Safety Instructions for Temperature Humidity Test Chamber and Vibration Testing System

This is an article about the safety instructions for temperature humidity test chamber and vibration testing system. When you unpack the machine, You work with your technician, Trying to connect the temperature humidity test chamber and vibration testing system to the local power supply, You need to be very careful with the high voltage. To protect your safety during the installation steps, Please be patient to read the following notes. During system operation, The door should be closed, Otherwise the system is not allowed to run.

However, even if the system is powered off, some live parts will be exposed to the power amplifier or excitation power supply due to the mains input. For safety, the power supply must be disconnected before installing the system, and the power supply must be disconnected before opening the power amplifier box door. The following description provides measures to ensure safety. When the user supplies power, a user-supplied circuit breaker is used to turn off the power supply, which can reduce the possibility of dangerous voltages when a system door is open.

Choose the appropriate circuit breaker according to the power required in the user manual. There are many circuit breakers available on the market. When connecting the system power supply, the user must prepare a grounding terminal with a grounding resistance of less than 4Ω, and connect the system chassis and the grounding terminal together to ensure personal safety.

Consider a typical system that requires a 380 volt three-phase electrical input. Even after the system is disconnected, there may be certain live points exposed to the dangerous input power line voltage. For your safety, be sure to open the door before Disconnect the user-supplied circuit breaker. For safety, please pay attention to the following items (Because it is a general description, some items may not be included in this device).

Shaker System for WEW-AG-002 Agree Chamber
For safety reasons, set up a dedicated area of equipment around the vibration test device and cables (more than 2 metres if possible). 1 Independent Space
Keep the exclusive area clean, and items that do not need can not be placed in the exclusive area. Noise outside the private area may cause harm to the human body.
No one except the specialized operator of the equipment shall enter the exclusive area. If possible, sound insulation measures should be taken.
The operator of this device must read the instruction manual in detail and must be specially trained. 2 Training
For your safety, Please check regularly. 3 Inspection Work
The main operation panel of the vibration test device should be set at a position where the vibrator and power amplifier can be directly seen. 4 Set Up
When the power supply is changed, the fan and oil pump may reverse. Please confirm the direction of rotation and use the arrow to indicate the correct direction of rotation. 5 Equipment Power

Guarantee for Temperature Humidity Test Chamber and Vibration Testing System: All parts and components of this test system guarantee that the materials and processes will be free of defects within one year from the date of transportation. This warranty does not apply if it is not installed, maintained and used according to the instruction manual.

This guarantee is limited to repair and replacement of parts (return to the manufacturer), we confirm that it is defective, the relevant materials and inspection labor required in this process do not need to be paid, and the user is responsible for all transportation that occurs Fees and taxes. This warranty does not cover users who purchase equipment from other companies or use replacements, adjustments, and users who have not been authorized by the manufacturer to repair them privately. Therefore, the manufacturer does not assume any responsibility for major losses.

The warranty is not suitable for the following situations: when the manufacturer believes that it was caused by accident, misuse or negligence; Replace this product with a possible replacement or repair it, or not use it under rated conditions. In addition, the manufacturer reserves right to update the product, including changing accessories.

① Equipment Noise|Vibration test equipment will produce large noise, so the surrounding staff should take protective measures (ear plugs, etc.). Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. recommends soundproof rooms as a countermeasure against noise. Other Considerations
② Machinery|Do not touch the moving coil, test piece, fixture, etc. when they vibrate. When vibrating at a low frequency (below 10 Hz), the vibrating machine body will vibrate up and down. Be very careful when installing heavy objects (fixtures, test pieces, etc.)
③ Electrical|Please do not open the covers of power amplifier, controller, vibrator and other units at will, because there are high-voltage and large-capacity terminals inside, which may cause electric shock.
④ Temperature|The device is also equipped with easy-to-heat parts, please do not open the control panel and cover plate at will.
⑤ Cables And Pipes|To prevent stumbling and being trampled on cables, pipes, etc., protective covers should be installed or they should be installed in the trench.
⑥ Water, Medicine|Please do not sprinkle water, medicine, etc. on the vibrating machine, because there is high voltage inside, which will cause electric shock and equipment failure. If due to carelessness, if water, medicine, etc. are spilled into the vibrator, Please contact our company in time.
Safety Instructions for Temperature Humidity Test Chamber and Vibration Testing System
Before the system starts, the “Gain” knob must be placed in the reset position (left-to-bottom rotation) Safety Warning
The “Gain” must be reset before turning off the power of the vibration controller.
Test pieces (including fixtures) shall not exceed the allowable load of the system.
Don’t rely on the protection function to negligently care, do not violate the rules or misuse.
It is forbidden to vibrate any part of the body, such as arms and legs, in order to experience the feeling of vibration.
Keep your hands and fingers away from moving parts when working on the shaker, especially when vibrating at large displacements, to avoid bruising.
When the vibrating table is connected to the power, do not place any objects that are afraid of magnetism close to the table body 0.6 meters, such as watches and magnetic cards.
The length of the fastening bolts of the test piece (including the fixture) screwed into the tabletop shall not exceed the depth of the screw hole of the tabletop installation, but the screwed length shall not be less than 10 buckle threads below the moving coil tabletop.
Drilling and reaming on the table surface of the vibration table is strictly prohibited.
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