Tensile Strength Testing Machine for Telephone Cords, Spring Cords

Tensile strength testing machine is specially designed to test the service life of various winding wires such as telephone wires and spring wires. During the test, the sample is continuously stretched and shrunk by the pneumatic power during the electrification. Lifting and lowering by pneumatic device to simulate the expansion and contraction of telephone handset wire and various winding wires until the current is interrupted or the set number of times is reached and it stops.

The tensile testing machine is designed to evaluate the damaged parts and stretching times of earphone cables after N times of certain stretching stroke fatigue tests, so as to achieve the purpose of improving the quality of newly developed products. Choosing the right tensile strength testing machine for telephone cords and spring cords is a complex process. At first glance, all of the machines may seem to offer similar features, but there are some subtle differences that can make a big difference in terms of quality and reliability. Before you buy a tensile strength testing machine, you should consider the type of test required.

Tensile Strength Testing Machine for Telephone Cords, Spring Cords
Equipment Model WEW-FTL-8900-01 WEW-FTL-8800-05
Test Station 3 Groups 5 Groups
Total Count Setting 0-999999 Times 0-999999 Times
Stroke Adjustment 300 ~ 1500mm 300 ~ 2000mm
Test Delay Time 1 ~ 6S/min 1 ~ 6S/min
Power Voltage AC220V, 50Hz,10A AC220V, 50Hz,15A
Stretching Speed 10 ~ 30 c.p.m 10 ~ 30 c.p.m
Air Pressure 7kg/cm2 7kg/cm2
Unit Switching KG, N, LB KG, N, LB
Loading Accuracy ≤ 0.25% ≤ 0.25%
Load Resolution 1/250,00 1/250,00
Equipmnt Features L63*D61*H200cm L63*D61*H250cm
Total Power 100 Watt 150 Watt
Accessories Parts Operating Instructions Inner Hexagon
Equipment Weight About 40 KG About 50 KG
Different machines are designed to perform different types of tests depending on their specifications, such as static and dynamic tension tests. Static tension tests measure the maximum force it takes to pull the cord or spring apart, while dynamic tension tests measure how much force it will take to stretch them along an extended length. Make sure that the particular machine you choose is suitable for your particular testing protocol and application. Consider also whether the machine can test multiple cords/springs or only one at a time.

When starting your search for the tensile strength testers, compare specs, features, and prices of different machines to determine which ones suit your needs. Choose ones which come with a wide range of accessories and that can handle different types of telephone cords and spring cords. Check for compatibility with high force sensors to expand the strain limit of testing setups, as well as multi-model software capable of recording, analyzing and managing multiple test parameters simultaneously. If you have trouble choosing tensile strength testing apparatus for telephone cords and spring cords, Please contact us, then we will help you!
Wewon’s tensile strength testing machine comply with GB/T 15279 standard. It adopts Japanese Japanese SMC or Taiwan pneumatic components as telescopic drive, fast positioning and durable use; Wewon’s tensile testing machine for telephone cords, spring cords are equipped to test three or five handset lines at the same time. Equipment Features
Convenient telescopic stroke height setting: the lifting stroke can be adjusted on the cylinder, and hydraulic buffers are equipped at both ends of the cylinder to reduce test noise and prolong service life.
The telescopic fatigue testing machine for the handset line adopts South Korea’s SETECH high-quality chromium steel rod as the lifting lead, which will not cause excessive lateral torque or load force of the cylinder due to uneven force, and prolong the service life of the machine.
High-speed testing greatly improves test efficiency. Due to the use of SMC large-flow gas supply system, the test speed is faster than that of electric devices. The machine control design is simple, easy to maintain, and low-failure operation.
Continuity test function: The handset wire can be formed into a loop. The machine is equipped with a conduction fixture to know the number of breakages of any current handset wire during the test. Once all the handset wires are broken, the test will automatically stop and the current handset can be checked separately. The number of wire breaks (Optional Function).
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