Spray and Demist Description of Wewon’s Salt Spray Chambers

Salt spray chambers are used to simulate the effects of harsh environmental conditions and help to forecast the lifespan of products and materials in real-world conditions. In a salt spray chamber, The spray functionality is a critical feature that is used to release a certain proportion of sodium chloride salt spray onto the sample surface as a fine mist. The surface of the material is then exposed to the salt spray, and after a period of time, test personnel can observe the aging and corrosion conditions of the specimen.

In order to achieve accurate and reliable results, It is important to properly control the spray functionality of the salt spray chamber. This includes setting parameters such as spray time, spray interval, and spray duration, among others. For example, the optimal spray interval and duration may vary depending on the material and thickness of the sample being tested. Therefore, It is necessary to have flexible and precise control over these parameters to ensure consistent and reproducible results.

In the main interface of the controller, click Directory, and then enter the password 0 to enter the parameter setting function and make selections. Parameter 
Enter Parameter Setting Steps From The Main Interface (1) – (2) – (3) Note: Picture 2 and Picture 3, They are both in English, not in Chinese.
Figure 10 Parameter setting interface
Name # Description
Demist 1 Setting Options To Exclude Salt Spray From The Test Area
Cycle 2 Period Setting
Spray Time 3 Spray Time, Spray Start Time
Interval Time 4 Spray Interval, Spray Off Time

Additionally, The drainage settings of the salt spray chamber are also critical for the success of the salt spray test. After the test is completed, the salt spray and water vapor need to be evacuated from the test zone, and therefore, the drainage control settings including drainage time and drainage frequency must be carefully managed. Accurate setting of drainage options can help ensure a stable test environment and improve the success rate of corrosion testing.

At Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd, Our salt spray chambers are equipped with advanced control systems that enable precise spray and drainage settings. Our systems feature a wide range of spray and drainage setting options that can be customized to meet the requirements of various materials and test conditions. With the help of our advanced techniques and precision equipment, our customers can have confidence that their materials will be put to the test under the most stringent conditions.

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