Test Curve of Controller in Wewon’s Salt Spray Chambers

Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. offers advanced environmental testing solutions that enable precise monitoring and control of testing conditions. With a focus on quality inspection and technical support, Wewon’s environmental chambers come equipped with a powerful controller that incorporates various cutting-edge features. In this article, we will explore one of the key functionalities of the controller, the curve monitoring feature, and discuss its advantages for accurate testing and data management.

Within the Wewon environmental chamber controller, the curve monitoring feature allows users to observe real-time temperature variations in the test room and the saturation chamber. This functionality consolidates the actual temperature data into a comprehensive temperature curve, enabling users to effectively analyze the aging process of the tested samples.

By utilizing the zoom in and zoom out functions, users can closely examine specific time intervals of the actual temperature readings. This level of precision aids in determining the extent of sample aging, ensuring accurate assessment and analysis of the test results.

Figure 13 Curve monitoring interface settings Curve Monitoring Interface Setting Curve 
# Name Description
1 T SV Test Room Temperature Set Value
2 T PV Test Room Temperature Display Value
3 B PV Saturated Barrel Temperature Display Value
4 B SV Saturated Barrel Temperature Setting Value
5 Data to U Data Export Button
6 Curve query start time button Curve Query Start Time Button
7 Automatic play button Auto Play Button
8 The left button Left Shift Button
9 Moves to the right buttons Right Shift Button
10 display button Buoy Display Button
11 Enlarge key Zoom In Curve Button
12 Reduction curve key Reduce Curve Button
13 Next Enter The Data Table Interface
Click “Data to U” to enter the following screen: Data Export to Your Computer
Figure 14 Click the ‘Data Export’ button to enter the following screen
Insert the U disk into the USB-A port behind the touch screen, click on the “Data Export” screen on the touch screen, define the data group name as 1, and define the file name yourself, such as 123. Data Export Process:
The storage interval is the time between viewing data.
The start time and end time are set based on the time period during which you view the data.
Then click the button ‘Import data to USB flash drive’. If the status monitoring shows ‘1’, the exported data is successful.
If other data is displayed, the data export was unsuccessful. Please re-operate according to the following data definition prompts.
# Name Description
1 The File Name Name The Exported File
2 Data Set Name The Exported Data Group
3 Storage Interval Interval Between Data
4 Delete Delete Data
5 Starting Time Export Data Start Time
6 The End of Time Export Data Deadline
7 Data to U Disk Export Data To Usb Flash Drive
WeWon’s environmental chamber controller offers the convenience of exporting test data to a USB flash drive. This feature allows users to transfer the data to a computer for further analysis. Through the computer interface, users can assess and evaluate the test results in detail. Data Export:
Users can easily magnify or reduce the temperature curve using dedicated buttons. This feature allows for a closer examination of specific time intervals, ensuring thorough evaluation of temperature variations during the testing process. Magnification and Reduction:
Historical test data can be easily deleted using the controller’s interface. Users have the flexibility to choose specific time periods by selecting the start and end times for deleting the desired data. Data Deletion:

Wewon Environmental Chambers offers exceptional testing solutions equipped with an advanced controller that ensures accurate monitoring, control, and data management. The curve monitoring feature empowers users to observe real-time temperature changes, facilitating precise analysis of sample aging. Additionally, the controller’s data management features, including data export, deletion, and navigation controls, enable efficient and streamlined data analysis. By emphasizing user experience and providing high-quality functionalities, Wewon continues to enhance customer satisfaction and deliver reliable environmental testing solutions.

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