Rain Test Apparatus for UL Rain Test and 45 ° Water Spray Test

The UL rain test apparatus from Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. are suitable for housing protection grade test, The test water source should be kept stable, Water flow velocity is 10L per min±5%. Ensure that the flow pressure is 50~150kPa. The main function of the Wewon’s UL rain test apparatus is to be used in the simulation of the weather conditions of rain-soaked products, such as lamps and lanterns, electric.

Dedicated rain spray test apparatus are essential tools for carrying out these tests accurately and reliably, Helping to ensure the safety and reliability of outdoor products. UL rain test apparatus used for outdoor installations rain test, for example: Simulation test of street lamp, wall lamp, distribution cabinet, etc. Test standard for UL rain test apparatus will meet the test stardards such as : UL 82 UL 8750 UL 879 UL 50E UL 48 UL 153 UL 1598 UL 154B UL 1703 UL 1741 UL 514B UL 1278 UL 1571 CSA 207 CSA 12 CSA 250.

To perform a UL rain test , a dedicated rain test apparatus is required. The apparatus typically includes a water tank, a pump, and a calibrated nozzle that can deliver water at a specified flow rate and pressure. The product being tested is placed in a specific position and sprayed with water from the nozzle for a set period of time, typically 30 minutes. After the test, the product is inspected for any signs of water ingress. For a product to pass the UL rain test, it must not have any visible water penetration on the inside of the enclosure or fixture.

rain test apparatus for UL rain test and  45 ° water spray test
Model DescriptionWEW-RTA-UL
Machine DimensionsL1500*W800 mm
Height Adjustable1000~2000mm
Nozzles Quantity3 Pieces
Surface of water spray0-1000mm
Water Flow Rate≥10L/min
Total Flow Pressure50~150 Kpa
Single Nozzle Pressure34.5 Kpa
Pressure GaugesFour Pieces

Rain spray testing is an essential part of ensuring that products designed for outdoor use meet the necessary safety standards and specifications. Compliance with UL testing standards is often required for products being sold in the US and other countries. By utilizing a dedicated rain spray test apparatus, manufacturers can accurately and reliably test their products for water resistance to ensure that they are safe and reliable for outdoor use. The rain test apparatus for UL rain test and 45 ° water spray test is divided into upper, lower and right three parts. The height of the three dripping heads can be adjusted up and down freely.

Select high quality materials, use advanced technology processing and forming. The inner and outer shell are made of high quality SUS304 stainless steel plate. The sample frame and other accessories design is reasonable and durable. Rain test apparatus for UL test choose the electromagnetic flowmeter, It is composed of electromagnetic flow sensor and electromagnetic flow converter. Based on Faraday electromagnetic influenza should work on principle, It can be used to measure the flow of test water, Meanwhile, It will realize the flow of control adjustment display and integration as well.

The application of UL rain test apparatus: Outdoor lighting, outdoor lamps, automobile lamps, household appliances, electricians, electrical cabinets, power supplies, communication products and signal devices, etc. The spray device for UL rain test apparatus is reasonable in design, precise in manufacture and simple in operation. To avoid the previous similar rain test equipment manually by feeling the inaccuracy and cumbersome adjustment.

rain test apparatus for UL rain test method

The 45 degree water spray test, also known as the ‘rotary nozzle’ test, is another commonly used method for testing the resistance of a product to water ingress. In this test, the product is rotated at a fixed speed while being sprayed with water at a specified flow rate and pressure from a rotary nozzle angled at 45 degrees. The test typically lasts 30 minutes, after which the product is inspected for water ingress.

The damage of natural water, such as rain, sea water and river water to products and materials, causes an inestimable economic loss every year. The damage mainly includes the decline of corrosion and fading deformation strength, expansion and mildew. In particular, Electrical products are prone to fire because of short circuit caused by rain. Therefore, It is an essential key procedure to carry out shell protection water test for specific products or materials

The main function of the rain test apparatus is to test the physical and other related properties of electronic and electrical products, such as lamps and lanterns, electric cabinet and electrical components, under the simulated weather condition of rain. After the test, the performance of the product is judged to meet the requirements through verification. Use this way to improve the product design, verification the use and quality inspection before delivery.

spray head dimensions for UL rain test apparatus
Spray location: Top head place equip with 3 UL spray nozzlesEquipment Features
The frame part of the device is made of forming aluminum material, which is stable in structure and easy to clean
Equipment nozzle distribution strictly according to the standard design
The intersection point of nozzle water column is adjustable from 1000mm to 2000mm from the ground
The distance from sprinkler head: 75 mm. You may be interested in visiting UL 50E UL 1598 Rain Spray Test Apparatus
Bracket base with universal brake casters, easy to move and fix
The nozzle holder is movable and can be lifted and lowered freely by the manual stainless steel wheel device
Injection angle of rain test apparatus for UL rain test: 45 to the horizontal
Each sprinkler head is equipped with pressure gauge, measuring range :0~ 0.25 Mpa
This device adopts UL laboratory original imported nozzle, which fully meets UL standard
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