation, intuitive, multiple parameters can be displayed on the same screen|Plant Growth Chamber Technical Parameters 
Adopt mirror stainless steel liner, four-corner semi-arc transition, no need for tools to remove the inner partition or partition, easy to sterilize and clean the studio.
LCD touch screen controller, all functions on the screen in the form of graphics and text, can be curve to observe the running state of the machine.
The temperature, humidity and illumination test of each studio are independently controlled, which can shorten the test time and improve the efficiency of research and development of new plant and drugs stability test.
Humanization Design
Plant growth chamber can simulate the temperature variation of nature in day and night, as well as multi-directional light source.
The technical parameters set by the user can be stored automatically in case of power failure and the original setting program can be run after power failure.
The size of circulating wind speed is automatically controlled, which can avoid blowing into the plant seedlings due to the excessive circulating wind speed during the test.
Adopt imported humidity sensor to avoid the trouble caused by frequent change of wet belt of traditional dry and wet ball sensor.
Intelligent Control
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Optional Spare Parts for Wewon’s Plant Growth Chamber | Choose Accessories Parts (Options) for Your Environmental Growth Chamber:

● CO2N Concentration Monitoring and Control (Optional)

For plant culture, infrared sensor is an ideal choice, because the recovery of CO2 concentration of infrared sensor is not affected by temperature and humidity, which is accurate and reliable for CO2.

● Environmental Growth Chamber Data Control System (Optional)

Optional printer system for data recording, in line with GMP standards|Data recording, data communication, graphic dynamic display, fault analysis.

● Diaphragm Lighting System Optional|2 Layers 64 Liters Temperature Humidity Test Chamber’s Design & Structure Photo 1 Photo 2

In order to meet the users’ higher requirements of light intensity uniformity and light space flexibility, the diaphragm lighting system developed by Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. can be adjusted by users to meet the needs of plant growth, and can be configured with multi-layer lighting system.

While ensuring the evenness of illumination intensity, the number of cultivated plants is greatly improved. Moreover, the lighting system of each layer allows users to select different lamps to meet the requirements of different illumination.

● Automatic Detection and Control of Illumination (Optional)

Light sensor is adopted for monitoring and control to reduce the luminance attenuation and error caused by the aging of the lamp. Break through the existing domestic plant illumination monitoring and control defects.

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