Tensile Life Testing Machine for Headphones Headband

The tensile life testing machine is used for the torsional life test of the left and right earmuffs of headphones. The Wewon’s tensile life testing machine is to fix the left and right earmuffs of the earphones on the left and right torsion jigs respectively, and simulate the life test of the product in actual use at a certain number of times, angle and speed. The headphones tensile life tester uses precision rods and linear bearings as the main body of motion, and the machine can adjust the kinetic energy of speed, stroke, and counting.

Tensile life testing machine’s usage method: refer to the physical picture of the machine below, place the headset on the fixture, use soft rubber to secure the left and right earmuffs respectively, adjust the test stroke, set the number of tests, and reach the setting After the number of times, the machine stops working, and the tester checks the damage of the sample. The machine is a powerful tool for ear clip life testing of headphones, and is suitable for development and evaluation in factories and research institutes.

Tensile Life Testing Machine for Headphones Headband
Equipment Model: WEW-TRW-8600S-1 WEW-TRW-8600S-2
Test Stations: One Stations (Left + Right) Two Stations (Left + Right)
Sliding Length: 10 ~ 60mm 10 ~ 80mm
Testing Times: 0~99999 Times Presettable, LCD Display
Test Speed: 5 ~ 60 Times/min 5 ~ 60 Times/min
Speed Adjustment: Adjustable Knob Adjustable Knob
Stroke (Unilateral): 0 ~ 135mm Adjustable 0 ~ 120mm Adjustable
Arm Fixing Fixture: Arc Adjustable Arc Adjustable
Machine Size: L550mm×W440mm×H580mm L650mm×W580mm×H580mm
Machine Weight: 50 KGS 85 KGS
Power Supply: AC220V, 50Hz, 1 Phase AC220V, 50Hz, 1 Phase
If you are in the business of manufacturing headphones, It is important to make sure that they are durable and long-lasting. To ensure this, companies often use a tensile life testing machine for headphones headbands. This machine measures the strength and durability of the headphone headband by applying tension to it over time. In this guide page, We will explain everything you need to know about tensile life testing machines and how they can benefit your business.

The headphones tensile life tester as below photo mentioned is a piece of equipment used to test the strength and durability of various materials, including headphone headbands. It applies tension to the material repeatedly over time, simulating real-life wear and tear. The machine measures the amount of force required to break the material or cause it to fail. For headphone manufacturers, This type of machine can be an essential tool for ensuring that their products meet quality standards and are built to last.
The cabinet is treated with electrostatic baking paint. The design of the whole machine is reasonable, the structure is tight, the operation is safe and stable, and it meets the test requirements. Equipment Features
Tensile life testing machine for headphones stand adopts touch screen man-machine interface, parameters such as angle, frequency and speed can be set directly, which is convenient and fast.
The stepper motor equipped in Wewon’s headphones tensile life tester is the power source, with positioning, stable output, low noise and strong durability.
The left and right earmuffs are controlled separately, which can be controlled separately or at the same time to meet the test requirements of different angles of the left and right earmuffs.
Tensile Life Testing Machine for Headphones Headband

If you’re a manufacturer or designer of headphones, investing in a tensile life testing machine is essential to guarantee the longevity and durability of your product’s headband. These tensile strength machines apply force to materials until they deform or break, simulating regular use over time. By using this equipment, You can gather data on how long your headphone headbands will last before breaking or tearing apart under stress. With this information, You can make necessary design changes and improvements to create better quality products that meet industry standards and have an extended lifespan.

A tensile life testing machine is a powerful tool for headphone manufacturers to ensure they are producing durable and high-quality products. These machines can apply precise amounts of force to headbands repeatedly, simulating the wear and tear headphones may experience over time from regular use. By using this headphones tensile life tester, Manufacturers can gather accurate data on how long a specific material or design will last under stress. This data enables them to make informed decisions about design changes that will improve quality, increase longevity, and meet industry standards. Investing in a tensile life testing machine can help you provide better products to consumers and stay ahead of competition in the market.
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