Preparation for Start-up of Vibration Testing System

Thank you order the EV203H electrodynamic vibration testing system from Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. In order to protect your rights and interests and ensure that you should enjoy the after-sales service, Please read this article carefully when using the EV203H vibration testing system. To avoid unnecessary human errors caused by future maintenance inconvenience, Please be patient to read this article.

After the equipment is in place, Use the Φ100 metal air duct to connect the fan and the air outlet of the excitation generator with a clamp.

Connect all the wires according to the fourth diagram “System Connection Diagram

● Excitation Generator VG300 / 38

Use an Allen wrench to tighten the four -M12 fixing screws on the left and right wall plates of the table body (see below photo). If the screws are not locked, the vibration body will tilt (front and back) during vibration, causing abnormal operation.

Testing System

The maximum load of the test piece should be calculated according to the calculation formula of the test requirements (F = M * a)

After the test piece is installed on the table, the height of the table must be adjusted (that is, the amount of air in the air chamber), so that the surface of the table screw and the table

The surface height indicator is level, if the screw plane is higher than the table height indicator, the inflation valve will be deflated (a little).

The nail level is lower than the table height indicator, then inflate from the inflation valve (the pump is in the attachment). (See Below Photo)

adjust table height

● Acceleration Gauge Installation

The accelerometer must be firmly installed and the accelerometer cable must be properly connected.

The installation of the acceleration gauge should ensure that the installation surface is flat and must be coaxial with the direction of vibration.

Accelerator gauge joints are prohibited from water intrusion, otherwise they must be sealed with waterproof sealing paste.

accelerometer installation method

● Install the Test Piece (Including Fixture)

Install the fixture (or test piece) firmly and rigidly on the table. The length of the mounting screw used should not exceed the allowable depth of the table mounting screw hole, that is, it cannot exceed 35mm (See Below Photo)

install test pieces, including fixtures

If additional countertops are used, the number of mounting screws must be fully tightened.

When installing the test piece, do not subject the vibrator to a large impact force to avoid damage to the moving coil.

The center of gravity of the sample must be close to the center of the table.

After the test piece is installed on the table body, the height position of the table will change due to the weight increase. The air pressure should be readjusted to align the table screws with the height indicator

● Connection the Water Leveling Table

Remove any burrs that may exist on the screws of the vibrating machine, and install the horizontal slide connector (See This Photo)

Release the air in the airbag of the vibrating machine surface, so that the surface of the vibrating machine is lower than the height at work.

Loosen the 4 fixing bolts on the two wall panels.

connection method of water leveling table

Turn on the power source of the static pressure oil, turn the slow mantle of the vibrator to the upper surface of the connector and the sliding table surface (at the same time the limit screw on the lower left side of the table body is just in place) (See This Photo)

Use bolts to connect the platform surface and the connecting head, and the coupling bolts must be tightened to ensure that they will not be loosened during use. The connection between the water leveling table and the moving coil table must be correct, and no jamming phenomenon may occur to avoid damage to the moving coil and guide rollers.

When normal, pushing the horizontal slide should be easy. The table should be in a balanced position when the external force is removed. If not, adjust the amount of gas in the dynamic airbag to meet the requirements|Tighten the loosened fixing bolts again.

table flip

Note 1: When the horizontal slide is used for the test, the power supply of the static pressure oil source must be connected, otherwise the power amplifier cannot be turned on.
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