Optimizing Salt Spray Testing: Power Failure Handling and Machine’s Setup Work

In salt spray testing, Power failure can be a major issue if not handled correctly. To continue your salt spray test during a power failure, you have the option of cold start or hot start. To access this functionality, you can select different operating modes, such as the program test or constant/fix test method.

When you enter this operation page, You can also choose the controller’s interface language. Currently, the controller from Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. supports English and Chinese as the interface language. In addition, You can also set an appointment time for your salt spray test, which will greatly save the test personnel’s working time.

Figure 7 Operation setting screen Run 1 Set Setting
Figure 8 Operation setting screen Run 2 Set
# Name  Description
1 Operation Mode You can choose Program or Constant test method. It cannot be changed while the program is running
2 Power Failure Mode (Power Outage) After a sudden power outage, and then the call again. You choose the following way to run
Status Before the Power Outage Program/Constant, Stop Program Test Running Constant Test Running
Stop Program/Constant, Stop Program Test Stop Constant Test Stop
Cold Start Program/Constant, Stop Start running from the first paragraph Constant Test Stop
Warm Start Program/Constant, Stop Continuing the operating conditions before the power outage. For example: before the power off, do the heating 60 degrees, only to achieve 40 degrees, after the power-on, then heat up, continue to achieve 60 degrees Constant Test Running
3 Waiting for the Set Standby Setting, Set Whether To Standby
4 Barrel Region Standby Temperature In Saturation Zone
5 Temperature Region Test Room Standby Temperature
6 Waiting Time Standby Time Set Standby Time
The current temperature is 40°C, the set temperature is 80°C, and the set slope is 2°C/min. It takes 20 minutes to reach 80°C. The humidity setting is the same.
The slope of temperature change is illustrated as follows
Set The Current Time and Schedule The Running Time Reservation
Figure 9 Reservation setting screen
# Name  Description
1 Real Time Current Time
2 Agreed Time The scheduled start time of the machine.
3 Reservation If the reservation is in progress, the reservation will not be activated. If the reservation is in progress, the reservation will be activated.

Regarding the Wewon’s salt spray chamber’s operation, You can choose to operate using the program test or constant/fix test method, which cannot be changed during program operation. Thus, it is crucial to choose the appropriate mode of operation prior to starting the test. Regarding standby time, The Wewon’s salt spray chambers can be set to automatically enter the standby state after a certain duration of inactivity. This helps to conserve energy while ensuring that the machine is ready when needed.

It is also important to ensure the proper temperature and humidity levels during salt spray testing. The machine should be set up and calibrated properly prior to starting any test. In summary, accurate and reliable salt spray testing requires proper handling of power failures and correct setting of machine parameters and conditions.

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