The ring crush tester can cooperate with a variety of materials to do a full range of tests, and conduct a variety of paper quality tests on paper packaging materials. The RCT ring crush tester is mainly used to test corrugated core paper, box board (kraft liner paper), and corrugated board. The machine combines multiple functions in one. There are 5 types of test tests that can be performed: ring crush test (RCT), flat crush test (FCT), edge crush test or edgewise crush test (ECT), pin adhesion test (PAT) and corrugating medium test (CMT)

The optional jigs for Wewon’s crush tester: Optional configuration: parallel sampler; ring pressure sampler, ring pressure clamp, flat pressing fixture, gluing strength clamp. This machine is equipped with various fixture accessories to test the ring compressive strength of the base paper, the flat/side compressive strength of the cardboard, and the bonding strength, so that the paper manufacturer can control the production cost and improve the product quality. Ring crush tester from Wewon Tech will comply with the test standard such as TAPPI T472, TAPPI T808, TAPPI T810, TAPPI T811, TAPPI T818, JIS P8126, GB/T 2679.6, GB/T 2679.8, GB/T 2679.17, GB/T 6546, GB/T 6544, GB/T 6548

Ring Crush Tester
Equipment Capacity100kg, 200kg, 300kg (Optional)
Test Resolution1/10,000
Precision Accuracy≤ ±0.5%
Display MethodDigital LED Display
Pressure Plate100cm2 or depending on the diameter of the flat pressure sample
Compressed Spacing80 mm
Platen Parallelism± 0.05 mm
Ring Compression Specimen152×12.7 mm
Edge Pressure Sample25×100 mm
Test Speed12.5 ±2.5mm/min
Horsepower1/8 HP
Machine Dimension(L×W×H)430×400×600mm
Equipment Weight40 KGS
Power Supply1∮, AC220V, 1.5A
TAPPI-T 822 Ring Crush of Paperboard (Rigid Support Method): Ring Crush Test (RCT) for measuring the resistance of paper and paperboard to edgewise compression. A special jig is used during the test to hold the test piece in a ring form. The ring crush test correlates with edgewise compression strength of paperboard. This method is intended for paperboard between 0.28 mm (0.011 in.) and 0.61 mm (0.024 in.) thick. It may be used with less reliability for paperboard as thin as 0.18 mm (0.007 in.) and as thick as 0.76 mm (0.030 inches)
Equipped with a ring pressure test center plate and a special ring pressure sampler for the cardboard ring pressure strength test. RCT
Equipped with edge pressure (adhesive) sample sampler and auxiliary guide block for corrugated board edge compression strength test. ECT
Equipped with a peel strength test frame for corrugated cardboard adhesion (peel) strength test. PAT
Equipped with a flat pressure sample sampler to test the flat pressure strength of corrugated cardboard. FCT
The machine is equipped with flute meter and auxiliary equipment for laboratory flute test. CCT
The ring crush tester is equipped with flute meter and auxiliary equipment for laboratory flute test. CMT
If you do a thickness test, You need to be equipped with a thickness test pad. We accept custom designs. MTT
Test Philosophy for ECT Edge Crush Test or Edgewise Crush Test: The paperboard ring crush tester is used to cut 100mm×25 mm corrugated sample, Put it upright between the upper and lower pressing plates of the compression instrument for a crush test until it is crushed. ECT value can be expressed as force divided by sample length.
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Various Crush Tests and International Test Standars for Paper Materials: Concora Crush Testing (CCT) TAPPI T824|Concora Medium Testing (CMT) BS EN ISO 7263|Edgewise Compression Testing (ECT) BS EN ISO 3037, ISO 3037|Flat Crush Testing (FCT) BS EN 23035, ISO 3035|Ring Crush Testing ISO 12192|Short Span Compression Testing (SCT) BS 7325, ISO 9895, TAPPI T826.

Caution should be used when testing linerboard less or greater than the specified thickness as the results may be less reliable. For papers thinner than 0.28 mm (0.011 in.), test values may result from a combination of both buckling failure and pure compression. For papers thicker than specified, strain within the sample arising from bending the specimens into a cylinder may impact test results|Ring Crush Tester

NOTE: Content of TAPPI-T 822 Ring Crush of Paperboard (Rigid Support Method) comes from source page:
ECT Edge Crush Test or Edgewise Crush Test: ISO 3037, ISO 13821, DIN 53149, TAPPI T 823, TAPPI T 838, TAPPI T 811, TAPPI T 839, SCAN P33, FEFCO No 8, APPITA / AS 1301.444S
RCT Ring Crush Test: ISO 12192, DIN 53134, SCAN P34, TAPPI T 822, APPITA / AS 1301.407S
FCT Flat Crush Test: EN 23035, ISO 3035, SCAN P32, TAPPI T 825, FEFCO No. 6, PPITA / AS 1301.429S
CCT Concora Crush Test or Corrugated Crush Test: TAPPI T 843, SCAN P42
PAT Pin adhesion Test: TAPPI T 821, FEFCO NO 11, APPITA/AS 1301.430S
CMT Corrugating Medium Test: ISO 7263, TAPPI T809, DIN 53134, SCAN P27, APPITA / AS 1301.434S
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