Soft Pressure Testing Machine For Mobile Phone, Touch Screen Panel

Soft pressure testing is a process used to measure the extrusion and behavior of a device when exposed to force. This type of testing is especially important for mobile phones and tablets, as it reveals how resistant they are to everyday wear and tear. The soft pressure test machine uses high elastic rubber and denim to extrude mobile phones or tablets specimens. By imitating mobile phones or tablets under certain pressure during use, observe the adverse effects of the period.

Instructions for Wewon’s Soft Pressure Test Machine: Set extrusion time, rising stop time and total extrusion times. Cycle the test up and down, check the performance test of mobile phones or tablets specimens after the test is completed. During soft pressure testing, a machine will subject your device to force along multiple axes, allowing you to assess its strength and reliability.

Soft Pressure Testing Machine For Mobile Phone, Touch Screen Panel
Equipment Model WEW-SKS-5200-1 WEW-SKS-4800-S
Test Station One Station One Station
Extrusion Force 10 ~ 120 kgf 50 ~ 200 kgf
Cylinder Types SMC Cylinder SMC Cylinder
Testing Speed 5 ~ 30 Times/min 5 ~ 50 Times/min
Total Count 0 ~ 99999 Times 0 ~ 99999 Times
Test Stroke 200 mm 500 mm
Indenter Device High Elastic Rubber High Elastic Rubber
Explicit System Touch Screen 5.7″ Touch Screen 7.0″
Total Power 500 Watt 850 Watt
Power Supply 220V, 50Hz 5A 220V, 50Hz 8A
Accessories Parts Operating Manual Inner Hexagon
Equipment Size 450*470*900mm 450*650*1150mm
Gross Weight 35 KGS 50 KGS
Selecting the right soft pressure testing machine for your mobile phone or touch screen panel is essential to ensure optimal performance and accuracy. Take time to research and compare different models before investing in one, as there are a wide variety of factors to consider. When evaluating different machines, consider their level of accuracy, ease of use, durability, price and other features that may be advantageous for your particular application.

Once you have chosen the right soft pressure testing machine for your device, it’s time to plan your experiments and tests. You will want to research applicable standards, determine exact test specifications, and ensure that all necessary accessories – such as counter and timer – are acquired before beginning any tests. It is also important to devise preparations and checklists ahead of time in order to minimize potential errors and maximize data reliability. If you don’t quite understand in this regard, Please feel free to contact our engineers.

Soft Pressure Testing Machine

Before conducting any tests, it’s essential to have the correct setup and operation procedure for your type of test machine. First, you should identify the ideal environment and conditions that will achieve most accurate results. Then, create a checklist of all necessary steps to follow once testing begins. Additionally, You should ensure that test engineer understand how to correctly operate the drop tester based on its technical specs and safety guidelines. Following these procedures can help you increase efficiency and reliability of results every time. If you need help in this regard, Please feel free to contact us.
The Wewon’s soft pressure testing machine is suitable for soft pressing test of mobile phone, remote controller, electronic dictionary, MP3, etc. It is designed to evaluate the compressive performance of structural parts such as LCD panel and PCB. Equipment Features
The machine adopts high elastic rubber and denim to squeeze the product, and the product can be used to evaluate the reliability of the product under certain pressure. The indenter and the base are equipped with soft and hardware configuration, easy to replace, can perform different standard pressure test.
Set the squeeze time, and the total number of times and the total number of times to stop. Check the test of the upper and lower rings, and check the performance test of the mobile phone after the test.
Soft pressure testing machine from Wewon Tech choose high elasticity and denim to squeeze the product to simulate the actual situation of the product. All the pneumatic components are SMC, and the dual station is controlled by Mitsubishi LCD touch screen + PLC, and the quality is reliable.
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