Puncture Resistance Tester for Paperboard Puncture Resistance Test

The puncture resistance tester is the special instrument for anti-punching performance (pierced strength) testing. It reflects the ability of corrugated cardboard and corrugated boxes to resist dynamic impact. Meanwhile, It also reflects the protective ability of packaging cartons to protect products from external force when they are impacted by instantaneous external force. Board puncture resistance tester is an essential quality control tool for carton and paperboard production enterprises, furniture industry, fragile products production enterprises, and also an indispensable common instrument for carton production, scientific research, commodity inspection and other enterprises and departments.

The puncture resistance test unit is composed of pendulum system, specimen clamping device, pointer dial corner cone (puncture head), operating system, etc. The instrument is designed according to the principle of energy conversion. Install a triangular prism pyramid (piercing head) designed and produced according to standard geometry on a special-shaped pendulum body. The puncture head is aided by the kinetic energy of the oscillating body, The energy consumed by piercing a cardboard sample into a hole is the piercing strength of the sample.

Equipment Model W-PRT-001 Pyramid Side Length 60*60*60mmm
Gear Positions A: 0~06J Pyramid Side Height 25±0.7mm
Gear Positions B: 6~12J Pyramid Edge Fillet Radius 1.5 ±0.1mm
Gear Positions C: 12~24J Data Save Amount 10 Times
Gear Positions D: 24~48J Printer Supply Thermal Printer
Accuracy ≤ ±0.5% Dimension(mm) 900x420x810
Testing Range 0 ~ 48J Equipment Weight (kg) About 150 KG
Resolution 0.001 J Power Supply 220V 50Hz, 1kW
Pressure of the Press Head 100 +2kpa Friction sleeve resistance <0.25J

Puncture resistance testing is an essential process in a range of industries where products are required to withstand pressure, force, and environmental damage. The puncture resistance tester by WeWonTech is a state-of-the-art device that measures the puncture resistance of a wide range of products, from car tyres to industrial packaging materials. In this article, we will examine the key features and benefits of this device and explore how it can help organizations enhance their quality control processes. Puncture Resistance Tester’s Photo

The puncture resistance tester by WeWonTech is an essential tool for organizations that require reliable, accurate, and repeatable quality control measures. The device’s automation, precision, and user-friendly interface make it a versatile and intuitive tool for testing a range of materials. By investing in this advanced testing machine, organizations can enhance their overall quality control processes, improve product quality, ensure compliance with standards, increase efficiency, and make better informed decisions about product design, engineering, and production processes.

Microcomputer-controlled technology, high automation procedures, simple and convenient operation, safe and reliable. Equipment Features
Automatic measurement, intelligent judgement, real time display of clamping pressure for sample by operation system.
Board puncture resistance tester with automatically measure, count, print the test results, and data can be stored.
Micro-high-speed thermal printer, high-speed print, low noise, no need for ink and ribbons, and it is easy to use and has low failure rate.
Modern design concept of electro-mechanical integration, it has compact structure, elegant appearance and convenient maintenance.
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