Program Test and Procedure of Wewon’s Salt Spray Chambers

Salt spray testing is an essential process for ensuring the durability and reliability of metal products, especially for those exposed to corrosive environments. The quality of salt spray testing depends on the design of the testing machine and its ability to carry out multiple testing projects efficiently. To optimize the testing process, Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd has developed a unique feature in its salt spray test chamber: Program Setting.

Program setting refers to a feature in which users can input multiple test projects into the machine’s control system through programming. For example, if a test engineer has ten different test projects, Then he can be executed simultaneously through program setting. Control system input of ten different test conditions is the most common, But users can input even more test conditions, which the machine will carry out sequentially. When all the tests are completed, the salt spray chamber will shut down automatically.

Figure 15 Program monitoring interface Program Monitoring Interface Program (Run the Test)
# Name Description
1 Program Enter Program Editor
2 Cycle Click To Enter The Cycle
3 Experiment Enter Test Title Editing
4 Manufacturer Enter Manufacturer Information
Figure 16 program editing drawing Program Editing
# Name Description
1 NO Display The Currently Edited Segment Number
2 Temp The Temperature Set In Each Section
3 Mode Program Running Status
4 Barrel The Temperature Set In Each Section
5 H.M Set Hours And Minutes
6 Number Currently Set Program Number
7 Back Previous Page Temperature And Humidity Settings
8 Next Next Page Temperature And Humidity Settings
Figure 17 Program cycle settings Program Cycle Editing
# Name Description
1 Number Set the program number of the program to be cycled
2 Large Cycle Set the number of loop runs of the program. When it is 0, it will loop infinitely.
3 Start In the set program, set the program segment where the partial segment cycle operation starts.
4 End In the set program, set the partial segment to end the loop operation. If it is less than 0, it will not loop.
5 Number In the set program, set the number of loops for partial segment loop operation. If it is less than 0, it will not loop.
6 Link The number of the program to be run continuously after the current program ends.
Figure 18 Program name setting screen Test Title Interface
Figure 19 Manufacturer Information
# Name  Description
1 NO Test Groups, Program Serial Number
2 Alarm Name The name of the test program
3 Manufacturer Information Manufacturer related information
4 Manufacturer Address Manufacturer’s phone number, factory address and other related information

The practical benefit of program setting is that it improves the efficiency of testing personnel. Once set, the salt spray chamber can operate continuously for a week or even more extended periods without the need to frequently change the programming. This not only saves time for the tester but also increases the capacity and productivity of the testing system. The test engineer can observe and export the results and dye and corrosion situation of each test project through the control system curve chart page. They can also access each testing data through a computer to compare and analyze the test results.

Notably, This feature allows for more efficient and accurate testing, which in turn manifests itself in better quality control by detecting corrosion origins that may not have been discovered, leading to a more precise detection of the product’s corrosion resistance. Frankly speacking, This sophisticated function of Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd’s salt spray testing machine has improved the efficiency and productivity of the testing process.

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