Stone Chip Resistance Gravelometer | Multi-Test Gravelometer

A stone chip resistance gravelometer is an advanced instrument designed specifically to simulate the destructive effect of flying road debris such as stones and gravel. The multi-test gravelometer is particularly valuable, Capable of assessing multiple aspects of materials from coatings’ adhesion failures to the inter-layer bonding within coating systems, As well as the brittleness and anti-spallation properties of hard glassy materials and plastics. The gravelometer ensures repeatability and comparability in results through its sophisticated technology that can display variables like working pressure, test duration, and impact count, enabling precise control over the testing process.

In the ever-evolving world of automotive manufacturing and surface coatings technology, Ensuring the durability and quality of surface materials against environmental wear is paramount. One key challenge that materials face is their vulnerability to stone chipping – a common hazard that vehicles encounter on roads worldwide. To address and quantify this potential degradation, Stone chip resistance tests are utilized. Among the tools employed for such testing, The Stone Chip Resistance Gravelometer, particularly Multi-Test Gravelometers, Stand out for their precision and multi-faceted testing capabilities.

The gravelometer operates through a high-precision impact mechanism. It employs compressed air to accelerate sharp particles that bombard the test specimen. An internal air reservoir in the device minimizes the impact of fluctuations in external air pressure, Ensuring a consistent impact force throughout the test. This process involves a vibration method to feed particles, Which enhances the even distribution of impacts. The multi-impact testing approach assesses how well coatings on vehicle materials can prevent or resist chipping when subjected to such rigorous conditions.

Stone Chip Resistance Gravelometer | Multi-Test Gravelometer

Gravelometer testing equipment is intricately designed keeping in mind the rigorous standards set by the automotive industry and surface coating applications. These equipment comply with various international standards such as ISO, SAE, ASTM, VDA, and more, Making them suitable for a global range of testing requirements. The versatility of these instruments means they are used in multiple testing scenarios including:

Wewon Tech’s stone chip resistance gravelometer is engineered to meet numerous global standards, Making it a trusted tool across the automotive and materials industry. It adheres to the rigorous protocols stated under ISO 20567-1, DIN55996-1, SAE J400, and more. Recognized for its precision and reliability, This gravelometer finds application in testing labs of leading automotive giants like General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Mazda, Nissan, Volkswagen, and Toyota among others.

Adhesion Destruction Tests The Examine adhesion failures in external coatings.
Anti-Spallation Tests Measure the resistance of hard materials against brittleness and spallation.
Inter-layer Bond Failure Tests Tests for failures between layers in coating systems.
Brittle Thickness Tests Measure the resistance of hard materials against brittleness and spallation.
Resistance Coating Tests Assess resistance against peeling, collision, and abrasion in plastics and glasses.

Beyond the primary testing functions, Wewon Tech’s gravelometers are designed with integrated EMC resistance to interference as per EN 50082-2(1995) and radiated emissions standards conforming to EN 55011(1997) Class 1. Such features ensure that the equipment operates flawlessly even in environments with high electromagnetic disturbances, Thus safeguarding the accuracy and reliability of test results. Selecting a Multi-Test Gravelometer like the one from Wewon Tech offers numerous advantages. Its ability to perform a variety of tests on different material types and its compliance with multiple international standards makes it a versatile and indispensable tool in quality assurance.

Moreover, Its enhanced technical specifications ensure that each test is not only a reflection of real-world conditions but also provides detailed insights necessary for improving material formulations and coating technologies. In ensuring that automotive materials and coatings can withstand the harsh realities of their operational environments, Stone chip resistance tests are invaluable. The Multi-Test Gravelometer by Wewon Tech provides a comprehensive solution that meets this need with precision, reliability, and adaptability, Making it a critical asset in advancing the durability and quality of automotive products worldwide.

Durable structure for high-intensity tests, external flat-type specimen clamp, external material feeder & gravel recovery box, digital test counter, nozzle pressure sensor, built-in level and adjustable base feet for easy leveling. Convenience Features
AC220V 1.5KW Single phase three-wire + protective earth, dedicated circuit breaker, Air inlet: min 8 kgf/cm2 to max 10 kgf/cm2 using 19mm ID hose. Usage Conditions
SAE & VDA spray guns, impact chamber, pressure-sensitive tape, mesh/screen & brush, hex wrench set, 1000g SAE stones & VDA steel grit, nozzle spare parts, noise-canceling earplugs, electronic angle meter. Standard Configuration
Controller, solenoid valve, pressure regulator, pressure gauge, over-pressure protection, AC contactor, vibrator, leakage protection, emergency stop switch, relay, photoelectric sensor. Main Components
Air Consumption Up to 80psi, flow rate of 100 cubic feet/min for 5-10 seconds (Less for VDA standards)
Compressed Air 80psi pressure, 100 cubic feet/min flow rate
Compressed Air Pipeline Diameter 3/4 inch (19mm) or larger for SAE testing, 1/2 inch or larger for VDA testing
Air Tank Capacity 30 gallons
Operating Temperature -30°C to 40°C
Max Relative Humidity 80% at 31°C, decreasing linearly to 50% at 40°C
Pollution Control Level 2 Environmental Protection
Sound Pressure Level Approximately 130dBA
Altitude Up to 2000m
Continuous Operation Suitable for continuous operation
Gun Barrel Internal Diameter SAE J400: 2.07 inches (52.6mm), VDA: 11.42 inches (290mm)
Flat Sample Sizes 4X6 inches, 4X8 inches, 4X12 inches (up to 7/16 inch thickness, max width 4.125 inches)

Gravelometer Machine & Gravelometer Testing from Wewon Environmental Chambers Co → The gravelometer machine uses compressed air to spray gravel or other media onto the test sample, simulating the different degrees of damage caused by the impact of stone and sand on the surface of the car’s exterior trim during road driving. Through the gravel impact simulation, the test piece is subjected to different degrees of impact (various gravel types, air pressure requirements, impact time, temperature treatment, etc.) to investigate the adhesion of the coating. Read more…

Optional Accessories and Technical Specifications for Gravelometer-EONA GRASTM-SAE → Equipment manufacture accordance with the requirements of International and National Technical Standard for full compliance with the characteristics and specifications of the stone impact tests. The Gravelometer EONA GR ASTM-SAE realized resistance test of paints and/or coatings: under impact of abrasives simulation impact stones, mainly in automotive bodies Accordance the characteristics of building and specifications of the technical standard and your derivations: Read more…

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