Samples Moving Device Based on Environmental Test Chamber

This week, Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. helped aircraft glass manufacturing company design a kind of glass samples moving device. The aircraft glass sampels are stored on the movable device, and the aircraft glass is smoothly sent into the test room through the movement of the roller. This type glass samples moving device designed by Wewon Tech has a total height of 2100mm. After measurement, We have found that the shell width of the samples moving device is 1300mm and the depth is 1550mm.

The shell of the mobile device is made of 316 stainless steel, and the door panel is made of high-transmittance and high-temperature resistant glass. In this way, the test status of the glass samples on the movable roller can be easily observed. In order to protect the aircraft glass manufacturing customer’s research and development work, This article can only introduce the design process of storing aircraft glass on the roll-out structure. Regarding how the aircraft glass stored on the roller structure enters the low temperature test room of minus 40 ℃.

The specific test method described by the engineer of the aircraft glass manufacturing company : Put the aircraft glass in a low temperature of -40 ℃ for continuous testing for 4 hours, Then take the aircraft glass out of the cold environment and store it at room temperature for +30 ℃. The aircraft glass was again placed in a low temperature of minus 40 degrees for 4 hours of continuous testing, 100 times in this cycle. In this way, the damage of aircraft glass in extremely harsh environments is determined. There is no doubt that this destructive test will play a decisive role in the development of new aviation glass.

aircraft glass samples moving device based on environmental test chamber

As display in the machine photo above, This is a sample moving device which based on an environmental test chamber, including a cart and a moving bracket. The movable device includes a support frame with rollers and a number of sample supports connected to the support frame. The roller component are installed in the center of the samples moving device, effectively solving the problem of handling large test samples. The load-bearing board of the cart has the same height as the environmental chamber in the test room, and the load-bearing board is equipped with sliding rails that are compatible with the rollers of the movable support.

Just transport the sample to the test room, and then push the mobile support into the test area. The samples moving device of this environmental test chamber includes the room body, vents, adjustment pillars, hook holes, small holes, sample rack racks, rack bottom plates, rectangular ports, hooks and sample holders. There are vents in the middle of the inner walls of the left and right sides of the test area.

The left and right sides of the vent are equipped with adjustment pillars at equal intervals. There are several hook holes at equal intervals on the adjusting pillar. The movable device produced by Wewon Technology has simple structure, convenient installation, light and beautiful, strong and durable, smooth ventilation, and good bearing capacity. The height of the sample holder can be flexibly adjusted according to the size and height of the sample.

samples moving device

With the development of domestic aerospace industry, more stringent requirements are put forward on the safety and reliability of new products. Thermomechanical performance test research is an important test method to ensure the long-term strength stability of aviation cryogenic glass. The relevant national standards stipulate that when the type test is carried out for the department’s customized aircraft glass, Multiple samples need to be subjected to the specified maximum continuous bending load and cyclic testing of rapid temperature changes in four directions.

At present, the thermomechanical performance equipment is composed of two parts, an independent bending loading system and a temperature cycling environment test chamber. In the thermomechanical performance test, the bending load and the temperature change cycle simultaneously act on the aviation glass. When the height of the sample is inconsistent with the height of the opening position, add different height test tools to meet the high consistency of the two.

This will result in the need for a large number of test devices with varying heights, consuming test manpower and material resources. Even so, It is difficult to ensure that the height of the installed sample is exactly the same as the height of the opening position. The bending load terminal cannot be accurately applied to the upper end of the sample, and the obtained test data has a large error.

aircraft glass samples moving device

In order to solve the various problems of inconsistency between the height of the sample and the height of the opening position, straight slots can be opened in the environmental test chamber. The force height can be continuously adjusted when the bending load is loaded. Ensure that the height of the test room of the environmental test chamber and the height of the movable device are completely at the same level, The test results are accurate and reliable.

But the question that follows is how to ensure the sealing and heat preservation effect of the environmental test chamber and whether it is stable and reliable for long-term use. Especially when the height of the working chamber of the environment test chamber is relatively high, there is also the question of whether the sealing structure is easy to install and easy to use. Thank you for reading this article, if you have similar testing needs, please contact our technical team for technical support! Thank you.
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